Quest Diagnostics / blood draw

Dm Nov 26, 2018

My daughter went to the quest diagnostic center on Azusa and Colima in hacienda heights Ca. On NOV 26. I advised the phlebotomist she had blood drawn in right ante cubical earlier in ER dept and the left ante cubital dhe had blood drawn 2 weeks earlier and it was and still very sore. She replied "I know what I'm doing". She then drew the blood without me present in the room. I then asked my daughter how it went and she said "this was the worst pain ever, she drew it in the arm that was sore(left) and she kept telling me it was painful because I didn't put pressure on it the last time. she had tears running down her face. I told her I was going back to confront her, but she didn't want me to, so I decided to call instead, but the telephone # is automated. I didn't get her name but she was short overweight Hispanic with light brown hair that was pulled up.
There is no room for condescending attitudes and people that are cold and insensitive in this field. I am so furious and would like her to know how rotten her service was. I will post and also write a bad review on Yelp if I am able to.

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