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Pure Cleanse / Refund denied

1 United States

I have just had the most frustrating experience with one of Pure Cleanse customer service representatives!!! I have spoken to 3 people about this product and have yet to get any satisfaction.

I was on the web on September 15 when I saw an ad for Acai Max Maxcleanse ($3.47 for 10 day trial) and Pure Cleanse ($3.47 for 10 day trial) on the SAME website. The website stated that I would be billed as "Tuscon Sands Wealth Fit". I didn't receive any products for over a month; I called and was told to wait a few more days and if I hadn't received anything then to call back ?!?! So, at this point, I am not really impressed with the customer service of this company. I am convinced that my order was not processed until after I called to say that I hadn't received anything!

I waited another week (now it is mid-October) & sure enough, I finally received the 1st bottle of Pure Cleanse (never did receive the Acai Max Maxcleanse and the representatives have told me that they don't know anything about this product!). When I received the product, I read the list of ingredients and discovered that I cannot take this supplement due to interactions with my prescription medications. When I spoke to Matthew (customer service representative) about the charges on my credit card, he was as confused as I was. I was billed on September 20, 2010 for $3.47 for the 10 day trial; I was billed on September 27, 2010 for $89.92 and I was billed on October 27, 2010 for $44.96 (at the time I spoke to Matthew, I did not know about this 3rd charge until Matthew told me about it; Matthew didn't understand why the 3rd billing was only $44.96 and not $89.92)...the confusion continues --- the first 2 shipments were billed by Tuscon Sands*WealthFit and the third shipment was billed by Brooklyn Colon Cleanse and the customer service representative that I spoke to today could not tell me why there was a difference in the billing name.

While on the web-site on September 15, 2010, I did not see or read anything that said "we will automatically ship & bill for product on a monthly basis". Since I did not see or read this on the web page, I called to see why I was being billed (at this point, I had been billed for the 10 day trial at $3.47 and the $89.92); Matthew advised that I had been billed for the $44.96 and that shipment was enroute and there was nothing he could do to stop that shipment but that he would cancel my account.

Apparently the return policy is 50 days ~~ it has NOT been 50 days since I received my trial bottle of Pure Cleanse mid-October and the 2nd bottle arrived a few days after the first shipment and the 3rd shipment arrived last week!!! So, I am well within the 50 day return policy EXCEPT the customer service representative said that the 50 days started on September 15, 2010 when I ordered the product on the web-site! What a crock! I ordered mid-September, didn't receive anything until mid-October and was told today that I am beyond the 50 day return policy!!!

Also, today when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold (after the customer service representative argued with me that I could NOT speak to a supervisor). After several minutes, the customer service representative came back on the line & said "all of my supervisors have told me the same information - you are past the 50 day return policy date"...does the customer service representative think I am stupid? He didn't ask anybody anything! He just left me on hold for what seemed to be the appropriate amount of time and then came back on the line to tell me what HE had already decided!!!

I would like to return the 3 unopened bottles of Pure Cleanse for a full refund of $138.35 however I have went back to Pure Cleanse web-site & clicked on the "Contact Us" button; once I entered my information that I wanted to send, I received a message "Instant Message could not be initiated!" ... this is a scam ~ there is no doubt in my mind!


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