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Publix Supermarkets / fraud and scam

1 16130 Jog RoadDelray Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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Rumors are that, Publix has a habit of placing milk on the shelves up to 5 HOURS after delivery. Many people wonder why after shopping at PUBLIX they often come down with some kind of FOOD POISONING. That could be one of the reasons. I have spoken to employees of the store who have confirmed this is true. This is just one of MANY abuses PUBLIX is guilty of.

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  • Ri
      27th of Jun, 2008
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    Hi, I work for Publix Supermarkets, and I feel I need to set the record straight. Publix receives a dairy delivery, and while it may be a while before the delivery gets to the shelf, the milk and other products aren't sitting around in the back unrefrigerated. They are refrigerated in the back dairy cooler, where all dairy back-stock goes. Publix is committed to keeping items in what we call "the cold chain". If we discover items left out of the cold chain for more than 30 or so minutes, or we do not know how long it hasn't been refrigerated, it gets pulled from the sales floor and written off as damaged.

  • Ma
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    I would have to agree with this person. Publix has very strict polices and they follow them very closely. I have always shopped Publix and have never had any problems. I find Publix milk is great tasting but also is the best deal in town most of the time. Please ask a manager first or call their main office I have and always found out the truth. Publix has always had my business and always will

  • Jo
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I was in the store in Orlando on OBT one day to pick u p a loaf of your delicious breakfast bread with all the fruit. When I go home i was so disgusted I through the mess away. It was so stale and the fruit was so gross. I was looking forward for a nice delicious breakfast bread that you brag about on the tv. I would starve before I would that mess. It was o ver $4.oo and i would never spend that much money on anything but I wanted to treat myself. I really got a treat and I will be looking in the mail for some coupons for your store for anything but bread. J Pipkin 4705 carmel st. orlando, fl 32808

  • Da
      27th of Dec, 2008
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    Richard is right, we are not allowed to put questionable products on the shelves. We label them as "damaged" and put them away in the back. John, if you purchased old bread and fruit at your Publix you can exchange them for fresher food or get a refund.

  • Jo
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    Be very careful when ordering a sub. Meats are supposed to be prepared every six hours twice per day. It has been reported that leftover meats are being used the following day for subs. It's hard for the customer to see dried out crusty ham or brown roastbeef when its covered with lettuce etc. Ask to have meat and cheese freshly sliced before ordering your sub.

  • Mr
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    This is classic Delray Beach b.s. Find somthing constructive to do with your time. Stop ### about EVERYTHING!!! Publix is not out to get you, nor are they trying to screw you out of anything.

  • Mr
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    From what I read here is about the products Publix has some controll over and some they don't have controll over. ANYTHING that has to do with an employee will have it's good and bad. Just like Publix has no controll over people(AKA employees). In case none of you ever worked in retail, it's mostly full of LOW income people, yes Publix too. your suppose to pay a higher cost to get great service. Once again...Publix isn't God, they so not know what they are getting, but know what they are paying to get that service. When you have people being paid low for hard work. You will ALWAYS have people willing to cut corners to look good. Even if it means bad product. Publix is no better than any other retail chain. They can spout off as much as they want about the "QUALITY" service, "but you can't say it all the time Publix.' Just like any person with a job that they can't make a good living, they become disgruntled. Then comes bad habits. Publix can not fire anyone because one person says they weren't nice, that is up to the customer to make a complaint. Even at that there are laws even PUBLIX has to fallow by. People...even your BEST resaurants can give you food poisoning, that could been just the start of it, then you perpare your own food without washing your hands. Come on people, your not perfect, nor is anyplace you have been or will be. Humans are behind it all, they are less than perfect. EVERY human has a bad day and none are perfect! If your looking for perfection, you WILL pay a hefty price to get it. At least at Publix I do every once in a while get a smile, and someone WILLING to help me. It is mine and YOUR choice to return to that store or that company. But my bets are...Take note Publix: "If I want to work for $13.00 her hour for the rest of my life, or even have a manager lower my pay because they don't like me, I am going to Walmart to work. It seems they keep the nastiest employees there, and I can pay less! How about that SHOPPERS???? Take a look at yourself before you start complaining.

  • Mi
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I worked for publix some time ago. the experience as good, they give us training with videos, about safety, how to help disability people and stuff like that about some procedures that we have to follow, but it depends of the people. the only things that i was discuss was, one day i was doing one trainig in the computer, and i heard this lady who works there, she is in charge of the files, the associates paper and of course all your personal and PRIVATE information, they called this position assistant coordinator. well she was talking on the phone about one of the manager in the store, the weird thing was the conversation didn't look profesional, was more like giving details in a bad way.(GOSSIP) Days after i found out that, the manager was getting divorce and his soon tobe ex- wife works in another store doing the same position assistant coornator, and she was the other person on the phone when the coordiantor was gossiping about this manager. those lady take advantge of their position to get personal benefits in their life. I asked to somebody who was close to this manager about what was going on with him, and I found out creepy stuff that those lady were doing against this manager, i heard that he had a terrible divorce, because of those lady. thi is really creepy!!! Maybe somebody from PUBLIX HUMAN RESOURCES can read this and do something about it, if their contac me I'll will say everything that I know. The worse part is that those ladys still workig in their store and with the same position...

  • Sc
      28th of Dec, 2009
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  • Ce
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    Maybe you should go to the Publix Website and read about our standards. If you have such a problem with the store you are shopping at, go talk to a manager-that is one of the reasons they are there for! How is someone supposed to fix something if they know nothing about the problem??
    And those of you who say Publix is a bad company to work for... maybe you should check our surveys and Fortune 500's Best Companies to Work for List... we have been on the top 100 for over 12 years for a reason. Bad employees get treated different than good associates. Its not favoritism-its life..Get over it!

  • Pu
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    I would just like to point out a few things. First, it seems that everyone that has a complaint can't spell. Maybe this has a correlation to how your being treated. If you work for Publix and have complaints, you probably need to look in the mirror first and make sure you are giving 100% because most of the time you aren't holding up your end. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. I am not saying that all managers are perfect and nobody else is doing wrong, but I guarantee you are not perfect. Concentrate on the job you do... you have no control over other people. I feel that Publix associates are treated fairly and given excellent benefits. Publix gives associates stock each year as part of their PROFIT plan, their associates get inventory checks each quarter for basically doing nothing extra, associates are given Christmas bonuses again for doing nothing extra, and associates receive dividends on those previously mentioned shares of stock. Publix does not have to do any of this, but they care about their associates.
    Secondly, Publix cares about their customers and never wants a customer to leave dissatisfied. We will gladly give you a replacement item or refund your money if you are not happy. Publix is not out to screw people. Most people who work at Publix also shop there, so we want the same quality products that you do. I would not purchase meat, produce, or bakery goods anywhere else. If you go into any competitor and the meat does not look the same, there is a is not of the same quality. Clean stores = quality sanitation. We do not want anyone to get sick and we work vigorously every day to make sure food is not cross-contaminated or compromised in any way. Can you say that about your Wal-Marts and Winn-Dixies???
    Lastly, Publix pays its associates well and there is room for advancement for any associate that does a great job. In a recession period like we have now...what competitors are opening new stores and providing jobs for people that are unemployed??? Also, unlike most compeitors we have knowledgeable people running the show from the top down. These individuals understand the importance of managing costs in a rough economy. They are looking ahead and making sure that Publix survives and prospers through this adversity. If someone only gets a .15 cent raise, is that worse that not having a job?? Because that is the alternative. So say thank you that you have a job and work for a company that truly cares for you. I have worked at Publix for over 15 years and I work with some of the best associates. Are all associates happy all of the time? No. It is not a perfect world, but if you work hard the reward comes to you. You will not be given anything, just like life, you have to go get it.

  • Mo
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    I think that working for Publix totally sucks. I walked out of this job after being 10 years with the company. Manager are little corporate puppets and they are out to get you. Dont make a mistake, they will punish you, humiliate you and put you down. I am very happy to have the guts to quit this awful job. By the way I worked in Customer Service.

  • Tr
      20th of Apr, 2011
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    Dude seriously all of you guys who post how working for Publix is awesome look like suck ups, managers, or (Even though the chances are like super slim) enjoy working for Publix. Fortune 500 is a magazine that has to interview people, of course Publix will probably only allow suck ups and managers talk about "How Awesome Working For Publix" is. Benefits? I don't seem to get any and I've heard many complaints where I work how Publix has screwed them over. Most of the complainers work their hardest. I'll admit I'm not the world's best bagger but I try, I really do. But after 9 hours of working your smile isn't going to be picture perfect nor will your service be as good as it was when you just walked into the doors. Do the bigwigs care? Nope. They'll talk about you behind your back and stare at you. If it wasn't for the fact that the economy is bad and I can't find a job anywhere else in my area I would be gone faster then you could say spit.

    As for the general complaint we don't leave stuff out. Sadly they will pull people out of their assigned departments to put that stuff back. While I hate working for the company I will admit they are a stickler when it comes to the rules. And for the employee's who confirmed it, they probably didn't ever want to see you again. Less people visiting Publix means less work, less work means less of a chance making a manager angry.

  • Ge
      21st of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Sad but so true...

  • Ge
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    [peoples brain must be gone], , , Dum shoppers are always in a rush.. they want fast service at the deli counter, as they watch and watch everything the deli clerk will do, all in a rush... Even a 10 minute wait is like 30 minutes to the shopper no joke. Whats funny, an hour later you will see them leaving the store, with deli meat and MILK, in the cart for the last hour!!! it gets better, Then shoppers get all fired up saying they got home and the meat was bad or the milk was warm not good... Milk, , meat, , or any dairy products should be grabbed last just before you cash out...HELLO PEOPLE...cmon you people are we asleep??

  • Bo
      7th of Apr, 2012
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    I just had food poisoning from a Publix sandwich (I am in Hillsborough county). I've had this same sandwich for's bread, swiss, publix turkey, mayo and lettuce). It was horrible. I admit, it didn't taste like normal (the mayo bit) but for some reason it wasn't that abnormal that I chose not to eat it...I am very concerned now. Will never buy sandwiches from them again.

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