Publix Super Marketsbakery

Ki Jan 30, 2017 Antioch, CA

I went to the Publix bakery on Murfreesboro Rd in Antioch, TN about a month ago. I ordered chocolate covered strawberries. The display price was $0.89 for each strawberry. I was charged $1. When I noticed it I asked someone else in the bakery department about it and she corrected the price. Yesterday, 1/29/17, I go to the same Publix and bakery. As much as I didn't want to I had to deal with the same person who overcharged me the last time. I ordered a cake for my daughter's birthday which was today. Once again, I noticed the display price and wondered why I was being charged more. So, I decided to ask why. Her response was that they charge $2 more for whipped icing. I've ordered similar cakes in the past and I felt that she was lying. I placed the order and left. I called the bakery from my car and disguised my voice. I placed the exact order over the phone and it was in fact $2 cheaper than what I was told just 5 minutes prior. I'm not sure if this person is prejudice or if she is pocketing the extra money. But, this will be the last time that I spend my money there again.

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