Public Storage / safety and bad management

Management are rude and very unfriendly locking me out of property cause I was locked in overnight and it was due to my car battery was dead and there was no manager on the property to help me my jump my car and I was stuck on property because would not. Open after 9pm. I am disabled senior citizen that was injured at this location in my falling down 10 ft x 15 ft. Rental unit j33, which originally was 2 separate 5 ft x 15 ft rental units and the wall was removed to make a 10 ft. X15 ft. Rental unit. There is a 1 foot drop on the concrete floor in middle of j 33 unit where the wall was removed and I wasn't aware of this hazard unsafe situation being that the floor was not level. I contacted building & safety inspector to find out if removing the wall was permitted by them & the management claimed the inspector came to this location and I would be contacted by their attorneys about my injuries the other incident that took place at unit j33 was about $4, 000 of my property was stolen right outside locker and mgt. Has a video of the theft l.A. P.D. Is investigating theft and waiting for them see video management caught on video tape. I need to get access to my lockers to get my property organized to move out & sell and pay my storage charges at present, i've been locked off property for several months and I have been paying them for 2 units j 33 and l 8 and don. T have access to get into either unit. I need to move out of this location asap and will never rent another public storage locker in the future. Thank you rick ramirez

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