Prudential Fox RoachAwful experience


Two realtors from this firm-- Mark Arbeit and Lou Solomon-- were involved in my purchase of a home from a disgusting mortgage broker. Arbeit represented me and my wife; Solomon represented the filthy mortgage broker. The MLS description for the house indicated that standard NJ seller's disclosure form was available for inspection. Stupid me-- left that to Arbeit. Anyway, nine days after I'm in, I discover a leaking underground oil tank in a concealed shed back-to-back with the regular shed.

First thing I do was ask for the disclosure form. "Whoops, " I'm told, "Uh, there never really was one. And don't ask any more questions 'cause nobody knows nothing." OK. I then ask for names of prospective buyers who had probably seen the tank and balked at buying. Things got contentious. "Look, sucker, you own it now. Just beat it."

Well, I later found out that Mr. Arbeit had a career in education before he reinvented himself as a "realtor to the stars." He tells people 'round here he left because there was no money in education. Not true. He left because of some incidents with elementary school boys about which you can read in The Washington Post archives for June 20 and 25, 1987.

I took that info to NJ's Real Estate Commission because realtors in NJ must possess "good character" to be licensed. This commission is so totally apathetic or-- much more likely-- corrupt, it blew me off. It knew all about Mr. Arbeit's "troubles" with the children, but, hey Pru-Fox vouched for him and, in NJ, Pru-Fox gets what it wants.

The high fivin' realtors and their mortgage broker pal still laugh and boast about sticking me with this toxic waste house. Well see who laughs last, though.

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