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I agreed to take the training from a fast-talking agent of Prosper Learning on the phone. Before I agreed to it I told him I could not afford it and it was too expensive for my tastes. But he assured me that it would be no problem for me to pay for it and I would likely have earned enough in the lst 8 weeks of training to do so.Based on his assurances I committed to it. After 8 weeks I hardly had a clue to how to do anything with it. He also told me that I had no obligation to pay anything up front at my election and so didn't.He also mentioned that financing was handled by HSBC bank - and he asked me if I knew who they were. I told him they were a major bank in England - without any further comment from him. On completion of the training I was ill-prepared to go into the internet business - and one day thought I would take a look at the company's reputation on Google. Much to my surprise the lst dozen or so websites described the scam that this company truly was.So, made a committment to myself that this company would never see a dime of my money. All the complaints mirrored my experience.
After 6 months had expired I began to receive billings from HSBC for payment. At first it was a business-type request - but later it became a crescendo of calls for money.After about a month I must have been placed on the finance company's rotator calling list because I received on average 7 calls per day - including Sundays.
This continued for 26 weeks. At the end of this period I moved and cancelled my house phone line and haven't heart any more since.
At my new address I have received one letter from a collection agency about how they are going to destroy my credit standing, etc and no further word since. I have not responded to a phone call or letter received in this regard and do not plan to do so. For the readers information - I noticed a pattern to the collection attempts by HSBC and it reminded me of a company from many years ago called Household Finance. I then looked up that name on Google under the website of HSBC - and there they were. I jogged my memory and then recalled that this company had appeared in a court case some 40 or 50 year ago and when the court learned what a dishonest and treacherous financial company this was they immmediately put them out of business on a national scale so that they could no longer gouge and threaten their debtors. Household Finance quickly disappeared from sight but within a short time
they reappeared and announced that they had merged with HSBC of England. HSBC had become the cover for Household Finance. This news was looked on very negatively by the finance and banking industries and indicated surprise that a major English bank would get involved with such hideous merger partners. And so it is today. If anyone would take the time and pay the expense they could likely put Household Finance out of business forever.
Needless to say I plan to pay nothing to these people. I do not trust them - I do not believe them - and I know they are living a lie.
As to my credit rating because of them - I do not care.
By the way I found enough evidence along the way to strongly believe that the man behind Prosper Learning is Robert G. Allen.
He is a national advertised salesman who, according to his ads, has done almost everything that is impossible in sales work with great success. After 40 years in sales and management I do not buy his BS.
I have learned about many of his type over my many years in sales and almost none of them could prove much of anything.
Thanks for taking the time to read my essay.

in business.It has been so ever since. Following thisannouncemenmany financial institutions in the USA expressed a very dim view of this arrangement and indicated surprise that a major English bank would get involved with such garbage. And so it stands today.
I am a retired mortgage banker with many years experience and have seen many dishonest finance companies but none as bad as this one. I received one collection letter from them wherein they would discount the balance 50% but I would have to agree to refrain from saying anything disparaging about them. I laughed all the way to the waste basket/

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  • Jt
      23rd of Feb, 2011

    02/21/2011 I to am in the prosess of getting a " PROSPER CERTIFICATE OF STUPIDITY" I started out with the $100 packet sent online just to find out what it is all about, will I played the tutorials of testemonies one after another after another looking into a hipnotic screen instead of there faces will I could only get through a few of them and planned to ask for the full refund .I had sent in that survey complaining how robert allan keeps trying to sell you book after book up to $ 500 dollars worth and all I have seen are testemonials, and how I havent made a dime yet. And by the way I"m a miser most of the time. so the hundred dollars starts poping up in my mind and I need to act on it.
    Before I could " HERES THE PHONE CALL FROM DANNY" I know feel they read my complaints and really went after me, and of cource the same tactics were used credit card limit, goals, what I wanted in life, how much money I wanted to make and so on well he told me how much it would cost 10, 000 and up and that money means nothing to them its to get me commited to do the program and to get past the fear which is why most people don't get past there day jobs, you have to invest a lot to make a lot and I don't have to put up a dime let the bank do it.
    OK he had my interest yea let the bank fund it and I will finally get to see what this is all about, and in the back of my mind I told myself if it 's a scam I just won't pay the bank and ruin my credit oh will I never really ever used my credit.
    will the next night I was double teamed with dannies higher up NICK they new they had me about 50 50 yea or nay but I was in a bad frame of mind about my girlfriend and was more like 5150{number term for insane} so they had me believing they could make me rich, why else could they be so bold and want to put $8, 000 on credit card and 2, 000 finaince, I was on the phone with them for 4-5 hours I did not want to do it how could I nick was making me feel as to how can you pass this up and there moving on to another city tommorow. OH there were so many red lights but I was colour blind and 5150, there were long periods of silence nick new not to talk to much or the spell from the hipnotic testimonials would be broken. "CAN NOT EXPLAIN WHY I SIGHNED WITH A THREE DAY NOTICE TO CHANGE MY MIND BUT I DID".
    I JUST HAD TO FIND OUT IF ITS TRUE . False unless your smarter than the average, Hey I got a coaching session in half an hour, I managed to get a websight for 39.99 a month, domain name for$7 dollars a year and my blessed LLC for 800 hundred a year cause I live in california, and I need my merchant account any where from 200 to 400 one time payment plus there share for every sell. check it out at you can' t purchase anything cause I'm to cheap to get my merchant account activated.
    Now I ask how much more it will cost me nick scudled the answer about 200 more .
    Come on prosper be up front just tell me what I found out the worst way your my "MENTOR FOR GOD SAKE".
    Dont worry my coach allways calls late he knows more than I do soI am not going to mention his name .
    my Email is [protected]@verizon .net I am trying to make a dollar or two but fifties keep leaving.I will post again
    I have several plans and yes I am commited to my 10, 000 but IT might not be enough.remember check my sight out at http// if you want to purchase a product out of pity contact me to set my merchant account up. ITS BEEN FUN GOTTA KEEP A SINCE OF HUMOR THANKS IF YOUR STILL WITH ME.

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