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Primary Financial Services / Pay your bills!

1 3115 N 3rd Ave # 112Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (602) 279-1000

I think every one in here complaining about pfs are a whole bunch of professional debtors..let me tell you why..

1. Pay your bills (that way bill collectors wont call you)

2. Parents!!! Smack your kids in the mouth then help them pay so bill collectors dont have to call you.

3. Stop screening your calls at work (by you doing that debt collectors will stop calling you every 5min!!! Common sense!!

4. Agree to pay if you owe trust you will not win and no you will not get an attorney for a lawsuit because you cant afford it.


5. Did i mention pay your bill and find something different to do with your time!!!

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  • Ka
      23rd of Dec, 2007
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    All people who end up with collection agencies on their case aren't deadbeats. One trip to the ER- and it WAS an emergency- ran into $3000 that I couldn't afford to even make payments on at the time. (No not even $5). The ink wasn't dry on the bill till I got a letter from a collector. The deadbeats are healthcare providers who don't offer insurance to their often unappreciated staff! Collection agencies are rude bullies 9/10 of the time so before you lump us all together look at the circumstances!

  • Su
      12th of Jan, 2008
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    Clearly Frank up above likes to hear himself talk and wax prolific about Debt Collectors who violate an assortment of laws and the people whom they target. Not everyone targeted is a deadbeat, some are victims of being nothing more than naive when it comes to their rights that are protected under FACTA and FDCPA and state civil codes as it relates to uncollectable old debt that has either been settled on or charged off years ago, and is far beyond the SOL for being collectable. I'm guessing Frank is a minimum wage worker for one of the Zombie Debt Collectors and is getting his vitriol off so to speak on this site given that getting off anywhere else is probably an impossibility unless blow up dolls count. Frank go back top school, get an education higher than 5th grade and perhaps you can make a career enhancing move to Jack In The Box for $1 more an hour and move out of your parents rumpus room into an apartment of your very own and actually find a girlfriend that does not require and air pump and batteries to function.

  • Hu
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I've lived in America all my life, paid my bills twenty years. This year the bottom fell out. Lost my job, my investment property, my car and the home I lived in. PRIMARY FINANCIAL SERVICES, have you turned the TV on lately, read the newspaper, this is the worst economy since the depression. In these times, compassion and a sense of humanity is not a lot to ask for.

    You have a job to do. However, threatening and screaming at people still won't get blood from a rock.

    Be grateful you have a paycheck, unfortunately, your paycheck comes off the backs of the down and out.

    God help anyone who could treat people who are hit with this bad times, harshly. God help you.

  • Mr
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well Frank, you make it pretty obvious for whom you work (PFS). I'm sure it was you who phoned me with all the threats. You did not use the name "Frank" though. You were Mr. Tibbs once, and Gary on another occasion. Then, when you were unable to get anywhere with me through your idle threats and sarcasm, you sent my "file" to Amy, or Susan, or Sandra, or whatever else her name happened to be on any given day. Her desk was the "final stop" before it went to "The Legal Department". When I agreed to pay an amount I could afford, you told me you couldn't even present that amount to your "client". Well listen, Frank; your "client" is your company, not my creditor. You idiots* purchase bad debt from creditors. In my case, you purchased my account balance from Wells Fargo. Wells no longer has any interest in my account whatsoever. They wrote off the bad debt 18 months ago. Had you represented yourself in a more professional manner, I probably would have worked with you because I wouldn't have checked references and performed background checks on your company. After the first call from you I knew exactly what I was dealing with: Idiots*. Any time a creditor calls for the first time and makes threats, it should be obvious to everyone that they are not legitimate. C'mon Frank - force the sale of my home? place a debt rider on my mortgage? (That's where they get an injunction to hold your mortgage until you sell your home, then they get the original debt PLUS late fees PLUS legal fees PLUS other fees. THIS IS A THREAT ONLY AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL RAMIFICATION!!! Your mortgage holder is not going to sign off any amount to another creditor. You cannot be forced to put more debt into your mortgage.) REAL collectors do not act this way. Get a clue. Quit purchasing bad debts. You make a lot of money from people that don't understand the collection process and your efforts to intimidate. Had you not purchased my bad debt like an idiot*, I wouldn't be writing this novel. I'm sure there are many others out there like myself who simply ran into difficult times. Nothing makes debtors feel better that being able to pay their bills. When we can pay our bills, it means we have money. Not necessarily extra money, but money enough to enjoy our means. It's simple for you, isn't it Frank? Pay your debts. Smack the kids. Have parents pay our debts. I suggest that is the way your debts are handled. How many times did you get smacked last week Frank? Idiot*.

    *Webster's defines an idiot as a foolish or stupid person.
    A person of profound mental ###ation having a mental age below three years.

  • Ga
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    While I believe people should pay for what they buy, have the collectors every considered that they'd be in the unemployment line if everyone DID pay their bills? Then how would they pay THEIR bills?

    A little courtesy and understanding goes a long way.

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