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Debt Collection

The representatives at this company are the WORST that I have ever had to deal with. First of all, a Mr. Bergdahl called my mother's house, at a phone number that I previously asked them to remove because I have not lived there in 8 YEARS, asking her "what is wrong with her anyway", "does she not have a phone", and "she is way past her time to make an arrangement on this account". My mother is a sick elderly lady that does not need to worry about my bills and finances. The bad thing is that for the past 3 months this company has been drafting payment from my account... so it is not like I have not been willing to work with them. I called the company and extension that was given to my mother and obviously upset asked Mr. Bergdahl, "who in the he** did he think that he was giving out personal information my a third party like that". Whether she is my mother or not he has no idea our relationship and the release of that information is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Needless, to say he was offended by my use of the word he** and began to talk over me and not allowing me to vent with my frustrations. He said "you can just hang up the phone right now and send us the money that you owe". I asked to speak with his supervisor or manager and he continued to talk over me. Then he said" let me tell you what" and hung up on me. At this point I was enraged, so I called back and spoke with the operator and advised her that I wanted to speak with a manager or the VP or President of the company... asking for them by name. She transferred me to the VP of Operations and of course I received his voice mail. I left a message and demanded to be called back... I have yet to receive that call back. At this point I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission and intend to see this through. According to the BBB's website this company has had 40 complaints in the past 36 months. There is no way that this company should still be in business. I am appalled by the treatment that I received because I worked in collections for years for a mortgage company, where people owed us hundreds of thousands of dollars and we would have lost our jobs on the spot for talking to people like that. It is ridiculous the treatment that they are giving customers.


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    nitecat Mar 29, 2012
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    I just made a very fair settlement with Primary Financial. I am not the kind of person that wants to be looking over my shoulder for a possible judgement. I want to settle..learn from past mistakes and get on with my life. I paid a monthly amount for nearly two years to keep them at bay.. then with this years tax return I called them with an offer. I just got my settlement letter and can breathe a sigh of relief. I had some unpleasant conversations early on (2009) but treated fairly nice seriously working with them.

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    phatlv Sep 24, 2011

    All of these complaints sound similar to me. I got a letter in the mail from them the other day. So, trying to square up and be responsible, I called them. I was directed over to a Daryl Boes' extension. This guy then proceeded to tell me that the student loan was due NOW (over $7400.00); I tried to make arrangements, and this guy was VERY intimidating. He kept saying to me "look if you don't want to deal with this now, then we have to move forward". When I asked what he could do, he repeated the same statement. He said he was originally from CA, and that he knew what he could do legally in CA, and said that it was "alot". Bottom line, I was scared [censored]less at first. This really stressed me out over the past couple of days. I then talked to my Stepdad, who looked into the legalities of this. I also talked to someone at Consumer Credits Counseling in SF as well. Both stated that a creditor cannot "threaten violence" or intimidate you. If this creditor also is not willing to write a written agreement stating what you owe and when, then Do NOT pay them one dime. Trust me, these guys are very intimidating. He even took down my routing # and Account # of my bank. Again, I only made a verbal promise to pay. Long story made short, I look online and there they are PFS with tons of collections complaints. I promptly took out my money from my account. I would recommend that, so that they cannot take it. You may also have to close your account if you give them this information, and reopen a new one.
    Bottom Line: If you do not have alot of assets, do not work, and do not have the money to pay these people, there's really not alot they can do. BUT THEY WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO MISLEAD YOU. They are really con-artists and jerks, so if at all possible, avoid them.

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  • These ###s at PFS talk big but are actually walking a razor thin line and only step over that line if they think they can get away with something. Remember these people have families and bills to pay too and are doing what they have to to get by. All you have to do is put them in thair place firmly and promptly. After you receive your notice and demand for payment just sit down and write them a letter disputing the debt owed. Mail one us mail, send one certified mail fax a copy for the fun of it and that will be the end of it for most cases. FDCPA says if ANYONE repeat ANYONE requests them not to call, contact or communicate with another person or themselves again that is the end of it PERIOD unless they actually then proceed to litigate. They bear the entire cost of the litigation and in most cases they will not bother unless there are assets proven for them to attach. I had this Mr. Raybuck or Mr. Rayburn apologizing all over himself today the alledged Director of Operations for PFS. I cannot wait for them to call me or contact the person I told them NOT to correspond with contact or call. Just document everything with cell phone records, copies of certified receipts names times dates and they will fold up.

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  • Do
    DODO11 May 23, 2010

    Been in the telecom industry, I can tell you spoofing is illegal, you can always use other resources to follow thru. You may want to contact The US attorney general, the FCC as well as the FTC. Also if this is interstate you can actually contact the FBI.

    Based on the law, they cannot contact you at your place of business. They are only legally able to contact you at your home; you can also send a stop and desist letter via certified mail.

    Record their conversation, when you speak to them if you do, many of them have no clue of the law and make drastic mistake threatening people. They can't make any statements in which they can destroy your credit, call your family, call your work and or tell everybody that you have debts and you do not pay, this is protected by the law. IN this case now you have the upper hand, as now they open the door for a lawsuit, almost any attorney will take this type of cases on contingency. Is an infringement of your rights and punish by law. This people use scare tactics to scare people and even collect many times the same debts that have been paid previously.
    The reality nothing that they can do, if you do not or can't pay, they must take you to court and get a judgment against you, then they need to be able to collect.
    You want to get even, call then day in and day out, to their numbers use redial, and have anybody that you know do the same, do it day in and day out, that will shut down their PBX system, if they do it to you do it to them.
    Yes annoying, but effective if hundreds of people do the same and saturate their phone lines.

    Here are some of the biggest scan bags in the industry, and believe me they are all scan bags at the end. They count on you to be afraid of them.

    RGS Financial
    P.O. Box 852039
    Richardson, TX [protected]
    RGS Financial, Inc.
    1700 Jay-Ell Drive
    Suite 200
    Richardson, TX 75081
    Call their 800 numbers is free to you but not to them.
    They use many spoof numbers if any, as many times they use no caller ID on purpose but they leave you a number to call. Always keep the recording particularly if they are menacing and report does to your police local department as now you have a legal record.
    Spoof Number used: [protected]

    Viking Collection Service, Inc.

    7500 Office Ridge Circle, Suite 100
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344Arizona
    2075 West Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 110
    Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Spoof number use caller id Block. One of their numbers is [protected]

    Primary Financial Services also uses Collection agency services to mask there illegal practices ( (Their web site is been down for long time to be able to cover their illegal practices)
    3115 N 3rd Ave Ste 112
    Phoenix, AZ 85013

    If you want to negotiate a settlement call your original lender directly, do not with this scan bags, they are in commissions or percentages based. Many banks and lender will negotiate up to 80 % of the debts, make sure they do not report it to the IRS if not they can make you pay the taxes on the remaining amount, and make sure they clean your credit, get it in writing first.

    Don't get mad get even.

    People which do block the caller ID and or use Spoof numbers always have something to hide, that is the only reason they will use a Spoof number (Fake number / Voip Number / Or PBX number whit no actual connection only rings and then dies) Report them to the Authorities, this business practices are illegal and punish by law: if they use spoof numbers, Obscene and rude language, threats, harassment, all this are felonies and punish by law. Report them to your Local Telecom provider, your local District attorney, the local police department, your local senator, record the conversation and keep any and all voice mail left, don't be afraid, they can do absolutely nothing to you till they take you to court if you owe them any money, is futile to argue with ignorant people.

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  • Ne
    Negotiator Jan 29, 2010

    CNBC – Big Banks, Short Sales, Kick Backs and Fraud

    Looks like I am not the only one ready to take on this growing problem of mortgage fraud.

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  • Ne
    Negotiator Jan 19, 2010

    I have now filed a complaint with the FBI and contacted two Washington Investigative Reports. Primary Financial has an "F" rating with the BBB so no reason to contact them. I will contact the AZ Attorney General's office tomorrow. I see several posts with a vow to make sure Primary Financial quits their unfair and illegal collections practices but no follow up posts. I will keep going until I know Primary Financial's records have been audited preferably by way of FBI raid. Mortgage fraud is frowned upon these days.

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  • Re
    REAgent1994 Jan 19, 2010

    In response to "Negotiator" above. I seiously hope DRE and HUD will follow up with your complaint. I work in real estate and PFS is committing fraud and hopefully all the short sales they were involved with will be audited appropriately.

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    Negotiator Jan 15, 2010

    I am working on a short sale with Primary Financial. They just told me if my seller does not pay money out side of close, then my short sale will not close. They not only told me that I had to participate in illegal activities but they told me that they have closed many short sales this way in the past. This is a violation of RESPA. I have contacted HUD and the DRE. I have had enough of Mr. Rimbach and Primary Financial.

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    unnamed Jul 08, 2009

    So, this is not uncommon apparently! My sister opened an account with a company and got my grandmother to consent to use her credit fo rit. My grandmother trusted that my sister would make the payments. When she did not they started calling my grandmother-after I had moved he in with me because she was doing so poorly. The woman that called my grandmother upset her so much that my grandmother's blood pressure shot through the roof and she became ill. The woman told my grandmother that she was calling the police and was going to have my grandmother arrested if she didn't pay the debt on the phone that instant-which was well over 3K! When I called the company and attempted to let them knwo what had happened and to work out some kin dof arrangement I got the same woman on the phone. She immediately became very irrational and started yelling at me and calling my grandmother a liar claiming that she had never said anything of the kind. I never once raised my voice but instead insisted to speak with a manager. I got Mr. Evan Baker on the phone. He was quite decent to talk to and tried to be understandning of the situation. he never made any apology for the person I had spoken with previously, but had reasons that she was allowed to act that way. I ignored complaining about the original contact person because I was quite pleased that he was able to knock 1500 off the debt and we were able to get it resolved in a few weeks. His contact person shouldve been reprimanded at the least but I know in these instances little to nothing will ever be said about it. They are a collection company and any dealing with them will be horrible-no matter the instance- they want their money and that is what they get paid for. Seems to me though that the old saying is true-you win more bees with honey-somone should try that and they might get further with people.

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  • Di
    disgusted in nj Jun 17, 2009

    I had a home loan through wells fargo that some how got handed over to this company. I am currently working with wells fargo on a short sale of my property. A man by the name of Antonio Rivera began calling my mother and grandmother and harrassing them to pay the loan. The gave my personal information along with my loan number and amout of the loan. When my mother continued to explain she didnt know where i was and for them not to call anymore he then belittled her and told said what kind of mother doesnt know where her daughter is and that they have my work number and will continually call if they do not get their money, I am currently sitting on hold with wells fargo trying to find out who these people are and if i have to deal with them or i can just work with wells fargo. I will destroy my credit before i give these people a dime!

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  • Mi
    mike May 20, 2009

    this is coming from some one that knows how these thing work do not pay these guy's let it go back to the to who you owe it to then settle with them on your debt!! trust me it works at the time it goes back to them settle for 30 cents on the dollar and they will take it hope this help's! plus look up the fair debt collection practices act!! it helps as well

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    wronged woman Apr 08, 2009

    Mr Rimbach located my place of employment regarding my estranged alcoholc gambling debts...he had a credit card through the bank that we had a joint account from 1967 and I had no knowledge of the credit card. I left him 2 1/2 years ago because he was verbally abussive and drank and gambled away everything. we sold our home and I got nothing becaue of his debts. I spent the last 2 1/2 years paying off $30, 000 in debt he left me with. Mr Rimbach and another person which I did not get a name told me they would garnish my wages and I had no choice but to pay up. I could hardly get a word in...they were both very rude. I called my estranged husband and he said he filed bankrupsy so that is why they went after me. I spoke to the attorney who handled his bankrupsy and he wants money to respresent me...go figure. they called my palce of employment main number and did not identify themselves as a collection agency...just that it ws personal. Luckily the person who answerd the did not give them my number but called me first and said someone called and said they had to talk to me about some personal business. The attorney I spoke to told me about the FDCPA a federal law that PRIMARY FINANCIAL SERVICE HAS VIOLATED ROYALY...
    I am preparing to report them to every consumer pretection government agency I can find...I won't stop until I make these people know that they are messing with the wrong WRONGED woman!!!

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    Desirea Dec 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Oh my goodness. I just made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about Primary Financial. I have experienced the same thing, I'm willing to pay but I can never get any aswers about where my money is going. When I first started dealing with this agency the agent put me down to the point that I was very uncomfortable at work and home. The agent was arguing with me saying she was gonna inform child services about me and how can I have other credit cards that are luxuries and not pay my debt. I was midly depressed. Although I consolidated all of my debt Primary Financial refused to join and I still made sepparate payments to them. I also feel that if someone is willing to pay why put them down or give them the run around? They are not conducting proper business with complying consumers. And I'm sick of it.

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