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Premier Mortgage Services / Dana Bain rips off homeowners

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Contact information:
Premier Mortgage services Dana Bain
He ripped us off for an upfront fee, we filed a report on him thru /link removed/ as well, BUYERS BEWARE!

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A  8th of May, 2009 by 
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This person has harrassed myself and other brokers all over the country. He has sent letters causing interference with people's businesses and is obviously one of the reasons mortgage brokers have the reputation they have. People like Dana Bain perpetuate that. My company is filing suit against Dana on Monday now that we have collected our letters and those he sent to organizations such as NAMB on other brokers as well. We will do our part to rid the business of people like him, help us by not allowing this person to handle your most important financial transaction. If you need info on this person and copies of the letters email me at stephen @adjustableratemarketing.com and I will forward to you, I can back up everything I said with documents.
N  24th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I am so glad that someone posted this. I am a Mortgage Broker in Colorado, Dana Bain of Premier Mortgage in Sterling, Ma has been harrassing me for about 3 months, I have never met Dana Bain in person and have no idea why he would choose to harrass me.

I have contacted my Attorney in regard to Dana Bain fraudulently using my name, he is committing felony ID theft and I am not the only person he is doing this to. I think that a person must be very careful in dealing with Premier Mortgage, I believe that Dana Bain would harrass you to no end if you didn't do your Mortgage loan through him, he should NEVER be trusted with ANY personal information. He has also been calling people day and night and harassing people at their place of business.

I highly recommend that Dana seek professional help, this is not normal and people like Dana are the ones who give Mortgage Brokers a bad name, if he would do this kind of thing to people he doesn't even know, i would hate to see what he would do to someone that actually had business dealings with him. DON'T GIVE THIS GUY YOUR PERSONAL INFO!!! BEWARE!!!
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by 
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My Name is Kathi Barry, I wrote the above comment. I want to say that someone has gone to great lengths to make it look as though Dana Bain of Premier Mortgage has used my name and address in a fraudulent manner. New information I have received leads me to believe that Dana is not involved in this in any way.

Some one is also using my name to post other complaints around the internet, I have commented on the ONLY 2 that I have made, it's very sad that someone would go this far.
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by 
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Good try Dana, she would never use her BO nickname, you gave yourself away again!...

This guy is slime and you can see by his attempt to act like he is she.

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