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I was a member back in 2005. After my one year I cancelled my membership. Over a year later I get a letter from Premier Fitness that I owe them money(Nov 13, 2007). I call twice to talk to the individual who wrote the letter and that person never called me. I finally hand delivered a letter to the Huron Street location(Nov 20, 2007. I state in the letter that my one year subscription was over a year ago and no longer wanted anything to do with Premier Fitness. Today, almost 4 years later, I receive a call from NCR telling me I owe Premier Fitness over $2, 000.

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  • Ld
      Jul 14, 2011

    John, this is happening to my wife thies week as well.
    PF is claiming over $1200 dating back to 2009.

    Read this: /link removed/

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  • Sa
      Aug 18, 2011

    I cancelled my Premier Fitness back in March 2008. At my Bank's suggestion, I also stopped payments for any thing to Premier but allowd Premier to take the remaining instalment payments from my credit card for personal training. Since then, that particular credit card has been cancelled. I received some sketchy collections notices after those credit cards payments were finished with Premier (inconsistent amounts and contact information for people who did not work at Premier Head Office or with phone extensions that did not exist etc.), on and off, until last notice and last straw in late 2009. Today, I got a call from NCR demanding $378.00 (notably, letters from Premier before then would range from $950-1340). I called my lawyer and he informed me that they had no grounds for collections as any remaining claims by Premier were beyond the 2 year statute of limitations for collections activities. I called and advised NCR that I would be pursuing legal action if this collection activity continued, gave them my lawyer's name and contact information and they were remarkably polite in contrast to the first call placed today. I also googled NCR and found MANY complaints regarding both Premier and NCR for harrassment and extortion. If this continues, I will be taking my lawyer's recommendation to sue both Premier and NCR with slander of my credit rating and for personal damages.

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  • Ja
      May 05, 2012

    Hi My Name is James
    Carlingwood Location
    I joined in 2009. And got lied too and intimidated into signing a contract. All i wanted was the one year, And when i signed they threw on personal training that i couldn't get out of. Cause they said come in 2 weeks to the first appointment. And after 8 days of signing you cant cancel. Now they just sent me a email today 5/5/2012 saying
    BALANCE: $1, 325.50
    DOCKET #: DB

    This email-letter serves as confirmation that the National Credit Recovery Inc., a duly authorized agency acting on behalf of PREMIER FITNESS have received your outstanding account in amount of $1, 325.50 for collection proceeding.

    I would love to help put a class action lawsuit against them. I've fought with them on the phone many years ago, they proceeded threaten me continuously with my credit score (which is non existent, have never had credit card) And getting apartments are fine so yes. They should be bankrupt and in jail.

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  • Jo
      May 22, 2012

    I was misled into a nutrition program that supposely was personilized to my sport, I was lured with follow up and a conditioner. I got hook up with the so called IPO plan for 24 weeks, that included follow up with nutritionist but I only received a book that lasted 10 weeks. I did not read the contract properly because the letters were so small and when I reviewed it again they would take from my bank account for 25 bi-weekly payments. Way many months after the 24 supposed weeks were over. I only saw the nutrionist once who told me to increase my amount of spinich and broccoli. When premier collapsed and was acquired by PhysioMed, that guy dissapeared alone with the manager who sold me the program. This is an organized mafia. I called my bank to cancel the automatic withdraw and I received a letter from some freak with a hotmail account claiming the amount that was blocked by my bank or would engage a collection agency. I will engage the RCMP for this. WTF

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  • Ge
      Jun 04, 2012

    Okay. I have a huge problem withe them now. I went in on a 1 month free pass with my friend. Then they said i need to fill out some papers saying I would have a 1 year contract which is what I wanted. I was told I can cancel at any time if I am moving out of the area with proof. Now I have moved out of the country and they will not accept a VISA. A government document is not proof enough that I am not near and I still need to pay. Not to mention the papers say I signed a 3 year contract not a 1 year which is what I asked for. Now I have cancelled my bank account so they cannot keep billing me as it is past the one year mark that I thought I signed up for. Now I am getting letters from collection agencies. I've called them saying I was cancelling I am out of the country and it won't stop! What do I do??

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