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Premier Dead Sea Products / Stay away from kiosks and phony salesmen

1 Westerfield Mall (Market & 4th), San Franciso, CA, United States Review updated:

I have read a number of the complaints against the mall kiosk sales tactics used by those selling Premier Dead Sea products. I see that people were scammed out of $100 here and $200 there. Here's story about being bamboozled into buying $1300 worth of the products.

I was visiting San Francisco, and enjoying a trip through the Westerfield Mall when my path was blocked by a young man who wanted me to try some lotion for my hands. Of course, I played right into his hands. The lotion I tried was from another dead sea product distributor (Swisa) and I loved it...still do. I bought 2 jars for $54.50 each + tax. The fast talking salesmen then worked me into a spa chair and said he wanted to treat me to a quick facial experience that would amaze me. And, to tell you the truth, I was.

This guy was way too sweet and fast talking. A number of times I asked what everything would cost me, but my answer was always "don't think of this as a cost because it's an investment." Blah, blah, blah.

I really did like the products, and have been using them regularly with decent results. But, the scam was in how I was tag-teamed by two young men and offered all kind of gifts and freebies it I would make a purchase. By the time all was added up, my bill was over $1300, an astronomical amount that I would never consider paying for skin care products, which up to that time I only bought from Walgreen's.

The men went on and on with their sales speech. How they use the stuff, how their mother's use the stuff, how one's sister has severe psorriasis only to have it disappear after using the stuff, etc. I'm a smart person, at least I like to think I am. I wasn't falling for their gimics. But, I really did like the products and liked to small improvements I saw in just that 30 minutes in that spa chair. I bought these premium products thinking I was doing something great for myself after spending a bunch of money on souvenirs for family and friends. I thought that this was my San Francisco souvenir to myself.

I left the mall with my precious and expense cargo and headed back to my hotel. As I was entering the elevator, a jar of serum fell out of the back and the lid cracked. I thought I would write to the Premier Products company and see if I could get a replacement lid, since the serum was supposed to last over a year with once a week applications. I went to the Premier Products web site and saw that I had been charge double, and in some cases triple, the price that was offered on the web (with no tax AND free shipping). I calculated that, had I purchased all my products from the web site, I would have saved about $800! Yep, $800!!!

Don't fall for the kiosk hard sell. Buy directly from the Premier Products web site. They do seem to be very good products. I'm pleased with their overall performance, love the scents, and appreciate the packaging (it looks nice sitting out on your bathroom counter).

I wrote to Premier Products to tell them about how their distributors were setting their own prices, but never heard back.

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  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2011

    I also was taken in at the mall in Las Vegas, He put the anti age serum on half of my face, told him that I didnt really see any difference, but within a few minutes, wow what a difference, my husband came by from shopping with the kids and he could see the difference, I asked the salesman how much, didnt get an answer right away, then we went on to the eye syrum, needless to say, ended up walking away with eye syrum, mud mask, and anti age cream for around 400 hundred dollars. well, a few months went by and I did a little investigating on line, (amazon), wow what a price difference, I have to say I love the products, I actually think Iam addicted to using them, they really do leave your skin feeling very nice, and looking very nice also, I didnt use the mask much but did use it on my teen age son who was having so much trouble with acne on his face, and the proactive crap wasnt working, It did a real nice job in clearing his face within two weeks, he uses it about once a week, I love their products but dont buy them in the malls, shop on line, save hundreds...

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  • Pi
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    I got ripped off, too. I went to Discovery Mills Mall in Georgia, and got stopped in one of their kiosk. So, the people working there were extremely nice. They offered me cream for my eyes. They "promised" a two year supply for the cream. It looked like a great offer to me. So, I purchased it and let the sales woman write "Two Year Supply" on my reciept. So, I finished the cream and went to the mall to get another cream. Of course, it was a scam. They started telling me there's a different owner and don't know anything about this deal. But the company's phone number, name, and so on was the same. They are liars and it's all a scam, no costumer service, no returns . Please be careful and keep caution.

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  • Sa
      6th of Jun, 2011

    I discovered these products on a visit to Israel a few years back and was very impressed with the quality - I particularly like the hair mud mask. HOWEVER, I do NOT like their "hard-sell" tactics which I think deter customers rather than attract them. I live in London, UK and my local shopping centre, Westfield in Shepherds Bush has a stall where they constantly call out "Can I ask you a question?" as you walk by. I have learned not to stop but to say "No - I'm afraid you can't"! I have discovered I can get the hair mask on Amazon so will buy there in future and certainly not from Kiosks.

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