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Premier Dead Sea Products / Can't Return the Products/Scam

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I was approached by a sales rep at a stand at the mall asking if I had a few minutes for a demonstration. They told me all about all their "wonderful products" and how great they were for your skin. I bought several items and spent about $140 at the stand and when I got home, they didn't really deliver the results promised, especially for the price. When I returned to the stand to return my products, they would not take them back. They pulled out a tiny "All Sales Final" sign from behind a huge mound of products and told me I should have read the sign. The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased. I explained that I did not see this as fair and they did not care, they even tried to sell me $180 worth of "better" product than what I bought! Can you believe the nerve?!?! Anyway, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!!

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  • Bl
      1st of Nov, 2017

    I had an allergic reaction to the "Moisture Cream for Multi Use". I bought it at a Premier store in Barcelona and the saleswoman told me it's a facial cream, but it ISN'T. Nowhere on the bottle does it say it's for the face only. She also said it has sunblock but again, after carefully reading all of the ingredients and the description, there's nothing that indicates this. I put it on my cheeks (which get very rough and dry) and after putting on a few layers, my skin felt smooth but then it got hot and red, so of course I'll never use it again. I have a $5 bottle of lotion with lactic acid, vitamin E, and a few other ingredients and that gives me no problems whatsoever.

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  • Ot
      16th of Sep, 2016

    I was "accosted" yesterday at a Kiosk in the Parkway Plaza Mall in Huntsville, AL. A very aggressive your Israeli wanted to give me a product sample. I said I didn't need it and she said "I'll just drop it in your bag if that's okay". Fine, then she asked me if I had a few minutes and I told her no. She said "just one minute - you will be amazed". So, I said I'd give her a minute. She proceeded to apply some product under one of my eyes and then waved a fan over my face. Yes, the product did visibly reduce the lines and wrinkles. I was impressed. When I asked her the cost she said a 3-year supply was $380.00. I told her to forget it. Then she said she would make a deal and sell me a smaller size for $80. At this point I was over it. I had also resented her asking me for my first name (I gave her a made up name). I walked away before she could say anything else. I actually was impressed with the product, but wanted to see how long the results actually lasted, and I also wanted to check the company out on the internet. So glad I did. The effect of the product lasted for several hours and I decided I would get some. Lucky I found it at Amazon for a fraction of the cost. This is really a good product, but do stay clear of those kiosks. They are definitely a scam. Glad I opted out.

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  • Di
      17th of May, 2016

    Do not shop in Hong Kong!!! I truly love this products but in my last vacation, me and my friends went to the shopping mall Houbur City, me and my friends splits since I like shop alone because i like more sports style and my best freind like more brands.. So while I'm walking I walked in a place named "Log On" and I saw my favorite stand over there, I bought 3 salt scrub and paid $1040, I was very happy since in Eaurope it is more expensive, I texted my gf to walk in this place, since I know she loves Dead Sea products, my gf went to the same stand a few hours later and apparently there is a promotion going on that the sales lady didn't mention, they told my gf this promotion always running and in all their locations In HG, she bought "buy 2 get 1" 3 salts scrub for $760 Hong Kong dollars . And she got a small gift, the mud Soap worth $180 dollar! When we met an hour later, I saw her bags and what she got and I was totally in shocked! We back to the same place, we spoke to the ladies, and sadenly "they don't speak English" and cannot understand Us! Such a ###! These people not reliable, and I would never buy there again!

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  • Fa
      28th of Apr, 2016

    I was approached today in the Willowbrook Mall in NJ by a very nice looking Israeli man who first handed me a sample of a moisturizer then proceeded to ask me if I use facial moisturizers. Long story, short...he rubbed some face cleanser on the back of my hand so I could see how it removed dirt and dead skin and left my skin so soft. Then we moved on to moisturizer and eye cream and how it would all get rid of my lines undereye puffiness(which I didn't know I had) and make my skin so soft. No matter how many times I told him I couldn't afford to spend that kind of money, he kept going. He kept dropping the price and including a 'free' item until he got down to giving me a $179 jar of cleanser for only $49 because the box was damaged. I told him I would think about it and finally escaped without spending a dime because I didn't believe a word he said! Next time I go to the mall, I will definitely keep my head down and keep walking when I get to his kiosk!

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  • Fe
      26th of Dec, 2015

    I've encountered a sales person from one of these stands and I do agree they are very long winded and pushy! But one thing I've learned you can do is just walk away. That's the reason why they are hell bent on keeping you in one place and constantly talking to you. I was in an extreme hurry and literally gave the sales person 5 mins to show me what they wanted because I didn't want to be rude; but hey... if I tell you I'm in a hurry and you still insist on interrupting my day then you may end up getting frustrated at the end of your experience with me. I did spend $40 and on an entire manicure kit (Passions Touch body lotion, 2 nail files to smooth and buff my nails, cuticle remover) and got a free bottle of Passions touch body lotion. I got this because the sales person wanted me to look at other products. My response to that was that if they didn't ring up my sale in the next 5 secs then I'm taking my credit card back and leaving. I also made sure to check my credit card to make sure that's all they charged me. You have to be just as aggressive as the consumer as they are in selling. I do like the lotion a lot and my friends have also liked it. But there is no way I'm going back to that stand to get more. If there's a place online where I can get it from that doesn't look shady then I'll get it.

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  • Te
      10th of Dec, 2015

    All the same happened to me. What is truly said is like a few of you said. They are giving the Jew's a bad name. It really makes me sad because I support Israel . I also give to a fund to help the Jew's from other countries return home ( Alyhia) to Israel. We all have to remember there are good and bad in all races, creed & nations. So we cannot single out Jews as ALL bad just because you have a group of these scamming others. However I have found the home office in The United Sates that will let you return the items & receive a refund. The address is 18885 Beaver Ridge Circle Suite A Norcross, GA 30071. (ph) 404.492.8133. We have to be hopeful that they will eventfully be shut down & prosecuted. Best of Luck!!! Texas

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  • An
      30th of Oct, 2015

    I also bought 2, 300 worth of products from the people at the mall and feel so stupid because the products are way cheaper on amazon and my mom and step sister won't even appreciate the products I got them for Christmas. I also wanted to return the sets I got for them, but to keep the stuff I bought for myself and the people told me all sales were final and that it was printed on the receipt, which I didn't get until after they ran my credit card. These people are ruthless even if you tell them you don't have money they try to get you to spend over a hundred dollars. I am not a happy camper and will be paying off this debt for many months to come.

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  • Dg
      4th of Jun, 2015

    My experience happened in Canada; I felt like I was being molested by the immigrant from Israel! He pouted when my friend and I told him "we are not buying anything" and he became more aggressive and started to make inappropriate sexual comments. I realized the only way he would let me go would be to buy his dam product. So $420.00 later I left feeling dirty and abused. I am trying to get my money back because in Canada those sales tactics are frowned upon.
    I wonder why they don't advertise on t.v. like legitimate "beauty" companies do; they certainly charge enough and could afford to advertise! Maybe they don't because they would have to back up their product as being so great that they can charge that much!!!
    If someone is standing in the doorway of their store and enticing you with a piece of soap like a pedophile offering candy to a kid...RUN!

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  • Da
      20th of May, 2015

    Yep! Just got duped today. Payed $700 for all 8 products at Tacoma Mall. I then went home found the exact same products on Amazon and realized that I have been overcharged more than $260. Well.. live and learn.. The only good news is that the reviews on Amazon seems to indicate that these products work very well. Very deceptive scheme.

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  • Ca
      10th of May, 2015

    I just got the dead sea salt scrub for 30.00 bucks thats same for what you buy online lol I really like the stuff... I also had to stand there and act stupid and say no millions of times till they gave me a good deal, knowing that they bucked the prices up on me. I think what saved me was my 8 month old he kept making loud noises and staring at the guy funny all I could do was laugh. In the end I got what I wanted for the price Id be paying for anywhere else online. I felt like I would have been pawned off if I didnt put my foot down. Finally when I was about to walk away thats when a women was like sell her the salt at cost lol I know 30 was not the cost but I also knew that it was 39 or 35 on the site...Very annoying when all you want to do is to shop and not get stuck with a bunch of ones if that they can sucker you in like no one else thats for sure! Be careful do your research before you buy.

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  • Ja
      6th of May, 2015

    This is no scam - it would have been superb sales strategy if only they were not so crappy when they did not manage to manipulate you. When I visit South Africa I always go and check in there and politely decline their offers for demonstrations, IN HEBREW, and also mention that I am buying these in 99 Hayarkon street in my home town Tel-Aviv (which is exponentially cheaper). The different reactions are entertaining though. Once I bought something from a girl that was so nice to borrow me her phone so that I can call my mother that was suppose to meet me. My mom loved the R200 [censored] though :) Moral of the story: Welcome to Little Israel in every mall!

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  • Jo
      12th of Dec, 2014

    Im reading all these comments because i bought some stuff from these people today at the local mall. Everyone seemed to got GOT. well today i got them for all yall. I talked this dime piece into selling me 80 bucks of product for 40. Booyah

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  • Ka
      6th of Dec, 2014

    I had this experience several years ago. Yes, I got scammed to the tune of $1200!!! I must not have very good sense. The products were not what they were purported to be. The regimen was ridiculous. I felt so guilty. Reading the comments has helped me realize I wasn't the only one. I overcame my guilt by throwing the whole mess out and paying off my credit card. Now I do just fine with Aveeno and Ponds Cold Cream. It's over and done. Quit kicking yourselves and learn from the experience. Oh yeah, these folks started at a kiosk in our mall and then graduated to a regular store. I notice that now they are completely gone. I think this makes us feel that everyone working at a kiosk is out to get us.

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  • Co
      8th of Nov, 2014

    I guess I did pretty well! The sales girl that approached me at the mall said she was new and only had been doing it for 2 weeks. She did the demo with the nail buffer and cuticle oil and also let me try the lotion. She told me it was $120 but would sell half off for $59 but when I told her I wasn't for sure I wanted to do that she told me she thought I was a nice girl and dug around for a box that was ripped with everything inside still intact. She said she wasn't supposed to sell it because of the damaged package but would do it for $29 if I wanted it. I liked the lotion so I did it! She then told me they had a 5 yr warranty if you kept your receipt and I could return to any store or kiosk and they would give me a new file, nail buffer, and refill my cuticle oil for free! She never was pushy into trying to sell me anything else. I don't believe I was scammed at all!

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  • Ba
      2nd of Aug, 2014

    I just had an experience in such a kiosk at a South African airport. The pretty young lady was very convincing, and when I told her I believed her about the value a mass of people put on Dead Sea Salts, she thought the sales were closed and started mentioning ridiculous prices. I was polite enough not to laugh, and told her I needed to think and investigate before buying. Since I had no wi-fi connection on my phone, she borrowed me a phone with google access, searched for me and showed me a sales pitch site. I googled again with my own terms, found a reputable site, and discovered that her claims about the effects of the salt were exaggerated, even though there was some truth to her claims. When she told me that I look 25 I discovered her manipulative charms (I am 44) and simply told her no. Her response was interesting. She cursed me and walked away in anger. I was happy to be a bit sceptic and having google close by.

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  • Gw
      31st of Jul, 2014

    Well.. I too was accosted by a mall kiosk guy. He started out offering me 2 products for $300 and then getting 3 products free- I continually told him no that I didn't have the money for that. He did then rub the face peel on my arm and rubbed it off- some say it works, some say it doesn't- my experience is after he did that he rubbed lotion into the same arm- which was soaked up immediately- and rubbed lotion on the untouched arm which basically sat on my arm- I ended up rubbing it in while he continued his sales pitch. I was able to get him to $54.00 (that included tax) for the face peel- I went home and tried it, and regardless of what people say- my face does feel smoother today- and I did have someone comment on a glow... I also went online after I got home and realized that I could purchase the products for MUCH LESS than what I even paid.. I actually sent him a picture of the product and the price of under $10.00, he responded that the product was probably expired- I'd already let a friend know that would probably be the response I would receive.. but the bottom line is- I feel great- and I do feel like the product- at least for now is working, I even let my son try it (with some coersion!!) If I had not been swindled, I would not be aware of the product, my face would not feel great right now- and for that, it was worth- to me- the price that I paid - after all- when you go to the doctor/dentist- you only pay a small amount for being there- it is their knowledge that costs the big bucks! I will not be back to the kiosk but will continue to buy the products online, I would like to try them all! I am thankful for his knowledge- and his persistence that would NOT ;( let me walk away the many times that I tried.. b/c if I had, I would not have found out about this product- that at this point- I find amazing!

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  • Jn
      11th of Jul, 2014

    I got my money back!! Had to fight hard. Got it on video. Feel free to watch and share it!! These scam artists have got to go!!

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  • Ka
      8th of Jun, 2014

    Same story for us, except it was at the Fashion Place Mall in Salt Lake City. My fiancé has diabetes and has horrible problems with his hands cracking. The guy at the Premier Products kiosk did a demonstration on him and he bought 2 products for about $130. As the male sales was performing the demo on my guy, he told the girl to show me something for my eyes. I objected at first, but finally succumbed and let her rub some cream on the wrinkles around my eyes. The demo was good and then they told me it was $199. I told them they couldn't discount enough to make me buy it. He said "OK - I'll give it to you for $39.00 just so you'll come back and buy more when you love it." when I said Ooookay, he changed it to $49. My fiancé and I both heard him say $39. I went for it anyway because I've been thinking about trying something new for the wrinkles around my eyes. When I got home I looked at the product and he switched it out for an overnight cream that says specifically to avoid the eye area! These people are very good at getting you to believe that they are on the up and up, when actually they are a bunch of scam artists. I got home and looked up the product online ... To find that it can be purchased for much less than the price he "gave" it to me at. Buyers beware.

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  • Pa
      6th of May, 2014

    South Africa - Dead Sea Products and Premier Products

    There is one of these horrible stores at The Glen Johannesburg shopping centre, if I want one of the expensive and overpriced crappy products I will walk into the store and buy one. I do not appreciate being harassed, irritated, annoyed and pestered by strangers and obnoxious sales people when I am walking in the mall.

    They do not have a solution for e very skin problem and should stop pretending to have it.

    When they stop you and make you feel like you’ve been high-jacked with the line - it’s a gift, I just want to show you something, you don’t need to buy anything, it will only take a minute. And then proceed to talk nonsense for close to ten minutes about your skin by just looking at you??? Seriously! What
    degree of stupid do they think we are? some people might fall for sales but not all of us are that gullible.

    There are lots of informal stands in the mall (like Tupperware or AMC pots or whatever it is) and never have those people tried to push or force themselves on you when you walk past. Why must these rude intolerable (Dead Sea) people always pester customers?

    Please make them stop, they are absolutely awful !!

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  • Sc
      6th of Apr, 2014

    Really really a big scam. They have the price list for an item wihich costs more than $800, only to find out that you can get it in amazon for only $74. That company and the people behind it will have their own karma in time. London Sales - Jericho products, please dont bother to try this products. A BIG LIE!

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