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I was approached by a sales rep at a stand at the mall asking if I had a few minutes for a demonstration. They told me all about all their "wonderful products" and how great they were for your skin. I bought several items and spent about $140 at the stand and when I got home, they didn't really deliver the results promised, especially for the price. When I returned to the stand to return my products, they would not take them back. They pulled out a tiny "All Sales Final" sign from behind a huge mound of products and told me I should have read the sign. The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased. I explained that I did not see this as fair and they did not care, they even tried to sell me $180 worth of "better" product than what I bought! Can you believe the nerve?!?! Anyway, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!!

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  • Ha
      3rd of Dec, 2008

    In the Netherlands is a mall in the shoping center in Utrecht.
    I bought some facial care products.
    Now I am looking at internet and I see that I paid too much fot the products.
    Not so thrutworthy...

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  • Ma
      11th of Jan, 2009

    i also bought some items from the kiosk, i should have walked away like my son told me to do .i got ripped off it really does not work wont do it again .i also looked at the prices on the internet

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  • Br
      31st of Jan, 2009

    You are so right to be angry. I was duped into buying $900.00 worth of product (a fast talking salesman and my gullibility). He assured me that I could try everything and then return for a full refund if I wasn't happy. When I tried to return the products after coming to my senses the salesman was long gone and the other sales people did not want anything to do with me. The company and all theirs reps scam their customers and won't stand behind the products. I will do everything I can to stop them from ripping off other people. I have learned a hard lesson. Brenda from Canada

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  • Rg
      22nd of May, 2018

    @brenda Please let me know what and if you have gotten anywhere with this. I have a dear friend that got taken as well.


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  • Mi
      31st of Jan, 2009

    I was approved by a Beautiful women she had an accent she had me put my hands out and then she proceeded to put some salt on my hands and rub it, minutes later she was spraying my hands with water then she later have me paper towels to dry my hands off and then apply a type of lotion to them. Being stupid and unassuming I went ahead and bought 106 dollars worth of 2 sands and 1 lotion. When the transaction was complete I gave her my business card, and I hoped that I helped her out because I didn't think that was an easy job, also I am 29 and single so you do the math. I also got a hug out of the deal too. Two hours when I got home I got a phone call from her saying that she had a friend that wanted to meet me, I told her I wasn't going to buy anything anymore but I would be there in about an hour to meet her friend. Her friend later said that her fellow employee that I bought the stuff from said that I was a nice guy and that she was looking for a nice guy; however, as she and the girl that was with her was applying facial cream and talking to me and standing real close to me
    they attempted to sell me an addition 900 dollars worth of product.
    Her friend told me that if I bought the product then we could get a motel and she would rub it all over my body in the shower and then we could both get it on both of us. I told her that I wasn't going to buy anything and that I only wanted her but she kept insisting that she wanted to give it to me at a reduced price because she wanted to do this for the guy she was with.
    Eventually I caved in slightly and bought her a Banana Split (5 dollars) but that wasn't good enough she continued to want me to buy something from her. I caved in a little more and bought a 15 dollar bar of soap. She have me her phone number and I called her a few times and left a message once. She picked up her Cell and answered then told me to call back a hour later which I did a few times with 10 minute increments. I never heard from her since...And I never will.
    SO... if your 29 and single like me then don't even make eye contact with them or you'll be out 120 dollars like me.

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  • Ti
      14th of Feb, 2009

    I have been curious about these products. I too was approached by a guy at a kiosk in a mall. He started with the hand wash and claimed the dirt in the bowl had been washed off my hands, but I know even epsom salts will make the water cloudy, plus there was oil in the handwash and that would add to clouding the water. I just smiled. He wanted to show me how the products worked, I told him I couldn't buy, but he wanted to go ahead so I let him demo on me. He chose a side. I have to say, whatever he did, it really did make a difference. But I couldn't figure out what products he was using. He mixed some stuff and, as he said it would, that spot on my face got hot. Then the heat faded. The results were spectacular. One side looked several years younger than the other. But he told me he didn't have any literature. That bothered me. I had already told him I forgot my credit card, so he insisted on giving me his card. He seemed to "come on" to me a little. His partner, a woman, seemed to approach the men. I am out of work and the products were prohibitively expensive for me. (and I thought he was young enough to be my son(20)...a turn-off! but he claimed to be 30.) It bothered me that there was no literature for the products. He compared what he used on me to Botox. But I wouldn't use it unless I knew what it was. He really wanted to make a sale and if I was familiar with the pricing I think I could have talked the price down.

    But I really want to know what it was because it really worked! I am surprised I can't find any good literature on it.

    At another mall, a woman approached me. She also started with the hand wash. I made it clear I could not purchase and she let me go. Again there was no literature on the products.

    So does anyone know how this Premier stuff works? What is the active ingredient? Is it a botulism toxin derivative? Is that OK'd for sale in the US? Would it be safe for long-term use? I am really curious.

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  • Bl
      4th of Apr, 2017

    @Tilly I have been duped also. Has anyone been able to get any recourse on this company and their products. I did the mask last night for the first time and my skin lite up like a
    Christmas tree. After much pain and anxiety it calmed down after 7 HOURS.
    Any help with this company would so be a help.

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  • An
      19th of Feb, 2009

    Thanks for all the feedback. I from Singapore and got ripped off too from Isrealis family selling dead sea products out fromthe kiosks. Product brand is V&M. Though after less 30% and free bar of soap, i paid usd120 for just 2 items. After a check with reputable brands like La Cure, i realised i paid too much. Good advice is stay away from kiosks. get reputable products from pharmacy and reputable retailers. As for the benefits from dead sea products like La Cure, they are truly calming on the skin (my skintype is dry). mud mask is non tightening, moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin. Singapore dead sea product fanatic!

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  • Ke
      25th of Apr, 2009

    I was approached by a saleswoman from a Premier kiosk at a mall in Albany, NY. Michell, the saleswoman, was likeable and funny... and also a liar but I only learned that later. She started off by demonstating the nail kit and then, once I bought that and realized she had a 'live one', several other items. The salespeople are pros, they know how to rope you in, they are trained to say the right thing at the right time. This I also found out later. I'm embarrassed to say how much I spent. Once I was able to research the company and it's products I realized that I got taken on the prices. In some cases the prices on the official website were HALF of what I bought the product for at the kiosk! Humiliating. Looking back I realize I should have asked for product information, a price list, or even reviews but I did none of that. I was caught up in the moment of a well executed con. I'm mad at the salewoman, mad at myself, and mad at the company for permitting, perhaps encouraging, such tactics. The kicker is this, I really like the products. My skin looks wonderful. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets acne AND wrinkles. Woo-hoo. After using the products the acne is gone and my fine lines are minimized, especially around the eye area. What to do? Do I continue to buy products from a company that I question the business practices of? Well, I'm not sure what I'll do but my advice is this: BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Da
      22nd of May, 2009

    My girlfriend just got scammed this week by a guy working for one of those mall kiosk that sell this dead sea premier stuff. They got her to buy 1400$$ worth of their products, claiming that the products were normally selling for like 450$$+ and that they would do a "special price for her of like 300$" (when normal cost is like 60$ on average if you search online) . Off course it said "no refunds" on the ticket and there is a sign at the kiosk showing that as wellt. My gf felt Really bad once she realised what happen to her. The other thing as well, is they don't indicate the price anywhere, and on the receipt it does not even show what was bought exactly, just the total sum is shown(another red flag)

    Anyhow, we certainly were not going to let this happen and would fight it as much as needed to get our her money back. First my gf called their "owner" who said initially, afterhearing all of our complaints about them, that a refund should be possible but to call custumer services of their business the next day. My gf did that, and talk to some other person, who was basically trying not to give the refund initially, and than started to agree on just giving back 450 at first, than like 550 and than followed by 850$$ back. At this point i told my gf to not settle anything but for a full refund, and at that point I CALLED THE MALL MANAGEMENT who is responsible of the kiosk there. Once i explained the story to them, and them telling me they have received several complaints against this dead sea kiosk business, she quickly called the owner of that business and told them to give the full refund without questions. The matter got quickly settled after that call. Be aware, well at least at this mall, BUSINESSES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE REFUNDS. The NO REFUND on the TICKET IS TOTALLY FALSE and AGAINST MALL BUSINESS POLICIES. Basically it is a lie!! The mall management even asked if we wanted to have mall security escort us to the kiosk to make sure that they would refund us in case they would resist it still once we get there!! We elected not to do that at first. Of course when we got there, they tried to have my gf keep some of it, but since i was there this time, the BS stopped rapidly!!

    Don't let yourself cought by their BS and empty promises. They are untruthful and scammers and they are really good at influencing people with their rehearsed scheme that obviously works and screws hundreds to maybe thousands of people each year. This guy was forceful on my gf to start with, than was trying to be really freindly with her, asking all types of questions to her to get a better feel of my gf to prepare his scheme a little better, and than tried to find every flaw excuse on my gf (in a "nice" way, which made her feel bad about herself, and which got her into buying their crap, even though she does not have the flaws he was claiming her to have!! Just disgusting to see this kind of activity happening and especially seeing those malls being aware about all this but not really doing much about it, it sure seems like to me after talking to them!!


    if a mall business or kiosk advertises No Refunds and really excessive prices ON THEIR PRODUCTS, it is most likely FALSE, AND YOU SHOULD CALL MALL MANAGEMENT OR EVEN MALL SECURITY!!! YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FULL REFUND!!
    DON'T GIVE UP!! It might be a lot easier than you expect!

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  • An
      27th of May, 2009

    I was had for $260 worth of products by these scammers for stuff I didn't want, let alone need. The first time was in Honolulu at Ala Moana Shopping Center for $200. At first I agreed to buy something that cost $60 (stupid hand lotion with nail buffer and cuticle oil, which I later saw at a store for like $5 for the lotion and you can get the buffer for like $1 or $2 at any drugstore) because the salesguy was so pushy, but then he whisked me into buying another $130 worth (he also ripped me off by charging $10 more than he stated for a product. Then in Scotland in a mall near the Edinburgh Thistle Hotel the gal got me to purchase some 30 pound (then $60) exfoliant. Both times they tried to push me to buy more, which was the nerve especially with the guy in Honolulu, I guess $200 wasn't enough. These people would take your entire rent or mortgage money if they can and wouldn't care if you were out on the street.

    They are pros in the way they operate, masters at demolishing your self esteem, you can be the most beautiful woman in the world and they would find fault with you and that you need their crap. They do out of line stuff like physically grab you, which is assault. If any of them did that now to me they would get a sharp elbow to their ribs that would take the wind out of their sails. They are the absolute most greediest and pushiest people, and they are giving Jews a bad name. I never had a negative opinion of them before, in fact rather favorable, but after those experiences I have a very negative view of them, that it's so true they're money rabid. It took two times but since I know how they operate I've never bought anything from the likes of them again and never will, all I do is remind myself "yeah, you'll say and do anything to make a sale, you don't give a damn about making the potential customer happy or doing what's best for them you greedy [censored]".

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  • Do
      25th of Jun, 2009

    That is what you get for being soooo stupid. I work at a kiosk at a mall (a reputible kiosk) and I see what they do day in and day out. One time one of the girls was caught having sex in the parking lot with a customer. It almost seems more like a brothel to me. They will flirt with you and try to con you into buying their stuff. And they are real good at it, they always brag about how "smart the jews are" and how the stupid americans are conned into buying this stuff. Anyways you definetly have to return stuff if you've already bought stuff. I one time saw a guy return something but he was given a hard time by the girls at the kiosk, he screamed and threatened to call mall management and eventually got his money back. With those kind of Jews you've really got to fight back.

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  • Su
      29th of Jul, 2009

    I couldn't agree more. The people are sick...flirt with customers and yes - will have sex with them ANYWHERE!!! They'll tell you anything in order to get a sale...they'll compliment and insult all in the same broken english sentence.

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  • Ma
      7th of Sep, 2009

    I agree the sales people at the kiosks are pushy. I just bought the eye serum yesterday after a demonstration. I have to say, though, it does work. It was amazing the difference from one eye to the other. I have tried every eye product under the sun and have had no luck. I also found the price at the kiosk the same as the one online. However, I was able to talk him into giving it to me for half price.

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  • Tu
      30th of Sep, 2009

    I too spent about $300. They are obnoxious, pushy liars. The guy picked the side of my face with fewer eye wrinkles and showed me how much better that eye looked after using their $200 eye cream. Of course, you have to buy the serum also to "lock in the benefits". When I said that was a lot of money for me, he said, "bring lunch to work" but never skimp on your face. I guess I am turning 60 and wanted to look younger. I feel like a fool. The other eye never got rid of the wrinkles!

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  • Al
      12th of Oct, 2009

    Hi, I'm from Singapore and bought products from Dead Sea Premier. It was the
    'Dead Sea Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment' (sea salt). It was S$39.90. As what a few of you have mentioned, they approached me and gave me a free 135 ml sample of their Luxury hand cream and pulled me over for a demo for the Sea Salt. I bought and used used it once so far and the results are quite okay, it exfoliates well. Will have to use it a few more times to see if it really hydrates my skins as it boasted on not needing after spa lotion. Eh this is the Singapore Jurong Point Branch. Do check out their webbie to see if you got the authentic product and if you have really been ripped off please bombard their email: :)

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  • Sa
      21st of Oct, 2009

    They got me for $500 at the Mall Kiosk. They assured me that each product would last me for a year. Not so sure about that, I'm really going through the stuff. But I do have to admit that the products are giving me wonderful results. I'll soon be 48 and my wrinkles have dimenished a good bit. I purchased the eye serum, eye cream, mask, Premier moisturizer and serum and the overnight cream. I'm using all this religiously with Estee Lauder's overnight repair serum. I can tell a difference and everyone guesses my age to be quite younger than I actually am.

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  • Ch
      29th of Oct, 2009

    I would just like to say what a load of rubbish. I spent a lot of money on eye shadow and mask miracle noir. when we got home and opened it was missing the black mud block that is ment to be in the glass jar's cap. try as we might we can not get hold of anyone to complai'n. so anyone out there please don't be taken in by the patter. mrs christine melville. perth scotland

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  • Ci
      6th of Nov, 2009

    My son was duped out of at least $155 by these creeps. He had bought two products from an upstairs kiosk at the Northridge mall. He was then walking thru the mall and the guy at the downstairs kiosk saw his bag. My son attempted to walk away. He said that that he had "errands to run for my parents, " but he wanted him to view the demonstration. These are my sons words: "So I did, and as we waited for the lather to "exfoliate" on my hands, he asked to see my student ID. I showed it to him, and as he viewed my wallet, he noticed the cards. I went for the visa, he asked if he could "see that" and took it from my grasping finger. He then put the card under the money holster in his cash box and said "just leave that there for now."
    After showing me products and prices, he handed me two full bags of all the demonstrated products plus more, as well as two receipts (plus the third receipt from the purchase I attempted to make originally UPSTAIRS) Other than the "all sales final" stamp on the receipt, I was dumbfounded to find that each product set he had been showing me prices for, he had already charged me for. As soon as I could, I took the card and left."
    As his Mom, When I found out about all of this, I went to the kiosk...they gave me the runaround and just kept talking over me...I ended up in the Mall Office and the nice Mall Manager told me to have them call her directly. I don't know what exactly was said between the mall manager and the ### salesman at the kiosk, but I got a refund for the full amount. All throughout the refund process, this ### kept talking about how wo nderful his products and company are...STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They are bad news.

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  • Gu
      22nd of Nov, 2009

    The same thing has just happened to me at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas last week. A sales rep from the Beauty Efects stand stopped me and told me about their wonderful beauty products which were as good as having lines and spots from the face.. They talked me into some Premier Dead Sea mineral eye creams for $400 and then tried to sell me some addtional creams which they said were as good as botox and the price would include 10 free pots of cream worth £500 each for a total price of £2500. I said I really couldn't afford that much and they reduced the price to $1600. The two sales assistants were both really presurising me to buy these products and saying what a good deal I was getting. I'm really bad at saying no, especially as the sales girl had been so friendly and I was just wondering how I could get out of it when to my relief my credit card company blocked the transaction from going through. The sales reps were so eager to get the money they even rang my credit card company for me to get the card unblocked but fortunately because of the 8 hour time difference the department I needed to speak to in the UK was closed. The sales reps said I should ring the credit card company first thing in the morning to get the card unblocked and they would get all the creams sent to the hotel. I didn't bother ringing the credit card company in the morning as I really couldn't afford to spend $1600 on beauty products and thought I would do some more research on Premier products on the internet. When I logged onto their website I saw straight away that the $400 worth of products I had initiallgy bought from the stand were being sold at a much cheaper price on the internet. I am so relieved that the credit card company blocked my card or I would $2000 down now. There are at least two other stands selling Premier products in the Las Vegas Fashion Mall plus a lot of of similar stands all selling anti ageing cream. I will avoid these stands at all costs in the future as they are just out to rip people off. I dont know if the Premier company know that they are selling their products for twice the price as the ones advertise on the internet.

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  • Ag
      23rd of Nov, 2009

    I agree completely. It was quite unfair because they pushed all these products on me. I went to them numerous amounts of times, before finally approaching the mall. They sent a security guard with me, and I got my money back. They shut up as soon as they see authority.
    I will never approach them again, and I hope, no one else is duped as silly as I was. I'm glad I am now $1 000 richer.

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  • Co
      24th of Nov, 2009

    Happenned to me in Tampa at the I'ntl mall. The girl was a hot young Israeli. That ole' saying, "she saw me coming". Of course she is longer there. I think premier moves them around on a 'confidence tour'. Same motis operandi as described by all. Of course I paid $70 for the same item as is on Amazon for $25. Thank god I stedfastly refused to only buy one item, and man she was workin' the con hard. BUT here's the irony...the ### really works well. I'm in the intense florida sun a considerable amount of time and that damn milk and honey butter prevents sunburn better than anything I've ever used. Thank you for the advice on mall mgmt. At least now if I have a weak moment I'll have recourse. Oh by the way the con girl who tricked me is named Smadar. Can you believe she actually gave me her card after my purchase thinking I would come back to buy more. These people are ruthless.

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  • Sc
      25th of Nov, 2009

    I was just taken for $345 - the same story as everyone else. I was leaving the mall, she grabbed my arm, smiled and asked if she could ask me a question - ummmmm, sure, I said and that was that.

    I pulled out my credit card twice, 345 total, and yet that was not enough. They are the best "salespeople" in the world - if your goal is short term success, but of course we only have ourselves to blame.

    This website is great - I had planned to eat the 345, but now I am going to demand a refund. True, I did see the small, hidden, no refund sign when I was there, but I have not opened the product and it has been 12 hours since I bought it.

    Even if it works, their website shows much less prices - although, she did hug me and tell me to call her, etc. etc. - if only I would consider the 1400 Face Lift package. What a scam.

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  • Je
      2nd of Dec, 2009

    Seriously, I have buyers remorse because I feel guilty for spending the money. However, the products have not failed me yet. Yes, it is way overpriced. But the science works. I buy the exfoliating face scrub. I had two brown spots like cherries under my eyes from sun damage. These quickly pealed away and I was so thankful. I think the stuff is vitamins and minerals and cheap to make but hello. You are paying, overpaying for the smarts. They will go down to reasonable prices once they realize you are not a mark. I came on here to see what people said about the eye serum before I opened it. I know it works temporarily. I just don't know if the effects last longer after more extended use. I guess I'll have to see for myself. If not, I will call it stupid tax.

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  • Ry
      17th of Dec, 2009

    I thought they were great sales people, a least compared to most people working in retail sales. I was approached today at the newgate mall in ogden, Ut by Emritt, a seemingly nice israelli woman. I knew that there was no way that a nail kit would cost 90 dollars and was not surprised when the price went down to $35 her demo of the kit seemed to work well (but what do I know about nails?). I was having trouble thinking of things to get my wife and felt that she might like something girlie so I bit. She did the sea salt demo on my hands which i found impressive at the time especially when she said it would be good for ecxema which I have outbreaks from time to time but could only say "no thanks" too fast when the price came up. I walked away with only one regret at the time and that was that I should of haggled, it's not something we get a chance to do here in America and I'm sure that I could have gotten the price down to $25 dollars. Of course there was that slight feeling of having been had and on the drive home i remembered that nowadays we have an almost infinite resource of information known simply as internet. So here I am having just read all these complaints and I'm slightly tempted to get my money back, it's wrong to take advantage of people like this and I hate that I supported it, but the product seems to work, and it balances out the types of presents for my wife, now my only hope is that my wife is ignorant of the premier dead sea products and the tactics of the charming yet horrible sales people. Come christmas morning I don't want her laughing and telling the story of how her hubby had been duped at the Kiosk of insanely overpriced beauty products.

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  • St
      25th of Dec, 2009

    Oh Brother, a very sexy & very persuasive Israeli saleswomen, stupid guy who cant say no and $600.00 later...The product seems to work, so no issue there (yet) but please walk away or at least threaten to do so and you will likely pay $200.00 for what paid 3x for. I had never heard of these kiosks before and must have been oblivious to their existence until I found myself at the mall earlier than anyone else one day. Got sucked into a demo of some very cool stuff and found myself, buying one product at a time, death by a thousand cuts from "Rivi" until I had spend a small fortune. Again, not sure if I have any issue with the products themselves, what the hell do I know about cosmetics, but a little research and less impulse would have been smart. Not at all surprised about the other comments of flirtatious and pushy females saleswomen, she was all of smarter than me.

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  • Wa
      5th of Jan, 2010

    Yep. I have to agree with everyone else here. I had a very tight budget for Christmas and I was buying an electronic motorized car at one of the kiosks and the owner of this place tell me to follow him to another kiosks because he has something I need to see. I was physically challenged from knee surgery and in a motorized vehicle so I appeared handicapped. He took me to the Premier Kiosk and the very handsome Isreali salesman proceeded to tell me that he could take away the dark circles under my eyes. He must have thought I was much younger and looked older for my age. I asked him how old did he think I was? He said thirty but I looked 35. I am 47, I told him. It made me laugh. Anyway, I let this kid put the thermal mask and anti aging cream on my face for about 10 minutes and I saw a very slight difference which I attributed to lighting. I asked, "How Much?, and he said, "1200.00 for the whole system. I must have looked freaked, because he then said but for my preferred customers 600.00. I still had that dumbfounded look on my face and said, " That's my entire Christmas budget for my family.", and he said kind of disgusted " how much can you afford? I said, maybe 200.00 for everything. and he made a "call" to his "manager" which having been a car saleswoman I knew was bogus. So he said yes. I said okay I will try this miracle cream. I actually felt sorry for the guy. I kept thinking 200.00 am I crazy. But I did it and went home feeling buyer's remorse and decided to use the products as instructed on the box not exactly what he told me to do. He had made up all kinds of crap and said that the product would last 3 years, hahahahahahhahahahahhahaha, It will barely last a month. So folks while it does work, Loreal and Oil of Olay are just as effective. I have seen and been given samples of other 400.00 and 300.00 creams at beauty stores and nothing is as effective as taking good vitamins and drinking alkaline water. Resveratrol capsules are also very helpful. Save your money. I just think if those people will try to take money from a handicapped person dressed very poorly they will do anything.

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  • Da
      14th of Jan, 2010

    The sales people at these kiosks can be very pushy and obnoxious. They're primarily transplants from Israel and are often unaware of some of the finer points of american culture. I had one girl walk up to me while I was on a date with a very attractive girl, point out how bad my acne was and basically try to shame me into buying 90$ worth of skin products. I had to pull her aside and explain to her exactly why her sales pitch was ill-mannered. I'm not sure she got it, but I tried.

    I would advise doing some hardball haggling with the sales people at these kiosks. You can usually talk them down to about 25-30% of the initial price.

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  • Ev
      25th of Jan, 2010

    Wake up, dudes! You're just being scamed by these israelis...a problem that the nazi had...

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  • Li
      9th of Feb, 2010

    I was also a victim of this last week in Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, NJ. I have no intention of buying anything that day, but the salesman begged me to hear him for a few minutes and i let him and the rest was history. I bought a Deja Vu eye serum for $120 (they have a premier dead sea product as well but he used this cream at me as a demo). I checked the price online when i got home and i couldn't believe it, i can get the serum for as low as $17.50. I really feel bad, these people shouldn't be doing this to us. They shouldn't be selling this product here in the U.S. I came back to return it but they said 'no return accepted'. I asked the help of the mall management office, and I was surprised they were aware of the problem. They knew how this company conduct their business in the mall. The management office told me that they'll try to talk to the company and give them a call back in a few days. I hope and pray that the management office can really help me out. They need to do something about this and don't allow companies like this to do business in their premises. I am calling all the victims of this scam... please also inform the management office of your experience, maybe they can help us.

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  • Jo
      2nd of Mar, 2010

    I was also scammed in a mall in California. They got me for over $300.00. I can't believe that I was so gullible. The men who approached me were very flirtatious and made sexual innuendos. One of the men in particular, was very pushy. I should have just walked away. I learned a very expensive lesson. I have used the products, but found them to be no better than less expensive products.

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  • Gm
      25th of Mar, 2010

    I have bought several things from a kiosk booth in the mall. I have been using their products for the past 4 years. I LOVE IT. The nail set, they gave me a two year warrenty on and when i got a few scratches on the glossy side, i brought i back to the girl and she gladly gave me 2 new changing pads for the entire block. I bought the magnetic face mask from them and facial wash. I looked on the site and the face was was $20 more online then it was what i bought from her. I wouldnt change it, i love it.

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  • Sc
      19th of Apr, 2010

    I agree. The girls are pushy. They will do anything to close a sale. You might think they like you but its all ###. They have wealthy handlers that are doctors and what not sympathetic to Israel. You should avoid anyone that has anything to do with this bottom feeding ###. The girls rubbed my hands on their tits and fought over me but it was all ###. I just bought a few things $40 to be nice to them because i felt sorry for them. After a few times of I love you blah blah, I cussed the one girl out and told her to go home to Israel and take her friend with her. The mall carts are called Dead Sea Secrets or De Ja Vu but its all the same ### scam. If you talk to one of these people and you hear a little voice say walk away do yourself a favor and do it.

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  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2010

    Find the management staff of the MALL and write a letter of complain to them. These kiosks do not seem to have a manager or someone in charge that can ameliorate customer issues. Quite unlike the shops, they seem to be held to a lower standard. If anyone in the shops did that, the sales person would lose their job and the mall management would make the corporate owners of that shop aware of the infraction. So why does it not seem to happen to the kiosk owners?

    I had a very unpleasant experience because I would not stop for a sales pitch and got called a name.

    Write to the mall management and complain to them. Keep complaining until something is done. Boycott those malls that do not keep these people in line and hold them to the same standards that most businesses in this country are held to. Write to your favorite stores in the malls, and their corporate leaders and TELL THEM that they will get none of YOUR Money, until they press mall management to hold these people to the same standards that the other shops hold their employees to. There are laws about returning goods that do not match the claims, and any AMERICAN business that doesn't follow them soon finds themselves out of business.

    In the mean time, have some fun with them... if you get the gist. And do not buy the products.

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  • 85
      5th of May, 2010

    My wife was hit for $200 at a mall in Lexington, KY. The salesman was polite, not pushy. She had been given some of the products before as a gift, and was impressed with the results, so she was already on the hook once she saw the kiosk. She knew the products she wanted... and was only suckered in for one additional item. She DID negotiate the price down from his starting point of $450... so she "thought" she was getting a deal on the products she wanted...

    Like I said, she bought $200 worth of products, and when she got home she had the gut-feeling that she was taken, even at the price she negotiated. We looked up the cost for the same items on and found she could have gotten the same products online for about $135 + $12-17 shipping, depending on shipping method and seller.

    I'll be talking with the kiosk workers tomorrow regarding their prices, but we really don't have room to complain about the kiosk worker to mall management because he was polite, not rude or pushy. Furthermore, their prices were discounted at the point of sale to be within reason of online retailers (also less than the company website). Yes, the kiosk was higher priced, but have you checked to see what you can get from compared to their brick-and-mortar stores? The online price is almost always cheaper... Just food for thought...

    The "discounts" at the kiosk make you feel like you are getting a "deal", but just like dealing with a used-car salesman... if they can make a profit dropping the price 75%, they can also make a profit if they drop the price 90%... Yes, she is out about $50 more than she would have spent if she had bought the products online, but she learned an important lesson... It takes only moments in today's world of Internet enabled devices to price compare "on-the-spot" BEFORE you buy! I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten BETTER prices or "sweetened deals" in high-end (and discount) retail stores by simply turning around my phone and showing them their competitor's price (or their own online price) on the same item...

    Bottom line, the Dead Sea products do seem to work as advertised/described... but my wife has learned to check prices on the Internet (I reminded her that her phone has Internet access!) before making impulse buys at the mall. With today's technology and Internet enabled cell phones, there is no reason to price compare online sources such as the company's website,, or competitor retailers BEFORE making your purchases.

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  • Ca
      20th of Jun, 2010

    I was approached at the mall in DC. "Izik" asked what skin care products that I used When I told him that I use "Arbonne" he told me that he used to work in their laboratory which I thought was bull. He claims that his product is better. When I told him that I'm not paying $149 for his product, he offered to sell me one of the "damaged boxes" for $79. Something didn't look right. After reading these posts, I'm glad I walked away. If you're looking for skin care products, check out Arbonne. They work great and are much more affordable.

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  • Ni
      22nd of Jun, 2010

    The same thing happeded me in a stall in the melenium mall in orlando. Paid over $100 for nAvani body cream and premier salts. the salts were not as good as I thought but the body cream was great. I do love dead sea products and swear by them expecially the Avani range.

    I wouldn't buy then from the mall again though far too expensive and the avani website is very expensive instead I have found an Irish based company M&N Promotions that sells these products alot cheaper. Iv never had to return anything but I did ask them before buying and they always accept returns its actual law in Ireland that they have to accept returns in cirtain circumstances.

    So im happy have been buying these products for 6 years now without a problem. Would reccomend buying these products online for cheaper than buying at the mall!

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  • Ni
      23rd of Jun, 2010

    The same thing happened me!Spent 180$ on these cosmetics in the melenium mall in orlando. I have to say though I did find the products great. thought i had got a great deal until i searched the products up online found a website that offer the products I bought for $180 for only €19.99 with €5 postage.

    I then went to return the unopened products to realise that they did not accept the returns. I am extremly annoyed and feel cheated. Would never buy from the mall again.

    I do love the products though and have continued to order from the Irish website M&N Promotions and GUESS WHAT?
    They do accept returns.

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  • Pr
      24th of Jun, 2010

    I too was approached by a sales associate at the mall... he kept pushing things at me I have tried a few of the products before (the sea salt scrub) and I LOVE it! I have ordered from the website countless times!!! So I told him I just wanted a couple items... then he kept showing me all kinds of different things. I would say no he would say dont worry about the price its going to me my gift for you! At the kiosk they did not have a credit card machine so he had to run my card inside of a nearby store. I waited at the kiosk for him - I was in a big hurry, I was birthday shopping for my 4 year old at the time and he had already kept me there for about 15 minutes. So once he brought me the little slip to sign I was in such a hurry I signed and moved on. Once I got home I looked at the receipt, I had only planned on buying 2 of the salt scrubs but remember Mr. "My gift for you!" kept on adding stuff to my order... $300 he took from my debit card!!! I was shocked! The rest of the products he "gifted" me did not live up to his hype of them all! I got a facial cleanser - did not like it! A facial toner - hated it! A massage oil... which he did not even show me at first never used it! All kinds of other lotions and potions... some were okay but not this fabulous miracle stuff he claimed it to be.

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  • De
      24th of Jun, 2010

    I just got ripped off today...they love you when showing you stuff then wham...they told me the kit was 895.00. I said it out loud, what? are you kidding me? her voice dropped and then she said well which did you like the best, and really raised her voice at first. I did get four products for only 240.00. Yeah right, went online and it should have cost no more than 158.00 TOPS!!! I am so mad at myself because they do have nice products, but I should have known to haggle with price. I think they should be shut down, employee discount, my commission, this is for free etc... I think they need to have mall spies go there separately and report their experience. They should NOT allow them to swindle people in a public mall. If they owned their own store fine, but not at a kiosk. Close them down if prices are not visible at the kiosk. Don't let others get ripped off like me!!

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  • Py
      24th of Jun, 2010

    I was up at the Nashua Mall going to pay my phone bill and was accosted by a middle-eastern man. I upfront said no thank you. I had no money to buy the product he was selling. I tried to leave but he blocked my path. He pulled my hand over to his cart and started buffing my nail. He was handsome and his foreign accent was sexy. The salesman started telling me I was beautiful and acted excited about his 10 second magic trick. POOF! The nail was glossy like clear nail polish. I repeated numerous times I could not afford to buy the product and that I needed to go. The guy would not stop. He continued, rubbed lotion on my hands, and insisted I smell it. The dead sea products are very high quality. They do work and the free refills are worth their weight. It was luxury item I really could not afford to buy anymore. The salesman would not stop. I'm not a rude person and a making a public scene is not my style. I hadn't treated myself in awhile. I decided to barter with him. So I asked how much of a discount he could give me. I got really good deal for $30, the price of a regular manicure/pedi.

    I understand that the economy is in bad shape and the rent has got to be paid. I cut back on many things. The levels this salesman went to was extreme. He wouldn't let me go on my way. This kind of sales behavior will cause DSC many problems.

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  • Lo
      3rd of Jul, 2010

    I was in Israel at the "Jesus Boat" tourist shop when approached about the Premiere eye serum. Not even realizing I have bags under my eyes I bought it because I have purchased other Dead Sea products and have never been disappointed. The clerk said the $55 or maybe $65 bottle would last six months. I used it twice daily and it last three, , and worth every penny. My bags I had grown so used to I didn't realize were there, now are gone! And after I purchased it, the other clerk suggested I use it under my chin, , and now I have my neck back! It's truly amazing stuff.

    But I have to say that I am a firm believe in Olay products, and wonder if I should try their Regenerist eye serum for one-third the price, before I buy any more of the Premiere stuff.

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