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Premier Dead Sea Mall / Agressive, dishonest and a scam.

1 Lexington, GA, United States

I was approached twice by these sales consultants, once on each end of the Fayette Mall. They were very invasive, asking personal questions and insinuating that I was unclean. When I tried to refuse one of the demos, the sales woman said "Why not? DO YOU NOT EXFOLIATE AT HOME?! Ugh." and then tried to proceed to guilt me into letting her demo a third product on me. I kept explaining to her that I was not a person to make impulse buys, and that if I was interested in the product that I would look it up online, or return after I'd done some research. She became very pushy and kept trying to negotiate. The price went from $170.00 to $200.00 to $140.00 and then finally to $50.00. When I rejected her final offer she became extremely rude and threw her "business card" at me and did not respond at all when I told her to have a good day. The other sales consultant, a man, made inappropriate comments and repeatedly made remarks about how dirty I seemed to be since his product was removing so much dead skin cells. I had showered about three hours before coming to the mall. When I told him I wasn't interested, he huffed and said "OHHH OKAYYY" and threw his hands up in the air.
The woman sales consultant kept asking me exactly what products I used, how often I used them, how I used them, how much I paid for them, and then made comments about them degrading them. I mainly mentioned many products from LUSH, and she kept mentioning how they were subject to United States laws and how they aren't allowed the freedom like Israeli companies. She also lied and said that natural beauty companies could not put SPF in their products since they couldn't be tested on animals. This is not true... there are plenty of natural SPF options out there.
I feel like these little stalls in the mall need to be dealt with. I understand that I could have simply just walked away, and that I could have firmly said no. But, they prey on the people who find it uncomfortable to do this. Many of the people they pulled into their areas were the elderly and those at the mall on their own. They are smooth and swift talkers and will counter anything you question of them. I don't mind a demo of a product, or very interactive customer service. But, I do mind when people get rude with me when I refuse a product, a very expensive product, that I do not want or need at that moment. And, to beat it all, you can get all of their products on Amazon for about half of their lowest price. They say it's worth $200.00, when you can get it online from between $25-40. These sales stands make me not want to go to this mall on my own, or to wear headphones when I'm there. I just want to browse and go to the stores I'd like without being harassed. I'm fine with many of the other stands that illicit attention because they will at least be civil.

Jul 28, 2015

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