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I am a military spouse as well as a teacher in Killeen. My husband has been either deployed or stationed at another post for about seven years. He just returned this past Saturday. We are already separated due to his actions and the actions of the clerks at one of your stores. I realize these places are privately owned. However, you need to know that their practices reflect on you. My husband went to the kiosk for Dead Sea Products in the Killeen mall and spent over 2 hours and 1500$. He had 3 receipts like he tried to check out and the girls enticed him to come back and buy more and then more. He bought 270.63, 269.54 and 866.00. My husband is not doing well mentally and his reunion with his family has been a difficult one. I explained to the merchant in the Killeen Mall that he was not with all his faculties and this fiasco devastated our family. We have less than 100$ left in our account, he spent the whole paycheck. I explained that to the vender as well. I told her that he wasn't right since he has returned. I also told her that he admitted being mesmerized by these ladies. I feel this is a gross injustice done to a family that has clearly given enough already. I feel that the military families here at Fort Hood need to be made aware of the unethical manner in which this vendor does business. I need to know if there is anyone who can help my family.

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  • Da
      Oct 01, 2010

    Most of these Dead Sea Premiers claim they will accept returns of items you are not satisfied with. So just go back in and say you want a return. These people are like vultures preying on individuals just walking by their kiosks in malls, they will jump on whoever even glances their way. Probably the sales people are paid less than minimum wage and are trying to make up for in with commission-based sales.

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  • 76
      Oct 05, 2010

    Dawniette-your either single, divorced (rightly so)or know nothing about PTSD. Either way once they tried to return the merchandise and they were not able to it's based on the discretion of the kiosk owner. Who the hell need $1000 of Dead Sea products? They took advantage of him and they are trained to do so.Complain to the legal department on base and ACS has a complaint form. There has been many people taken advantage of by this company.Also, report it to the mall and tell anyone you can. I will also spread the word. Put it on your facebook page. Use all these medias to your advantage. Go on craigslist and tell what you say happened, justlike you did on here. The word will spread and then let them know you will continue every week to "campaign" against them and that will cost them more than the money they should return to you. The could atleast return the $800 purchase-I mean really. You may have to get an AER loan to take care of you and your family this month and maybe he needs to see the chaplain. God Bless.

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  • Ha
      Mar 24, 2011

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  • Ha
      Mar 24, 2011

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  • Jh
      Mar 24, 2011

    this lady is blaming a cosmetic company for that her man don't want her anymore
    go get looked at

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  • Jh
      Mar 24, 2011

    get a life stop blaming others for your bad marriage
    i use this products for years and love it

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  • So
      Apr 01, 2011

    1st...He's finally home for the 1st time in 7 years and you spend the 1st week scolding a man that you admit has problems already...
    2nd...according to your complaint..."My husband WENT TO the kiosk for Dead Sea Products..."
    3rd...What military posting keeps a family separated for 7 continual years, sounds like some personal choice there and again, with knowledge that he had problems...probably could have used his "contracted" support system, wife.
    4th...No, your FAMILY has not done enough already, your MILITARY HUSBAND did. Although, I remind you, he did this all voluntarily, there is no draft. He requested employment by the Army and I hope you understood what the uniform stood for before attempting to be a military spouse during war time.
    5th...How compassionate to provide enough information to identify your husband...I'm so sure that will help in raising him from the depths of these mental issues you've expounded upon.
    6th...Your problems sound deep and personal but not the fault of an aggressive sales team hoping to score your dollar, that's one of those WONDERFUL American freedoms your husband fights to secure.
    7th...If your poor hubby can't make you happy...feel free to send him my way..long term employment, dedication to duty, follows orders (can't see the need to BOSS a good man, though) and attempts to buy his mate something she really wants. Ok, so he over compensated, or did he see the need?

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