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Precision Auto Body / Awful company

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They took 22 months on a 3 month estimate, lost parts I brought into them, never ordered parts I paid them for, put deep scratches in the window glass, misaligned things, misplaced wiring harnesses, cut into new wiring harnesses, caused shorts in the electrical, etc. The caused damage to the point where the car wasn't drivable or safe or legal to drive, all things that worked fine when I brought it into them.

The turn signals no longer work, the windshield wipers no longer work, the keys to my doors no longer work! They lost my stereo/speakers, the reverse lights don't work, the license plate light doesn't work, one of the headlight doors doesn't open, they didn't hook up the power brake's vacuum hose (my brakes failed on the way home), the headlights were misaligned, the lighter no longer works and has a short.

The instrument panel on the dash doesn't light up, the console gauges weren't hooked up (they lost the extension wiring harness). I paid for a new grill and headlight door covers and chrome surrounds and that wasn't ever put on the car and they are damaged. Trim parts are coming off, the windshield wiper tank is gone and the line was hanging down below the engine. They replaced new battery cables with one's that were in the way of engine parts that move, the door is not hung properly, there is a short for the under dash lights, the heater/defrost plate is cracked, the lever assembly is broken, and the heater fan is missing. Parts for the front spoiler I brought into them were never put on.

Overspray is on the hardware, the side mirror on the driver side is hanging off, the brake lights are sporadic, the ignition switch is broken, the clutch rod boot is missing, and above all, the new 'show car' paint job is scratched with deep scratches down to the base coat even to the metal. There are runs in the paint, nicks, dings, scratches and scuffs all over the car, including bubbles. There are dents on the car and they even painted over rust (comes off with the flick of a finger). I paid over $14K for a complete restore, and all of the mechanical and electrical issues didn't exist when I took the car in to them, which they lost or damaged!

I have to pay my mechanic $1, 900+ to fix all of these problems that Precision Auto Body caused, not including the new glass I need, as well as having to now take it to another body shop to RE-DO the body work, re-paint and re-clear the car (and I paid Precision an extra $2, 500 to put on the max clear originally, too!) and that's probably going to cost another $6K+ or so. This is a complete disaster and calling these guys they almost NEVER answer their shop phone, their old number is disconnected. I call their cell phone that they don't answer and leave voice mails and they never call back (I had someone call them about body work and leave his number and they called HIM back!)

I've sent Certified Mail letters verifying proof of delivery and UPS proof of delivery letters that were signed by them, informed them of all of these problems (over email, phone and Certified Mail/UPS) and they do not call me back! Months ago they suddenly moved shops to their new location after they were evicted from their old location! Until March 1st, 2009, their license to practice was in a delinquent state for over a year! They refuse to even contact me to resolve these issues and after filing reports with the Northern California BBB and California Bureau of Automotive Repair, they have not responded to those agencies either. See for pictures of this mess!

When I pay my mechanic and get proof and quotes for body work, I'm going to have to take this to litigation! I waited nearly TWO YEARS for them to get to this point! Sadly, I now have to pay a bunch of money to fix the mechanical and electrical issues they caused and then do almost a complete restore! This disgusts me and they just ignore the whole issue and continue to operate like this like it's normal! You simply can't have a worse experience with a body shop. Stay away from these people!


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  • Ti
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    I don't know how MY review was posted here under another name, but here's the update:

    After almost two months without a response, I was contacted and they agreed to re-do the entire paint job and seemed to be aware that it was necessary. I agreed to take a loss on the parts lost and other damage if they were willing to resolve the issues with the body and paint work, taking it back down to the metal, fixing a few body work issues that remain. re-painting and re-clearing the car with a quality job. I will give them a chance to remedy the problem and will dismiss the small claims court case without prejudice at this time. I'm looking forward to a positive outcome and not have to re-file a case. Work is to begin by April 26th, 2009 and complete by May 27th, 2009 (30 days). A detailed work order/estimate to that effect was printed and signed today.

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