PNY Technologies32 gig usb memory stick

Caveat Emptor
The worse possible investment you can make is buying from this company.

To anyone thinking of expanding their computer systems, using PNY products, I highly recommend DO NOT.

In April 2016, I purchased for a PNY 32G USB Stick to use as an External Network Memory. In all fairness, it worked well until it reached 1/2 full

Upon reaching 50% full, a write lock error prevented erasure of what was already there, and adding any more.

PNY Has a fix for this on their support site for their 16 Gig Version of this product, however for the 32 Gig, there is nothing. Pardon being cynical, but how is it a known issue, is not addressed on later members of the product family?

They will replace it if less then a year old, which it was, but needs a receipt. I suppose this makes sense to the corporate world, but I cannot be the only person with this problem, and no receipt.

I followed with a voice call, and connected with Don. He insisted the USB Stick had to be returned.

REMINDING, the drive cannot be erased, but can be read, or at least a few folders can, AND contains personal information, they did not seem to get my concern, nor understand when I told them sending it back with personal info on it is not happening. (Hello, McFly...)

I asked him the following question.

"Imagine your mom has private info on a PNY USB Drive that cannot be deleted. You know you cannot format, nor erase, yet in order to get it replaced, it had to be returned, What Would You Advise her to do"?

Pretend moment on hold to talk to managers, and back with I could drill a hole in it and send it back.

(Drill a hole in my hand maybe... This thing is quite small and could easily slip while drilling. Technical Support advising DRILLING HOLES in devices )

I said send a prepaid return label with the replacement, it is under warranty and PNY acknowledges THERE IS NO FIX...

I can see some customer with a drill hurting themselves badly because they have less sense then PNY Support Recommendations.

My recommendation is Stay Far Away From PNY...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bound Brook, NJ Maybe this is a fluke problem, but again it is the second generation where the first had a fix.

Their Customer Service is appalling and their solutions could potentially endanger your safety, by you accidentally running a drill bit through your hand... STAY AWAY from PNY. There are other sources.

This is the thread from my email.

There is no fix for this drive we can replace it has long that less than a year old and you have copy of receipt.

Name -

Email Address -

Phone # -

Device Model and Capacity -

Shipping Address that UPS can deliver -

Date Purchased -

Location Purchased -


Technical support


From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:12 AM
To: Technical Support
Subject: Tech Support Inquiry

Name (First/Last)
John Miller



Product Type
USB Flash Drives

PNY Product
PNY 32 Gig

Device Manufacturer/Model Number
PNY 32 Gig

System Board
Optiplex 380

Pentium E5800

Amount of Memory

Operating System
Windows 7

Describe Problem

Write Protect Error that I cannot Clear.

FAQ your SIte Supports the fix for 16Gig devices, Write Protected.. Will not allow format, nor access for delete.

What is the procedure to clear Write Protect on this device?
(End of Email)

What I wanted was a replacement. I can see clearly now that it is not worth doing business with this company. The risk of product failure or injury is too high

Sep 28, 2016

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