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While on vacation in Puerto Vallarta we were invited to a timeshare presentation. The gentleman who invited us told us we would only be there for 90 min. After five (5) hours of conversation we decided to purchase a timeshare, the sales person basically push you to purchase there membership. Our sales representative Jose Varga told us we could rent these weeks, make lots of money and we were told how easy it was! Lies! Lies! Lies!
I bought the timeshare on 4/4/08. After looking at the contract we discover that all the Playa Del Sol told us was lies. On 4/8/08 we decided to cancel the membership. I call the PDS office on that date and there was no answer. The next morning I call the Santa Rosa office and was told to send the original documents to there office. I certified mail, fax and email my cancellation letter to Nuevo Vallarta and Santa Rosa, CA office. I did this within the five business day. I thought I would received my refund, not happening. I got an email from Jennifer Almaraz the Loan Officer saying, we must have a letter in writing before the recessionary period expires and that they did not receive anything from us, not even a call to make us a ware the documents were on the way. Therefore full transaction has been finalized. Unfortunately cancellation is no longer an option. At this point I have sent a complaint to PROFECO, The credit card company to dispute the charges and posted my story on websites to warn about PDS Scam.

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  • Jo
      Apr 25, 2008

    How old are you? What was wrong with your legs and mouth during the "presentation"?

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  • Ly
      Sep 19, 2019

    @joe You sir are a shill for the scammers, if not one yourself.

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  • Ma
      Jul 01, 2008

    We also were scammed by Playa Del Sol. We told them we not interested in using the one in P.V. We like to travel and were told you could exchange it ANYWHERE. He pulled out a book and showed all the places to exchange.
    When we tried to see if these places were available NONE were.
    The breakaway weeks were a big selling point, saying you could sell them. Lies alright!
    We have not paid the credit card and would like to file a lawsuit.
    Anyone else interested?

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  • Co
      Jul 06, 2008

    We have also felt frustrated with the Playa Del Sol group. We thought we were buying a fractional ownership and could trade it or rent it or use it. Lie, lies and more lies.

    Yes we are interested in starting some action against this organization. They have made us miserable and I would like them to feel a little misery. Have you made any contact with Profeco. This may be an avenue to have our complaint heard and I think that the more in number will make a greater impression.


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  • Te
      Sep 01, 2008

    I agree with the with the person who tried to cancel. We had the same experience however we were told we had to waive the right to cancel. We disputed the credit card charges wrote to profeco and refused to pay. Jennifer contacted us and gave us the same story however we had a paper trail and did get the contract canceled after a lengthly battle. The credit card companies upheld the dispute and reversed the charges so they really had no other option than to honor our request to cancel.

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  • Ai
      Sep 15, 2008

    I would join you in a pursuit. We were told the same thing concerning cancelling. They also have not returned our calls or emails since our return home. What was the out come of disputing the charges with the credit card company. They are further expecting additional monies on Oct 15th. I don't wish to pay.

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  • Da
      Dec 13, 2008

    Buyer Beware. Playa Del Sol Group sales people are good - very, very good. My wife and I were conned into purchasing a "fractional Ownership" at Playa Del Sol Grand. I'm sure we all remember the elementary school formula (100% of nothing is still nothing) - that's exactly what you get from Playa Del Sol. We were fortunate enough to use our 1 bedroom every other year with a bonus week in November 2006. We had an absolutely wonderful time. In January 2007 we tried to book our unit for November 2008 - big mistake on our part - there was no vacancy for November 2008 - you must book 1 year in advance in order to have a slim chance of reserving your unit. WHY? Because Playa Del Sol also books these suites as all inclusive hotel rooms. Thay make a lot of money doing this; a friend of mine paid $4000.00 for an all inclusive week there for himself and his wife, far more than giving you a week for the cost of your maintenance fee - $300-$400 US. Economics rule, and Playa Del Sol Group will lie to you to make the extra buck. Bye the way we know 2 other couples from Canada who were at the resort at that time - IT WAS NOT FULL! One of these couples bought at the Playa Del Sol Grand and was not told of the 5 day cancellation period - needless to say they want out.
    As I stated at the opening of this, the Playa Del Sol Group is very good, also slick, well trained, and extremely slimy. I suspect they have a well oiled team of legal representatives as well, because without them they would no longer be in buisness. As for myself I have been caught up in the global economic catastophe, and will not be paying another cent to the Playa Del Sol Group. I fully expect and welcome correspondance from these legal wizards, as I have all my documents and evidence. Once again Buyer Beware - These guys are good -(Scammers)

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  • Mh
      Jan 04, 2009

    I also purchased a timeshare at Play Del Sol Grand on 12/10/08 while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. I was told I would get $5, 000 in 90 days by putting up two grand weeks for rental. The salesman also said not to mention this when I went through the verification process. What a fool I was! When I went back the next day to cancel I was told I would lose a $3, 900 deposit. The whole thing had been put on my credit card, so what were they talking about? I was told I could put more grand weeks up for rental and I would get $9, 500 back in 90 days. I fell for it and am now stuck. I did go back within 5 days to cancel. So I told my credit card to hold the amount as a disputed charge and I want to fight this. I can't afford $12, 400 for a timeshare I bought only to be able to trade. I always stay in the romantic zone of P V and have no desire to stay at the Grand in Neuvo Vallarta! Any help anyone can give me be would be most appreciated. I have been in touch with Janice Mercer at Play Del Sol and intend to file a complaint with the attorneys general in Ma where I live, and CA where Playa Del Sol has an office.

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  • Mh
      Jan 15, 2009

    Well I do have some good news. I emailed back and forth with the verification person, stating the fraud perpetrated by their salespeople I threatened to pursue whatever legal venues I could and to place comments in every website I could find. Well, she brought my request to the board, and my purchase was cancelled. I was so grateful I sent her flowers!!!
    My only suggestion is to read every document you sign carefully and if you decide to cancel, just bring a letter back within 5 days and make them cancel. Do not believe any lie the salesman gives you about loosing a deposit. It is illegal in Mexico to keep any of the money if you cancel within 5 days. Remember to only buy a timeshare if you love the facility and plan to vacation there. From what I've heard, changing for other resorts is a nightmare. I will NEVER go to a timeshare presentation again, no matter what the reward. I have been to a dozen of them, and it's not worth the hassle.

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  • Ba
      Sep 07, 2009

    Just got back from a 8 day vacation in PV. I had a wonderful time- if I forget about the 3 hour timeshare presentation I attended at Playa Del Sol in Nuevo Vallarta. What a HORRIBLE experience. After learning the details and how much a fractional ownership would cost, we decided that it would not fit into our budget and said NO.

    I guess NO to these people just isn't good enough. Not only did they bring two other people to try to close us, we were led upstairs to "receive our gifts". Upstairs was the worst part of it all. They had the nerve to have a ANOTHER type of time share group sell us some other BS that had absolutely nothing to do with Playa Del Sol. After quickly saying no that we were not interested, some jerk claiming to be the manager came over trying to sell us even harder. What a joke he was-Blake or Rick or ###..whatever his name was, he had no respect for women at all. After my girlfriend started crying because of how rude and disrespectful he was being, his response was "I don't care, she's not my girlfriend". DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. They will suck your money out of you and toss you to the side when they get it out.

    I would like to know who this company is that works upstairs, so I can file a REAL complaint.

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  • Ma
      Sep 09, 2009

    we would also like to add ourselves to the "victim list" of these scam merchants! we bought a 2 bedroom in 2003 hearing the same rubbish about how much money we'd make renting it so it would pay for itself in no time! the sales guy, Chris Bailey, even had the woman representing "Global Resort Services" regarding golf tours on the phone for us, and yet as soon as we signed the papers we were never able to reach that woman again!! we also lost $500 to some scam guy in the U.S. (i will find his name) who "sympatised" and agreed with us re the whole scam going on here, assured us he would rent out timeshare with no problem, and we never heard from him either, and could never get a hold of him when calling!!.. went back down there 2 yrs after and deliberately went to a breakfast sales pitch so we could talk to the sales manager about this situation. this big lanky creepy english man who was apparently the boss told us basically we were SOL...and i don't mean the sun!!

    what's really disgusting to me is that most of these people are americans selling this crap and scamming fellow americans!! and the owner George Trigg apparently lives ok in napa california!! regret every moment of that day we allowed ourselves to be talked into this, i was very angry for a long time because i really didn't want to do it and my husband talked me into it believing that we'd actually make some money. every time i think about it i feel sick, especially in these hard times. so please, do not under any circumstances buy into this timeshare, and we would be interested in any legal steps anyone is willing to take against this company. hope this saves you some money and heartache. margaret desantis, california - email: [protected]

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  • Se
      Nov 03, 2009

    This seems to be their MO. I too was tricked into buying a week at their resort. I bought based on the promise that I could sell my bonus weeks for $1, 000, they gave me 10. So I thought, hey I get a free timeshare out of it. Nope, never happened. Soon after I got back, the number of my sales person and the travel agent were disconnected. DO NOT BUY WHATSOEVER!!! Take the tour, take the gifts and be on your way. Also, if they say 90 minutes, at the 90th minute tell them their time is up and you want your promised gifts. Since I was scammed, luckily it was only for $8, 000 (unfortunately some people were scammed out of more) I go to timeshare presentations to recoup my losses and waste the salesperson's time (so that some other poor sap doesn't get fooled). The worst part is that our salesman was a sleazy guy, but my greed took over and the promise of $10, 000 made me sign up! Don't be fooled, don't buy any timeshare, particularly at PLAY DEL SOL!!!

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  • Pr
      Nov 27, 2009

    It's amazing that PDS sales techniques haven't changed since 2005. We were lured into buying by the idea of paying for our condo by renting our Breakaway Weeks. We were told by Steve Hemline that a certain Larry Peters of Resorts International Marketing, Vacation in Pompano Beach, Florida, would handle that. I since learned that the Pompano Beach outfit were a notorious scam but nobody had ever been able to shut them down. The PDS people in Santa Rosa assured me that Steve Hemline was a rogue element acting on his own and that PDS had no part in his nefarious dealings. After reading the other comments it looks as if using bonus or breakaway weeks as bait and occasionally referring suckers to to a shady agent is standard procedure and thus PDS's responsibility. It would be interesting to know about some of these other intermediaries and what is their connection to PDS management.

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  • Mi
      Jan 19, 2010

    This happen to us in 05 and to this date we still have not been able to get in for a week. We were also told we could rent and spent money trying this which also did not work. If a class action suit is done please contact us. My number is [protected]. Thanks Mac and Lisa

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  • Ka
      Feb 15, 2010

    We bought in 2004 I think and the same things happened to us . . . We were tricked and decieved, especially with the no cancellation clause and the rent your break away scam. The only way we were able to use the timeshare was through trading it with interval international. Luckily, we have probably made our money back by staying in some really nice Marriott's but I want out and do not want to get supporting an unethical company. Please contact us as well [protected].

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  • Sh
      Mar 25, 2010

    We to were scammed, tryed to get into Playa Del Sol in Cabo where we bought 2 bedroom lock off.The first year we couldn't get in so we went to Puerto Vallarta.The next year we booked are 2 bedroom and was put in the old building, it was dirty, next to the road, and nothing like what we bought.We ### and they finelly move us to the new unit.The other complaint we have is the maintenance fee has double.Please don't fall for their BS!!! SHARON GILL PLEASE CONTACT US TOO!!! [protected]

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  • Bd
      Jun 12, 2010

    We reside in California, have been going to Costa Sur in Puerto Vallarta for some time and were also enticed to purchase the PDS timeshare on the representation that Grand Weeks were sought by others to be bought. We were given extra Grand Weeks as well and told we would be contacted shortly upon our return home. That was in March of this year and still no contact or response from the sales reps who gave us their email addresses if we had any problems. We would join any legal action that has ensued or is in progress. We may be contacted at our email address: [protected]

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  • Tr
      Jun 14, 2010

    My husband and I also purchased not only one time share but 2! We bought in Cabo and then our cruise line went to PV. I knew they had a place there so we spent all day asking them questions about the Cabo Place. We were talked into buying another 2 bedroom lockoff...and that they would send us a check for $20, 000 in a few weeks to BUY back some time so they could rent it out. No money of course...we were very dumb and I have really just forgoten about the whole thing and just make my $400 a month payments. We took out a second on our home...makes me sick...

    They have stolen over $60, 000 from us... So yes, include me in the law suit...these are very bad people..mot only that, but just now I have received a bill for $900 for EXTRAORDINARY charges because of the economy...These people have gone too far...We must stop them and get our mony back! Lorrie and Mike [protected]

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  • In
      Jun 22, 2010

    We purchased our "Fractional Ownership" in 2006. Our Sales Counselor, Mario Antonio Rivera Hernandez, gave us the same presentation regarding Breakaway Weeks. We already owned two other time shares and were very hesitant to purchase a third. They also set us up with Larry Petters. They went so far as to present us with appraisals for the other two. Once we saw the appraisals, we agreed to purchase. Selling the other two more than covered our new purchase. Plus, he "threw in" 5 breakaway weeks that we could rent out for $1, 000 each. When we got home, I called Larry Petters again and paid him a $500 marketing fee to sell my other two time shares. He also told me the breakaway weeks would rent for $1, 500 a piece...BONUS! After he got my money, I never heard from him again. Now, I have 3 timeshares and I have spent close to $45k on them.

    Our sales counselor also sold us a "One Bedroom Lock Off." This is noted throughout our paperwork. I specifically asked him to define this several times because he was selling us the two bedroom unit. I did not understand why he called it a 1 bed lockoff. He said it was a 1 bedroom unit with an attached studio lockoff. We could use them together or split them up and exchange one. The first time I tried to exchange it together, I found out that we only have a one bedroom. I called member services and the woman I spoke to told me that this type of unit doesn't exist. We were traveling with friends and we brought them back the next day and they toured the same unit with the us and the SALES MANAGER and he went on and on about having the 2 bedrooms.

    We gave them $6, 000 down and financed the rest. We were hit by this financial crisis pretty hard and we stopped making payments a year ago. We still owe them about $10k. When they tried to collect, I started fighting them. A couple of months ago, someone called me and said they could reinstate our agreement. I didn't bite. On Monday, I received a letter from a collection agency. I don't even know where to begin with them. Our credit has tanked anyway, but we aren't in such bad shape that we are contemplating bankruptcy. We are trying to get everything back on track. If I reinstate, I am pretty sure from all of the posts that we will never be able to use it anyway. I am thinking about using a "Getaway Vacation" from Interval and going down there in person when we have the cash. I don't know that it will do us any good, but my paperwork is so misleading and they literally stole from us. We feel very violated. If anyone wants to file a suit, count us in.

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  • Ga
      Jun 23, 2010

    Is there a pending lawsuit against Playa Del Sol group? If so, can anyone please forward any information. I was also thinking of starting a 'Anti Playa Del Sol' site on Facebook in hopes of generating as much publicity against this company as possible! Please advise, thank you. [protected]

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  • Li
      Jul 16, 2010

    I have had the same experience as everyone else here and would be interested in pursuing a group action.

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  • Sb
      Jul 27, 2010

    My husband and I had the same experience in August of 2005. We were on our honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta and attended the 90 minute presentation (that was more than 3 hours). We said "no" two times and then when the third saleswomen came to our table we finally broke down and agreed to a $5000 deal that inlcuded one week every other year and 20 breakaway weeks. I have tried to book several times (a year in advance) and they have NEVER had an opening available at ANY of thier locations. I have also tried to use the breakaway weeks and it seems like no one knows what I am talking about and these do not exist. Finally, we were also told that we could "rent" our weeks or breakaway weeks and re-coop our $5000 so the following year we contacted the rental company that was recommended by our salesperson. This company promised they could rent out property if we paid them a fee of $500, unfortunatley this was a scam and we never heard back from that company after they received the $500. If there is a lawsuit please let me know!!! My e-mail address is [protected]

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  • Te
      Aug 03, 2010

    I would be very interested in joining legal action against Playa Del Sol. I would love to get out of this nightmare of timeshare ownership. I am way beyond my cancellation period. I just want OUT!

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  • C0
      Aug 19, 2010

    You can add me to the list of disgruntled 'owners'! I bought about 5 years ago. I bought based on lies the sales tieshare salesman told me about renting the property and free breakaway weeks (also presumeably rentable. Shame on you Oscar). In the time I've owned it, the maintenance goes up 10% every year (contract limit), they have sold off one property (Downtown) withough letting anyone know, they have merged with Howard Johnsons on another property, they never have any availability and to add insult to injury they sent an assessment to all its owners. I have asked for financials and been refused, I am at my wits end with them! They are a total scam. I know there are many who feel the same way. If there is a class action suit being filed please let me know. I know it is worse because they are not even registered as a company in the US they are only in Mexico. I would start something myself if I knew how. Please help. My email is [protected]

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  • Zh
      Sep 05, 2010

    Good for you who actually got to cancel your "contract". I'm wondering if anyone has been successful to sue these people. My experience with them goes back to 2004 or so. That was right before I was having a brain surgery. I was under lots of stress and these people wouldn't go till got a signature and my credit card from me. They cleaned up all I had in savings. For people who think it should have been easy to just walk away from it, they should go through the experience themselves to see how persistant and convincing they can get and what lies they resort to. They also give you promises that you can easily cancel or sell it back, which were absolutely false. I had the same experience of not being able to cancel and not being able to reserve the rooms whenever I wanted to travel and when I had my friends to call for rooms as customers, they had rooms availalbe for exact rooms I had asked for. Of course, the "switching" company is another scammer. You don't ever get to rent the your "space" since they do it for themselves and these are impossible to sell. I ended up giving it up for free to an attorney to just stop paying for the raising annual maintenance fees. I still get extremely upset thinking about it and I wish I had the time and the energy to fight them back. I just gave up. I was too sick to fight it and makes even more upset. I felt like such a fool, but they are the scammers and I hope to god someone would get them for good. From what I remember they had thought it very thoroughly and had iron clad contracts drawn that made it near impossible to fight them back. I know I felt helpless and felt as I was being kicked when already down.

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  • 1d
      Sep 27, 2010

    Please add me, as well. What do we have to do to begin a class action lawsuit?????

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  • Cr
      Nov 03, 2010

    Is there anyway to resale the timeshare? We paid cash and if we stop paying the maintence fee... well I suppose they will take legal action. We just got off the phone with them disputing charges, and they miracously found the payment...Please count us in on any legal action. They need to be hung from a tall tree with a short rope... [protected]

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  • Go
      Dec 29, 2010

    Is it deja vu? Everyone here is having the same experience as I have had with Grupo Playa del Sol. Like all of you I fell for their lies and like a babe in the woods was led to the slaughter. After much study of the time share industry I have reached the conclusion that it is largely a fraudlent industry and Playa Del Sol is exhibit one: a listing of the many deceptive and fraudulent timeshare business practices reads like it is Paya Del Sol's sales play book and business plan. Anyone contemplating buying a time share, especially in Mexico, do your homework first and research time share complaints, laws, contracts and previous buyer experiences...and then don't do it. As for legal action, I don't know. I have learned in my web research that time share contracts in foreign countries for properties in foreign countries are not protecected by American state or federal law but are subject to foreign legal jurisdiction. I am not a lawyer, nor have any legal training but it seems that you would have to sue in Mexican courts, but so would they if you walked out on your contract. Supposedly they can sell your "debt" to an American collection agency and they can try to harass and intimidate you into paying but how can they get a court judgement in the US when the contract is solely subject to Mexican courts? Open question does anyone have an answer?Secondly, the Federal Trade Commission does not regard non-deeded timeshare contracts( such as sold by PDS) as a contract for real estate or "real" property but rather "personal" property; I am not sure of all of the ramifications of this distinction but I have never heard of a " foreclosure" on personal property. Perhaps they are limited to taking back the membership or right-to-use for non-payment;again, fine with me, I just want out and away from these crooks. My membership is paid in full so I am not subject to a loan obligation, solely the ongoing maintenance fee. In any case were Playa Del to attempt to enforce collection action or compel payment I would have a lawyer review my membership agreement for legalities and loopholes- a few hundred dollars to a lawyer would certainly be cheaper than Grupo Playa del Sol leeching off me in perpetuity. I for one have served them notice with a registered, return-receipted, notarized letter that I am resigning my membership in their vacation club and will no longer forward any payments of any type. That was two years ago and so far they send me periodic bills but have taken no action; hopefully they wait too long and the statute of limitations expires. I have also made the decision that I would rather pay legal fees to fight them than to allow them to milk me forever.

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  • Me
      Feb 16, 2011

    Dear Timeshare Owners,

    We invite you to get to know our services at G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a Mexican based company that specializes in cancelling contracts purchased under fraudulent premises. We offer free consultations to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

    We are empathetic to victimized consumers and we work on a contingency basis; which means no upfront fees, and if we don't achieve results, you don't pay us a cent.

    We look forward to helping you in your claim.

    Customer Service,



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  • St
      Feb 25, 2011

    My husband and I also went through this nightmare and were told we could sell our weeks with a third party company. We paid $15k for our 3 weeks per year, and got a bunch of bonus weeks. We have yet to use it and have not received a dime nor notice of the timeshare being rented out to anyone.

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  • Jo
      Mar 14, 2011

    Looks like many people have been ripped off by the Playa del Sol group. I was also a victim. The problems I have is that everytime I want to get a week at the Playa del sol Grand, something is wrong and it is not available. last year I went to Los Cabos and a week before I left Los Angeles, they told me it wasn't available. At least they gave us another hotel when I screamed. Also, there seems to be no limit to how much they canr raise the maintenance fees. I started with $349.00 and five years later they over $ 700.00.
    What does it take to initiate a class action lawsuit? if nobody does it soon, I may light up the fire. Please send me any information to: [protected]

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  • M1
      Mar 24, 2011

    Thus far we have not had issues using our weeks there, but upon careful inspection of our paperwork I see nothing regarding transfer of memvership (which I thought was fractional ownership but see written nowhere). Anyone know if it is possible to sell off your PDS membership?

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  • Jo
      Mar 24, 2011

    Good luck! I think that is extremely difficult if at all possible. Let me know if you are successful.

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  • Ch
      May 12, 2011

    Does anyone know anything about a company called Holiday Property Management? They claim that they have a buyer that wants to buy 60 properties of PDS for a price of 27, 900. This mystery buyer puts a bunch of money into a company called Reliance Escrw. In our case over 30 grand. They Email a contract that looks legit, but then the red flag comes up. They want 10% of the money for transer fees, they claim it's because they are dealing with Mexico and by doing so would speed up the process. Having been burned before with this property I don't think throwing another 3 grand into it is wise. If it is too good to be true it probabply is.

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  • Jo
      May 15, 2011

    In that case, why don't they deduct it from the purchase price. To me, it totally sounds like another scam!

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  • Jc
      May 26, 2011

    I have also been contacted by Holiday Property Management who wanted to purchase my timeshare at Play del Sol for $26, 900. When my fianance company told me I could not get the funds for the tranfer fee 10% . Holiday Property Management Jack Miller said that they could work out a deal for me to only come up with 51% of the transfer fee and they would come up with the reminaing 49%. Reliance Escrow is also involed Neill Saumders. Has anyone out there been scammed by these guys. [protected]

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  • So
      May 28, 2011

    I was taken by Holiday Property Management and RElience Escrow Company. Of course only after beign taken by Palya del sol first. I am in start the facebook page and stop these people signed still crying [protected]

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  • Ca
      Jun 27, 2011

    Playa Del Sol sold me a timeshare, promising me that they would rent it out as this was to be a business opportunity. They never once rented it. I tried to get out of the deal a few years ago. They tried to ruin my credit history. I negotiated with them through the Profeco, but they arrogantly did not pay the Profeco or me. Now I am in Mexican courts trying to get this issue resolved. Someone needs to go after these dishonest people! They leave everyone with a bad taste for Mexico. Captain George.

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  • Jo
      Jun 28, 2011

    They operate out of Nevada. I believe we need to purse a class action lawsuit on this side of the border. You seem to be doing a lot with the situation. May be able to get better results in the U.S.

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  • Be
      Jun 29, 2011

    I read the membership purchase agreement and in section 13 and 20 it talks about Default and Liquidated Damages. I read it and it sounds like as long as you do not have a loan on the property, that if you stop paying the maintaince fees that the club will take it back. I don't know if anyboby else read this. If so, what are your thoughts about it.

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  • Js
      Jul 07, 2011

    It's so sad to see that the same slimy tactics are continued at Playa Del Sol. In 2008 We too were duped into buying at their resort when they promised their "broker" would rent out 6 of our bonus weeks at $1500 each to cover the cost of most of the timeshare. We even Paid the fake broker $500 for which we received nothing and when we contacted him he yelled at us that he had "done his job" by having a websight that has Playa's name on it... but out unit specifically was never marketed or rented. Out salesguy (Grant) also assured us that we were purchasing directly from PDS and that the mortgage would be through Mexico, but when he handed us an application if was for a US credit card. We filled it out unknowingly and imagine our surprise 2 weeks later when we got a credit card in the mail with a $16, 000 balance on it. We tried to dispute the charges with Bank of America, but they said that since we signed the paperwork - we owe them that money. We tried to dispute it with PDS - yeah right good luck there. It is sickening that they do this over and over - and like us, i'm guessing most people who buy never want to step foot there ever again, and so PDS sells the same weeks over and over with the same lies. They really need to be shut down and YES we will gladly join a class action lawsuit - [protected]

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