Platt Collegebad college ripoff

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My Opinion:
Platt College
Aurora Colorado
3100 S Parker Rd
This is the worst school in all of America. Flawed, overpriced, worthless nursing school with corrupt and evil staff.
Gerald Sirbu is the owner and everything. If he does not like you, he will blackball you and get you thrown out or remediated unfairly in both the nursing and design school.
1. The school is full of reject teachers that would never make it at any real college or university.
2. They are a shady school designed to scam you out of your money.
3. Their own website states that they lack proper accreditation, and that your degree from them will not get you into certain hospitals or other universities to continue your education.
4. They are Freaking 70, 000.00 plus dollars to attend their nursing school and it takes 3 to 4 years. BSN or not. Many schools will get you done way faster and cheaper.
5. The list of complaints and lawsuits against this place is remarkable. They are required by law to tell you if they have ever been disciplined, fined, let go of students or been sued. Trust me they have been.
6. Because it is not public and one owner controls everything there is no say or impartial council.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Aurora, COOnce a teacher or clinical coordinator does not like you you can and will be thrown out or wrongfully put on probation even if you have flawless grades like I did.
7. Platt College's admission staff do not tell you everything and scam you into paying the ridiculous fee. Hell the crime and breakins to your car will cost even more.
8. Gerald Sirbu, Sheila Sirbu, Dr. Hollie Caldwell, Dr. Julie Basler are all incompetent, and either are owners or have messed up the school from the beginning.
9. They have testing at the end of the class that if you don't pass you pay for a whole course again. Think with 70, 000.00 plus they could be more helpful.
10. If you want a crappy school at least go to Concorde College down the street. You will get the same education for less and in less time with far better teachers.
11. If you want a good school go to Front Range, CU, Denver School of Nursing, CCD, Arapahoe or any of the hundreds of schools out there. Just wait on the wait lists if you must. Platt plays upon the ignorant young people, WATCH OUT!!!

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  • Su
      Apr 14, 2017

    I agree, Platt College in Aurora Colorado is one of the worst nursing schools. Took your advice and did some asking around. There are many problems and many people do not graduate. They seem to be trying to scam people with military background that have federal grants for nursing school. They seem kind of focused on this. The sign has been broken out front for some time because I drive by it, and it seems to be going bankrupt. I finished at Concorde which was way better and down the road. My friend also liked Denver School of Nursing. Thanks again for giving us the truth. I would have wasted $70, 000 to $80, 000 with Platt college, and the only reason to pay this would be to go to Regis, even then thats crazy. I wish I could talk to more students, but many are getting screwed. They only graduate on average 8 students for every 30 that start so at least people are wising up. Again, you saved me a major headache, and I cannot thank you enough.

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  • La
      Oct 16, 2019

    I need several people that would like to join me on a class action against Platt College to please email me at [protected] or [protected] or call me and leave a message or text me at [protected]. I attended Platt-Tulsa and $27, 000 is highway robbery! Please respond because this is really serious to me.

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  • Br
      Oct 21, 2019

    @LaT1 I can’t message you, it blocks the email and phone number but I would like to contact you. Can you please find me on Facebook at Brittany Nicole Lavoie @LaT1

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