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Ak Jun 09, 2014 Burnsville MN Review updated:

I had brought two large bags of clothes into Plato's closet to sell. The young woman told me it would be about a 20 minute wait while they went through my stuff so I walked around the store. She was done in about 8 minutes. I went up to the counter & asked if my stuff was already done & they said yes. So another employee came over to tell me they were taking 3 of my items & offering me $6. I asked to see which items they took & he pulled up a bin & let me glance in. & put it back. I was so angry I just said fine! They took a brand new pair of shoes, brand new jeans, & a brand new jean crop top. I got my $6 & left. On my way home I started wondering how much they are going to turn around & sell my items for & I got furious. & drove back to the store & asked for my items back. The manager was VERY rude. Bossy, not helpful, didn't have any concern. She told me they had already put my items out so I would have to find them. I started looking through piles of clothes & only found my jeans. & then she asked me which shoes were mine in a big bin. I said the bright pink ones. & she picked up this nasty, dirty old pair & set them on the counter. I said 3 times, " My shoes are the PINK ONES!" & they finally got them out. I think she wanted to keep those because they would sell better or something. But she didn't seem to care about me or her store for that matter by her body language & her tone of voice. The other employee helped me try to find my other item & finally I just screw it. I will just take these two back & give you your money back. So he looked at my receipt that they had on the counter because they had not given me one after I sold them the items. & I gave them $4 back for my stuff. I was so furious that I stormed out the door. After this experience at Plato's I have warned everyone to never go there again. I use to bring my clothes to the one in Maple Grove & St.Cloud. & they were genuine & always took the majority of my items & offered me decent money. But this location is just BS. I recommend you to not waste your time. The store is run by teenagers because their manager is a lazy old woman who has absolutely NO customer service skills or care about her company or store. I have worked in customer service for 5+ years & have never dealt with someone like her. She is angry at the world & needs to get out of customer service if that's how she is treating customers. I wonder how she treats her employees. But I am thankful I experienced this because now other people can read my experience & maybe save them the hastle & time.

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      Oct 31, 2011
    Platos Closet - Awful, awful service
    Platos Closet
    United States

    I went to the Plato's Closet in Jacksonville with a garbage bag full of clothes and purses. They told me it was going to be 30 minutes and I could not leave the store. The 30 minutes turned into an hour and a hlaf...not fun when you have a toddler...

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      Jun 09, 2014

    Plato's closet will only buy items that they think will sell and they aren't going to pay a lot for them (just like) any retail store. They have to make a profit on the items that they sell. They aren't in business to pay an arm and a leg for the things that people bring in. You should have questioned them when they told you how much they were paying for the items instead of leaving and then get to pouting about it and going back to raise a stink about it. I would have chalked it up to experience and left well enough alone. How were you treated rudely? You really should specify that in your complaint, because what you see as being rude, probably isn't actually rude. After all when you went back you inconvenienced them. The store has young people working in it and all of them won't be teenagers, because they they cater to teenagers and young adults. The fact that you say you have worked in customer service for five plus years doesn't have anything to do with your complaint. Do you have absolute proof that you treat everybody as if you were perfect at your job 24/7?

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      Aug 26, 2014

    This store full of absolute WANKERS wouldnt take anything of mine. And when they did, they lowballed me VERY BADLY. DO not bring your clothes here

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