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Planet Fitness / theft

1 90 Carando DriveSpringfield, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 413-7880448

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Vicki Tetreault and I am a paying member of your club. Well, I should say that I was, up until an incident that occurred on January 20th, 2009 on your location at 90 Carando Drive, Springfield, Massachusetts. On that night between the hours of 8:30PM and 10:30PM, I was robbed. The window of my car was smashed and broken into; my purse was stolen. Important documents, credit cards, money and USB flash drives of my life’s work, were stolen from me etc.., things that can never be replace. Two other vehicles were hit on that same evening. The place was packed yet nobody seemed to see anything.

I approached the desk clerk on duty and was told that this was not something that usually happens there. When I picked up the police report, it showed that two other vehicles were broken into on the same night. When I started talking to other people about it, including the local police, I was told that this was in fact a very common occurrence at this particular location. I noticed that there were security cameras in the parking lot as I parked, and one was pointed right at the spot my car was parked, unfortunately the manager stated that the camera that was over my car, was not filming. I asked but he did not want to give me a copy of the other tapes from that night, but told me he would be reviewing them and would speak to the detective working on the case. After a few days, I called again to ask about the tapes and he then stated that there was nothing on the tapes from the incident that could help. He seems to be cooperative; however I feel as a faithful customer that my safety was neither fully protected, nor taken seriously.

I have been making fliers and talking to people about the events of that night, in order to inform people of the possible danger of this happening to them too. I also plan on contacting the local newspapers and television stations to share this story. Hopefully it will open the eyes of the people that are possible victims to these intolerable and tragic acts. Perhaps together we can put a stop to these life altering crimes. I don’t expect I’ll see my valuables again, but I do expect this…

I think that “You”, as a corporation that offers a safe, “judgment free zone” for getting fit, should be keeping a safer eye on your customers. This includes your parking lot areas as well as locker rooms, etc… From your contract and flyers hung in the gym, they clearly state that the gym is not responsible for unlocked, stolen or lost items; My point is that my valuables were in fact locked up, yet still stolen from me!

I will continue doing everything in my power to inform the public of these all-too-common vandalism and break-ins that are happening not just in this particular location, but in others as well. By sending this letter I’m hoping that your company will also go the ultimate extremes, to do your part in making an honest effort free zone, in keeping your customers and their belongings safe and free from victimization.

Perhaps we could even ask customers to offer up suggesting on how to improve the safety, so that we don’t have to live our lives by the rules of heartless thieves. We know that thieves “wretchedly” exist. I say we stand up and thinking brighter than them.

Thank you for your time, and consideration


Vicki Tetreault

Copy Of Flyer:

*Desperately Seeking*

“Stolen Purse”

Have you seen it, or can you help?

R E W A R D - If Found and returned:

My car was broken into, and my black leather purse was stolen from me on Tuesday night 1/20/09 Between 8:30PM and 10:30PM From the PLANET FITNESS parking lot @ 90 Carando Drive in Springfield.

2 other cars were hit on the same evening, place was packed & I still can't believe nobdy saw anything, and the camera that was right over my car, apparently wasn't filming. We should not have to live our lives by the rules of spineless thieves!

If you find it, or have any information, Please contact Vicki @

Thank you for your help.


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