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Pictureme Portrait Studio sign Walmart / Getting Greedy

1 1414 ParkwaySevierville, TN, United States Review updated:
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I visited the PictureMe Portrait Studio today to get my daughter's picture taken. As I waited for the photographer to get done with the customer she was with, I asked to see the backgrounds they had. She made a comment that they don't do that anymore. I am standing there wondering how I am suppose to pick a background I want for the pictures and I was still confused. By the time she got done with the other customer, she asked me what kind of theme I was wanting and suggested the Christmas theme since it is November. I told her I really wasn't wanting Christmas pictures and I just want some pictures of my daughter since I didn't get to for her 2nd b-day. She asked if I wanted the number in the pic for the b-day theme, I refused. I really wasn't looking for a birthday pose either and I just wanted something that would match her outfit good and asked if I could pic a background. She told me they really weren't allowing the customers to pick the backgrounds anymore. She said their policy now was to ask what kind of theme we were looking for and the photographer would pick the background they felt was suitable. Well this is my complaint or one of them! If I am a paying customer, I want to have options of what I want as a background, not pictures taken on the backgrounds they choose and tell me to pick one. I don't mind at all getting suggestions! But ultimately, I am the one getting the pictures and they will be MY lifetime memory caught on film, so it should be MY choice! That really upset me. The thing I do like about what you have changed is when you offer a special package deal, instead of being FORCED to make the first picture your package pic, you can choose from any of the 7 poses the photographer makes! That is a plus! Next...the price is cheap for the package and it does help a lot of people who can't afford $60 packages or more, but ever since I have used PictureMe, the packages have stayed under $15 at the most and gave the customer a generous amount of pictures to share with their loved ones. It seems over the years, the packages get smaller and smaller and your company get greedier. Example: Used to the package offered (1)10x13 (2)8x10 (2)5x7 (2) 3 1/2 x5 and a ton of wallets etc...Now the package offers (0)10x13 (1)8x10 (0)5x7 (4) 3 1/2 x5 (4) Wallets and (16) Mini. Compared to what customers used to get and what they get now, in the past 8 yrs that I have been using PictureMe/Walmart Picture Studios, it really is depressing how greedy the company can be. I understand costs go up on things, and its not the cost that I mind so much as the amount you get for the cost. Why not offer a bigger package that includes the amount of pictures the old package offered for double the price of the special at that time, instead of $9.99 per extra sheet (which can get costly/without spending over $50). It would still be cheap and wouldn't really be using many more photo sheets and the customer will still be happy. I just feel like Walmart tries to help people that can't afford to go to HIGH TECH, HIGH PRICED photographers, and PictureMe mostly does as good of a job as the High Priced places, and if they want to keep people coming back, Customer Service...Price...Qaulity...and Qauntity are THE MOST IMPORTANT TO THE CUSTOMERS! LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE IN THE AMOUNT OF THE PACKAGES THEN AND NOW! Just a thought for you. I am not a cheap person, I have purchased over $100 in murchadise in one session before because I liked them all! But when money is tight for me or anyone else, especially in our economy now, and raising two kids, we shouldn't have to hesitate getting professional pictures because we can't buy the QAUNITY WE NEED without spending more than $50 for one pose!

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  • Te
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    I totally agree! You should definately get to choose the backgrounds for each pose even if it is for all pictures because you are paying for them and they are not free pictures. Also, I agree that the amount of pictures you get should be reasonable, and since it is in Walmart that these studios are operating, the prices should stay low. A nice decent package like the package you described in the past should be no more than $20.00 for that many pictures as long as it is one pose. Sears is owned by the same company and they are offering 36 pictures for $4.99 where you can get 1-10x13, 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 16 wallets, and 16 minis. I looked at this company and they own the Sears Portrait Gallery too, so maybe next time go to Sears. It's awkward that Sears would offer more photos for a dollar more than what you paid, and they aren't operated out of a Low-Priced Affordable Department Store. Their prices are a little more steap and they are offering a better deal in their portrait studio. All I can say hun is, shop around for the best deal next time.

  • Ha
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    This comment was useful. I agree. Walmart/ PictureMe should always have the best deals and the best service because that's what they advertise!

  • Pi
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Maybe, people should relize that true quality comes w/ a price. I am manager at a picme studio and relize the real difference in our portraits now. We have plenty of customers that are not cheap and appreciate the new quality of our portraits. I am a manager of one studio and cannot speak for all. But all of my customers seem to be thrilled. Just because we are in Wal-mart does NOT MAKE us cheap. The executives of our company have decided to take us a step foward to benefit the company, how can anyone expect us to operate on 20 customers a week spending only 3.99 a piece. don't forget we do pay wal- mart rent ( there not cheap) and the photographer has to get paid. The amount of complaints I received as a film studio easily triples the number complaints I have ever received w/ our new digital technology. I think people that are so cheap should relize that good portraits actually come w/ a price. Sometimes other people do not relize how hard there children are to deal w/ and to get smile at sometimes: the least conveint time. I have spent over two hours at a time w/ some 2 year olds, and in return there parents only purchuse the one pose pkg. Sorry people I do happen to know that the days of a 4.99 pkg w/ over 35 good sized portraits is over. At Picture Me! we are moving foward, and moving foward into high quality portraits that capture your memories at a priceless dollar amount.

  • Be
      27th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with you pic2 i work at a pic studio as well and i agree that spending so much time trying to get kids to smile and then oredering just the one pose is crazy. i think that we are really going to start moving forward at CPI and i cannot wait to be a part of that. We are going to do great things at this company. Oh and also i hate it when people come in and compare me to sears we are not sears i think we can take just as good of pictures as sears. We are not a wal mart studio we are a completly differnt company than Walmart. So when people come in and are like that is just way to much money to spend at a wal mart photography place that just makes me so mad. Give us a chance bring your child in and lets see if we can't make your visit to picture me a great one.

  • Mi
      26th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Um. You are Sears. Same people own the studio, folks.

  • Er
      6th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have to say, I've seen professionals with better quality and prices than Picture Me, and they take the time (hours if needed) to get to know you, exactly what you want, and instead of saying "Smile!" or "Say Cheese" then *snap* the camera flashes before you have time to get that last blink out, they take many pictures, joking with you and catching you off guard in a real smile, and end up getting the best pictures the customers have ever seen! I've had alot of experience with Picture Me Studios, and honestly there isn't a single picture I've had taken with them that I'm really proud to have purchased, and if it had been me paying instead of my mom, I'd have demanded my money back, but now that I'm older and can make my own choice about where I have my portraits taken, I'd be happy if I never stepped into one of their studios again.

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