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P.F. Chang's China Bistro / Sexual misconduct/ Battery

1 2418 East Sunrise BlvdFort Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 954- 565-5877

On August 10th 2008 I went to work at the Restaurant. The staff had been recently upset over and unfortunate incident in which two server trainers actually had an altercation which came to blows. The police were never contacted and this seriously destabilized the work place dynamic.
A female manager who had been harassing me came to work late, and proceeded to make a lewd remark 2 feet from my same sex partner of over 5 years. I walked away very shaken and upset. My partner did not and confronted this manager, whom immediately threatened to fire him. He quit on the spot. A male manager came to the outside patio to tell me that my partner "had been fired and was not allowed on property" and added "that if I had anything to say about it I could go home and speak with the manager later." Very shaken i went to get my book bag from the back office. The male manager actually grabbed me and threw me out of the restaurant.
Even though the company assures a through investigation they did not. They swept this incident under the rug like they do so many others. The Operating Partner never helped in the situation, and the Culinary Partner who's own wife works in the back office would have never stood for his spouse to be spoken to in the way I was. It was unprofessional, unethical, immoral. And showed an extreme lack of honor.
The HR department head in the main office in Arizona never checked out the situation to depth, and my partner was never even spoken to. So how is it that they have a complete picture of the situation is anyones guess. BEWARE this company is not capable of following its very lofty and wordy motto's and credo's and should you work there be prepared to be victimized without due process. I worked in this place for 20 months, I was made a trainer, and I even trained without any measure of compensation. The training program is ill thought out and the gapping holes in its managerial infastructure leave much to be desired. If you are working there I wish you better luck than I had. Personally I would like to have the 20 months of my life back and work for a more noble and honest organization.

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  • Ta
      10th of Apr, 2011
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    At my PF Chang's, the kitchen staff has apparently been spreading rumors about me, saying that I've been sleeping with one of the backwaiters. The backwaiter is pissed about it and rather than talk it out like an adult and explain to me what was actually said/who started this nonsense (I don't speak Spanish and most of them barely speak English so there's no real way for me to just... eavesdrop. They just talk about me while I'm standing right there.) I told my Operating Partner after my lunch shift was over. He had a condescending smile on his face, I started to cry and didn't want him to have the satisfaction... so I left. This same guy threatened to fire me because I had a seizure a week after I had pneumonia, and accused me of having fake doctor's notes when they were faxed in from the doctor's office. He is always praised as being an incredible man and a fair boss, but he plays favorites, and had I been one of his favorites, this would've been taken seriously right away. I know this for a fact because I've seen it happen.

    I went home and called a female manager who had always been easier for me to talk to. We (The OP, her, and me) talked before my dinner shift started. The OP kept trying to make it sound like the backwaiter who has been pushing me, calling me names, hitting me with trays, purposefully not running my food (which I have to PAY HIM TO DO!!!), is simply flirting with me. I'll be the first to admit this is a stupid situation. I felt bad for even feeling the need to talk to management about it, but I tried to deal with it outside of work and it didn't help at all.

    The Culinary Partner was working that night and noticed that I was oddly quiet and depressed. He told me that he'd find out who started these rumors and fire them. I told him that I'm only a server and therefore far easier to replace than a line cook, but he insisted that there's no reason for me to feel uncomfortable at work. It certainly seems like the CP and the OP should just switch jobs.

    The funny thing is, it was a Saturday night, and the managers switched the floor plan out and took several tables away from me so I made barely any money. The newest hire was overwhelmed and overseated but I was unable to take tables. Funny timing, right? I feel like they are trying to force me to quit. What can I do?!

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