Petsmart Pet Hotel / pet hotel killed my dog

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We dropped our 14 month old SchnauzerPoo off at Petsmart's Pet hotel for spring break, as we were going out of town. It was his first time boarding and we suggested playtime and grooming (let him get pampered while there!). We picked him a week later and he seemed lethargic - when I asked why he seemed so tired, the girl at the desk said he may have just woken from a nap, but that he'd eaten well and 'did his business' while at the hotel, as well as made some friends!- so we were quite happy that it seemed to have gone well. Got him home, and the next day he still hadn't done a 'poo' and was refusing to eat more than a bite of food. I called Petsmart's Banfield Hospital and took him in, as our vet wasnt nearby and we wanted him seen immediately. When we got there - the nurse scheduled us in, was very nice, and then as we waited for the vet, she examined him, asking the usual questions. She said his abdomen was rock hard, and asked what had we been feeding him. I explained that he was refusing to eat and that he hadn't done a BM since I picked him up from their pet hotel. She then disappeared, and when she came back stated that the vet 'had a lst minute meeting' and couldn't see us, but that we should go to an emergency pet hospital, which was 40 mins away!! needless to say, he didn't make it to the hospital! when we had his body examined by the vet - we were told he must have been stuffed full of food! his bowels had exploded, and he was severely dehydrated. Now we have two sad children and no dog - I will never have anything to do with Petsmart again, and will make sure to let ANYONE who will listen know of our story and what happened.

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  • Ke
      23rd of Mar, 2012

    I wish I knew you- I would have told you NOT to go to that Petsmart- it's the one in Heritage, right? Bad customer service, noone seems to know what they are doing! My dog got injured at the pet hotel and they called the wrong people to tell them!! when they relized their mistake, they didn't even apologize. We don't even go there for pet food anymore- for NOTHING.

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  • Al
      29th of Jul, 2016

    When you go on vacation and entrust your fur baby to an establishment that specializes in taking care of your fur baby, you never should come home to this. Heather Pam andRob are mourning the loss of Charlie who was only 18 months young. They came home and Charlie had double pneumonia. Days in the hospital and now Charlie has passed. I'm so sorry Pocock family 💔😢 Everyone stay away from Petsmart Hotel in Brea

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  • Ja
      5th of Feb, 2018

    @Alura I’m so sorry to see this.. I would also like to WARN people about Morningstar in Whitby!!! Don’t go there!! Dr cozy is NOT an appropriate vet!

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