Petro Canadarude employee and foul language

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It was a very busy day at the gas stations and I was waiting in line from one side of the pumps (the same side as all the other cars were) when another car decides to wait for the same line from the opposite side. When I drove my car into the pump, the opposite car drove in together and we ended up halfway stuck at the pump. The lady came out of the car and immediately called me to be a bully (I'm also female btw) and went inside to tell the attendant that I was bullying. The attendant, Kareem, came out and told me to move my car. I stated my case and told him I was waiting in line like everyone else. I said he cannot take her side just cause she said she was there first. He then went back into the store and left us standing there cause neither of us was going to budge. 10 minutes later he came rushing out with a very angry attitude, walked right past her car and then yelled at me and told me to get out of his property and he doesn't want my business. At that point, I didn't care about the gas but I felt he was unfair since he didn't say a word to the other person to tell her to leave. I said that I will leave when he tells her to and he said "I don't give a ###!" and "Get the HELL out of here." I told him to watch his language and then he threatened to call the police. I said if he does that then he better record both of our license plate and not just mine. He kept yelling at me and telling me multiple times to "get the HELL out." I asked for his manager and that I was going to make a formal complaint. He didn't care, continued to yell and again told me to "get the HELL out."

This person made me think that he was prejudice towards me as he already made up his mind I was wrong right from the beginning. He was very polite to that woman the whole time while he yelled at me. I somehow felt he just didn't like me based on the way I look and he didn't even bother to care if I was right or not.

I'm holding online to complain to Petro about this incident but I know it's not going to go anywhere. I hope everyone reads this and know how awful this station is and to avoid this location at all costs. Don't expect customer service from them, but instead be ready to get yelled at!!!

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  • Fu
      Oct 16, 2010

    Hi. I just want know at what day of the week and what time did this altercation happen with the attendant named "Kareem"?

    I also had posted another complaint of this same petro canada gas station on 5270 Steeles Avenue East, Markham Ontario nearly 2 months ago. But that Attendant's name was called "Amgad" and he worked the night shift (11:00 pm- 7:00 am) over there.

    This Amgad guy is of middle-eastern nationality (Egyptian), he is also Bald, over-weight and is around 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

    I posted my complaint on this website and the complaint name is called "racist and rude employee" or just look up the Petro Canada complaints and type in Amgad's name and my complaint should appear?

    Would you also like me to the give you Suncor energy's head office address and phone number? Please reply and I'll give you all the details cause if you filed a phone complaint, then the operators of Petro Canada may ignore your complaint and you may never hear from them again.

    Please reply and thank you for posting the complaint up cause those attendants should not treat the Petro Canada customers with bad attitude and service.

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