Pet Supplies Plus / Unlawful Termination

1 1928 Montgomery Highway , Pelham, United States

Was terminated at company meeting in front of entire staff; was presented by management with a false report on me having bad attitude, when I provide the best in customer service. They also wrote statements defaming me to make me look like a bad employee and, since I've no write ups, because I'm a good employee, they had to manufacture a complete page of lies to try to cover their own butts legally. They are crooks. Brandy Schlegel is the general manager of that store. Robin is the assistant manager, they are both guilty of wrongful termination and falsification of documents, not to mention owe me lost wages and damages from being unjustly terminated in front of my peers. If I had the money for a lawyer, I'd sue this company into oblivion.

May 16, 2015

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