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Today i witnessed something so disturbing, i almost puked! I walked into Pet Supplies Plus of Lima Ohio and my heart broke in two! I stood there, watching this defenseless Canary being horrifyingly neglected. Its beak was never attended too, so it became horribly deformed! Then i took another look, and saw its nails. ALMOST A HALF AN INCH LONG! OMG! They are never suppose to reach that length, being a CANARY! Overall health was sickening. He/She could barley keep their eyes open or keep balance on my finger. It was so sick and scared, i could feel the fast paced heart beat against my hand. And to top it all off, this poor bird was being picked on by the other canarys in its cage. I saw this bird, in the same condition about three weeks ago to January 22, 2009. I told the assitant manger what was wrong, and that this bird should not be treated like so. He promised to do something about it. I thought things would get done. Unfortunatly i walked back into the store today (January 22, 2009) and saw that the bird was in the same condition as three weeks ago. SO I ASK YOU NOW, TO NOT STAND FOR THIS ANIMAL ABUSE! TO TAKE ACTION AT ONCE! When I say take action, i say stop purchesing stuff/animals from Pet Supplies Plus. The less we buy from them, makes it harder for them to keep business. Which means if we make it so they can't keep their business, less animals will be ABUSED!
This may sound stupid to some of you. But these animals are gods creatures. Made to be loved and respected. Which PET SUPPLIES PLUS IS DOING NEITHER OF THESE THINGS!

STOP THE ANIMAL ABUSE! Please have a heart for these defensless, loving creatures!

Melissa Marie Vaden
[protected] Please e-mail me if you are willing to help!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Big Steamer
Yahoo, US
Jul 24, 2009 9:45 pm EDT

I purchased a sick Tomato Frog from them and it died a couple hours later. :( Although when I was little I bought 2 perfectly healthy lizards and seen very happy birds singing in there.

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