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Nimmi 9 is the seller - seriously stay away if you are seeking help with developing your Wordpress site. No idea what this seller is like at more basic jobs... PPH rate this seller a cert 2 even though I appear to be the first customer and 0 reviews. Now seller has to approve my refund even though she's done zero work on my job and the deadline is passed. I raised a refund request three days ago and PPH said if she didn't complete the job I get a refund. Now I have to waste who knows how much time trying to get a refund from PPH.

How this exchange ended probably best sums up my stressful dealing with the seller on PPH:

Hi Nimmi, sorry to say that this job is finished.

I think you are a scam. Please approve the refund of my money as you agreed to do this afternoon before changing your mind again.

I have reported you to PPH on your profile and through the customer service portal.

You have wasted a huge amount of my time. After over 65 messages with you over 7 days you have done nothing on my project. You promised the whole job would be done in 7 days but you don't even have a single sample to show me.

Please don't bother contacting me again.

UPDATE: After 2 days of emails I finally got the money put back into my PPH account, to use with another seller. But they charged me a 10% cancellation fee. Checked their policy - says they charge fee even if seller doesn't do any work or respond to your e-mails. How is this even legal that you have to pay a fee to a company who you paid upfront to not get any service at all from. So I got a total headache, wasted literally hours with scam seller/terrible customer service centre, and lost a deposit. Now I have to start all over again with another seller. Wouldn't even bother if they weren't holding my money. My advice - never get a big job done here unless the seller has a load of reviews and 100% 5-cert rating. I personally wouldn't even risk it then. I might use a high rated seller for a very small job, but that's about it. But seeing as they send constant spam I would deactivate my account and start again when I needed something done. Hopefully the next seller will give me a better experience.

Mar 09, 2017

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