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I answered an ad on Puppyfind to purchase a female Parti Shorkie (1/2Shih Tzu & 1/2 Yorkie) to mate with my male Parti Shorkie. My male weighs 5 lbs, & I wanted a female SLIGHTLY larger, as I explained to the breeder who placed the ad. This female was supposed to be from a 3lb Yorkie stud and a7lb Female Parti Shih Tzu, & I was told she would get to 6 1/2 lbs. She is now @ 6 mos 13 lbs & it appears that she is not a Shorkie, but a Shichon (1/2 Shih Tzu / 1/2 Bichon...which breed attains 12-15 lbs normally.) I have e-mailed the breeder numerous times (very non-combative to try to establish some communication for resolution...asked when I might receive her papers) and have never rec'd a reply except when she thought I was inquiring about Shichons she had advertised. Once she knew who I was, there was no more communication. She has put us in a horrible position...we do not have a female we can mate with our male - the entire intent of purchasing another dog, and what do we do with this dog with whom we have become attached ( which I feel she counted on when she sent this dog which she knew would not be appropriate for our needs)? She shipped out 3 puppies the day she shipped ours, and either she sent us the wrong one, or she misrepresented the puppy as a breed she is not. Either way, this is a horrible way to do business, and there has been no offer to correct the situation - only a refusal to communicate. I wanted a small dog that is easy for me to handle - I am 67 and small stature - this female is terribly hard for me ... to lift, to bathe, etc. and she is still growing !

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      1st of May, 2012

    What you should do is leave the breeding to the professionals. You don't need to play mad scientist with your dogs and try to see what fun new results you can have breeding. It's not a game. There is already an overpopulation of dogs. Stop adding to it. Backyard breeders like you should be outlawed.

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  • De
      4th of May, 2012

    You, Thud, should mind your own business. It is none of your business what I do with my dog. FYI, there are friends and family who would like to have offspring from my male Shorkie. Any puppies we might be fortunate to have are already spoken for. If I wanted to play "mad scientist, " as you so rudely suggest, I could go ahead and use this female that is obviously not a good match, and I would not have gone across the country to what I thought was a reputable breeder to ensure that I did not dilute the Shorkie breed, to purchase a Shorkie female. I have a feeling that you, THUD are one of those disreputable breeders like the one with whom I have just dealt. Small reputable breeders are far more desirable than puppy mill jerks like you.

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      5th of May, 2012

    You posted on a public forum. It is now anyone's business who comes to this page, so get off your high horse. If you wanted this story to remain private, why post it?

    I have only had dogs as pets, not as a golden geese such as backyard breeders like yourself. Every one of them from the time I was a little kid up until now has been fixed (as dogs intended to be pets should be). I have never bred a dog. I leave that to the professionals, like the people who have show dogs and know how to breed genetic abnormalities out of the breed. I don't leave it to dumb people like you who think "my dog is neat, the world needs more of him and I would be such a great breeder and I could make some good money (on the back of my dog)". My ###...

    I may be a jerk, but you are contributing to the pet overpopulation with your backyard shinanigans which leads to animal abuse, homeless animals, and cruelty on top of being a total ###. You're contributing to the problem animal shelters are dealing with every day. Oh, how much better the world would be without you. Ooo I know, I'll breed Parti Shorkies...give me a break. Just stop.

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      17th of Sep, 2012

    Thud, Dud, whatever your name is (have to remain anonymous - afraid to post your name?) is always a good idea to grasp the concept of an issue before you comment. Your comments have no relationship whatsoever to the issue.

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  • No
      1st of Oct, 2012

    Peggie's puppies in Nevis, MN is selling their puppies to New York Pet shops. BEWARE of this backyard breeder/puppy mill!!!

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  • Ra
      11th of Jan, 2013

    Shorkies? Morkies? Florkies? WTF. Can't you spell "M-U-T-T?" Get another hobby. Mutts or mongrels, whatever you wanna call 'em are not in demand these days - as already pointed out, there are too many puppies floatin around, for pete sakes!

    And PS, Read your been had - proof you only THINK you know what you're doing.

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