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Paymentsense / unreliable and dishonest

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

This is a company to avoid. I was told the agreement was for 18 months, lies it was for 60 months. They said there was a price freeze for the duration, they increased them. Their service is unresponsive and can be damn right hostile. I wanted to cease the contract and was told NO until I paid in full with an extortion early penalty fee. I've had the phone put down on me and laughter in the background concerning my predicament . I'm not a customer but feel like a prisoner trapped by their dishonest tactics. Another issue is that you don't just deal with Paymentsense but FDMS and FDR. These three companies are separate and you are bounced from one a another each not talking to each other whilst you end up spending hours on the phone instead of dealing with your customers. Another tactic is their dci. Dss. It's a cash cow for the industry, suppose to be for you and your customers benefit, what nonsense. Lots, and I mean lots of small businesses are paying a monthly fee for non compliance to this so called industry standard. This can be £40+. per month on top of all the other charges. To become compliant can be tricky and I've found them to be difficult suggesting errors which when challenged decided they were wrong. PCI DSS is costing businesses a huge amount for so called security. But here comes the nonsense, if you don't comply with all this security they don't protect your customer by ceasing to deal with you, they just charge you this extra £40+ and carry on. A good analogy is the cars MOT certificate. You take your car in and the examer says it has bad brakes and bald tyres. However he's prepared to certify it as ok provided you pay an additional £40 per month! This is the same situation with Paymentsense and others who claim this is so important and penalise you if you don't comply. No, it's another means of bleeding you white, for if it was so important they would demand compliance or refuse to deal with you. Ive written to my MP about this and as expected they did not answer this issue, too much money for the big banks. Large shops have IT depts which deal with this issue, but it's the small shops, who can ill afford to pay this fee that end up paying. This is a mess, and possibly another PPI of the future. Just keep well away from Paymentsense. If you can stay on cash then do so. It's a rip off.

Jan 6, 2019

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