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Delhi, India

Hello Team

I have don transactions through your wallent but those amounts went to the persons who were fraud and cheated with me. So I need details of details on the account holders based on the below transactions details. I have filed an FIR and police asked for the details. So please co-operate with me or else Cyber crime police may directly contact you. Below are the details of transations| Narration| Ref/cheq no.| Date| Amount

1 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 25/02/2017 2000
2 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 25/02/2017 4500
3 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 25/02/2017 7500
4 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 25/02/[protected]
5 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 25/02/2017 15500
6 [protected]/PAYUPAY2ALLINC [protected] 27/02/2017 35000
7 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 27/02/2017 35000
8 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 01/03/2017 10500
9 [protected]/CITRUSEASYPAY [protected] 02/03/2017 33999
10 [protected]-PAYUPAY2ALLINC [protected] 20/04/2017 27000

Details are mentioned in Serial no., Narration, Ref/chq no., date and amount.

Please check these transactions and get back to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Below are the details of name and their mobile numbers who pretended to be the executives of
1) Mateen- [protected]
2) Rahul Sharma- [protected]
3) Yashwanth- [protected]
4) [protected]- Unknown name.

Thanks in advance

May 14, 2017

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