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Barrington, RI, United States
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My husband and I grew up with dogs. And I used to work for a vet. We now live in a single home with a fenced in yard. We both have high paying careers. And I work from home 3 ½ days. I even donated $1000 to the shelter where my husband adopted our last dog. But our adoption application was denied because you were not able to obtain verifiable vet check. You claimed that our vet check did not meet your minimum standard for vet care. The first vet kept manual records and could not find our dog’s record. The second vet saw our dog when we moved and when our dog became sick and eventually died of cancer. I asked the coordinator to call the 2nd vet back and they will explain that it was recommended not to vaccinate the dog because he was to old and sick. He received just the rabies vaccine because it was the law. But the coordinator never did that and never showed us compassion. We were denied even before anyone spoke one word to us to find out who we are as dog lovers. We were deemed bad pepople for something beyond our control because of a vet’s clerical error in misplacing our records. I have never felt so insulted. We wanted to adopt a dog so that our children can grow to love and care for dogs like my husband and I did. Thank goodness there are organizations out there more understand than PNE. We adopted a perfect dog (smart, handsome, happy and healthy) and just spent over $200 at the vet to continue his puppy shots, rabies, deworming program, flea and tick preventative and heartworm preventative. He is going back in 2 weeks for “lifestyle” vaccines such as Lyme. He is eating Orijen puppy food, which people have told me that is better food than most people eat. I even took off every Wednesday for the rest of the summer so that I can be home with him on top of my working 3.5 days from home.
You can’t sit behind your computer and judge people. I think in your future you should learn more abut your candidates and depend less of some record that a clerk can’t find to determine an animal’s fate because this I know with every fiber in my being, there could be no better care taker of a new family member dog or child than my husband and I.

May 18, 2015

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