Pavilions / rude service from cashier

1 727 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, Ca 90038, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Date on incident: January 20, 2019; Time: 18:42; My membership # [protected]
Hello, this evening I shopped at my regular Pavilions store which is located at 727 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, Ca 90038. My visit was fine until I went to check-out with cashier Kandy. I had explained to her that I needed to have bread that I was trying to check-out under a separate Pavilions memebership card. I had to run to my car and get it after she checked-out my other items. When I came back into the store, I saw her walking around and I told her I had the card and which register was she at. She replied that I could "hop" back in her line and she pointed. I did. I was behind only one customer, So I didn't mind waiting again. When she went to ring-up my bread, I noticed that the Pavilions website needed me to "add" my bread in my "Just For U" in order to activate the coupon which literally took a few seconds. However, Kandy was impaitent for her customer that was behind me and kept apologizing for me to him. This was starting to make me upset. I was fed-up with her as she continued to apologize to the other customer and I asked her if someone was at the Customer Service desk who could ring-up my bread. She looked over ( the customer service desk is directly behind her register) and said "yes." But, when I got there (this took seconds) there was no one there. I was more annoyed now, and decided to get back into her lane which was only 10 steps away. I came back to her register and there was no other customers there. She looked at me and said "I'm closed now." I asked her "can't you just ring this up?" She said "no" then ran off. I was super upset by this point and ready to file a complaint on her. I asked other employees to get the manager or supervisor for me, which they did. The Supervisor, Juan came out onto the floor and I told him what happened. As I talked to Juan, Kandy was back at her register helping other customers. I don't know why she was so rude to me. But, this is terrible customer service, and it's not what I'm used to at Pavilions. Everyone is typically nice there.

I'm filing this complaint to make coporate aware that this incident happened and hope that Kandy's poor customer service is brought to her attention. I'd like her to be made aware that this is not the proper way to treat customers.


Jan 20, 2019

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