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Pavani Homes / Cheating custiomers - mid size apartments apartment

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Dear Reader,

Pavani Homes builders are cheaters. They fraudulently demand more money from home buyers.
I have recently bought a flat from them. After I made 80% of payment, owner of Pavani Homes (Mr. P.V. RAGHAVA RAO ) call and claims that my documents are not signed by him and he received only 50% of the Monday I have paid and rest of money is siphoned by his sales person. This sales guy was single point of contact for Pavani homes.

I asked him few clarification:
1. If my documents were not legal and correct. How can he receive any money at all
2. Since there is loan sanctioned by reputed bank, how can the documents be forged
3. He is agreeing to settle the entire thing, if I pay him 50% of disputed amount. But nothing should be on paper

I contested that Why should I repay the amount which I have already paid the amount. Second, if his employee, partner or anyone else from his side faults the problem lies at his end not at customer's, therefore customer should not be made to pay more than actually value of property

Mr. P.V. RAGHAVA RAO is known cheater, he tries to lure innocent customers by offering prices slightly less than market rate and then force them to pay more money by using above mentioned tactics along with delay in Project completion date. Please be cautious while dealing with PAVANI HOMES. It’s always advisable to deal with reputed builder then get cheated by thugs like Mr. P.V. RAGHAVA RAO

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  • Ra
      11th of Sep, 2010
    -3 Votes

    Hi Srinee,

    We double agree with your words. And most of his proiects were delayed by years and customers not happy at all. Please avoid Pavani Homes and think twice before made any agrement, he started new projects in Kundalahalli Gate and Electronic city places.

    Below are some of things you should confirm before sign in agreement with Pavani Homes, Bangalore.

    - Check all land documents with lawyer [all projects handled by him so far are Joint developments, you can enquire Pavani Prestige, Pavani Harmony and other projects residents, have lot of issues with Builder and Land owner, completion of projects will took ages, better example is Pavani Parkwest. It took about 4 years to complete]

    - Quality of construction is very poor, no proper checking at the time of construction by supervisors.
    - Internal walls are bad in shape, lot of cracks were developed
    - Internal windows iron grills and sliders were poor quality and not up to standards
    - Main door will be bad design and not at all teak as they mentioned in the agreement
    - Main door sides will thin and not good quality of wood
    - Lift will be local makeover (most of them will supplied by Hepzi low quality assembled, we have been facing so many issues). Be careful at the time of usage, at any point of time will stuck in between [one better incident from Pavani Maithi, once pregnant was stuck in lift more than 45 minutes]
    - Internal Ground tiles/bath room tiles/ bath room accessories were in bad quality
    - Electrical wiring and Internal painting was very bad experience (some of the bath room walls were developed with dampness)
    - Moreover be careful about the PENT HOUESE in Apartment, he will not get any permission to build them and that will cost on individual apartment owner to pay more deviation charges to BBMP once Akrama/Sakrama in force.
    - No proper Water Harvesting and Septic Tank provision in all apartments
    - Enquire all his past projects occupants/owners and decide before going on agreement
    - Generator and Gym equipments were poor quality


    - Pavani Prestage ( Kundanhalli Gate )
    - Pavani Pride ( Kundanhalli Gate )
    - Pavani Prime ( Kundanhalli Gate )
    - Pavani Paradise ( Kundanhalli Gate )
    - Pavani Priya ( Aces Layout )
    - Pavani Marvel ( Whitefield Main Road )
    - Pavani Harmony ( Whitefield Main Road )
    - Pavani Parkwest ( Inner Circle White Field )
    - Pavani Shankarmangalam ( Inner Circle White Field )
    - Pavani Pearl ( Maitri Layout Whitefield )
    - Pavani Maitri ( Maitri Layout Whitefield )


  • Su
      17th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Me too heard extremly bad feedback about Pavani

  • Ra
      30th of Dec, 2010
    -4 Votes

    i dont agree with the above words by srinee and others because they are not happy because building is delayed in constructions its false only but some time happens like that even reputed builders also will not stick on their words, if any like that example me someone, demanding more money is not his mistake before you are making payment to the builder you should talk to him directly i am making payment in favour of such company and you should mention the bank account no. along with the brach name mentioned in the cheque how the banks releases the money to the builder.

  • Sk
      15th of Jan, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Yes, He cheats people and he don't manage his office employees properly. Deu to which there happend to be a fraud in his accout worth 2.5cr as he says. And for that he took the extra amount from the customers itself. Or else he was not ready to sign the Registration Document. He even don't complete the projects ontime and lot of works keep pending for long time and there are lot of issues between land owner and him. Because of which the flat owners suffer and he doen't take any proper responsibilities. He jus promises and doesn't complete the works

  • Pv
      16th of Apr, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I Disagree with this comments because in Nell ore pavanihomes is the leading builder. at least 75% of the total appartments built in Nell ore are of pavanihomes only.In fact they don't even release one single add for sale of their appartments most of the govt. employees and reputed private employee prefer only from pavanihomes because they buildup such good reputation with their hard work and prompt delivery schedule along with quality of construction. I was a public sector employee i also bought two appartments at Nell ore and all my friends (most of them are bank employees ) also purchased many flats. they still enjoy very good reputation at Nell ore and Hyderabad.May be certain lapses might had happened at Bangalore during Industrial and Software recession internationally which effected very badly in Bangalore.You all might be aware that many builders in Bangalore disappeared during this crises period. That does not mean that we should treat them cheats.

  • Va
      2nd of Aug, 2011
    -2 Votes

    The Pavani homes and the builder PV Raghav Rao.. is nothing but big time cheaters..n some of his employees can only disagree to this on th ebuilders request...Pavani Homes sucks.. in one word.. the builder is a rowdy fraud... He will ask you to pay even if u pay the whole amount .. dey will also take help of rowdy ppl and force u to pay.. there construction is not gud..Construction, Paper work and finishing not only takes time but they are not correct too...Once sold the appartment he will still try to fetch money in erms of maintenance and keep pending work going for long.. Please dont invest your money with this group...else you have to only repent..

  • Ki
      7th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    This guy has been in business for over a decade now and it has been the same sorry story for all those who have pruchased property from this developer. Never ever buy any property however cheap during the construction period. It is always better to buy a product that is ready for possession.. The rates may be high, however if you take into consideration the interest that you paid in the period of construction, the present rate would be much cheaper.. More over you will not have any sleapless nights/loss of appatite/and other health related issues.

  • Sh
      11th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Pavani builders are fraud and does not complete the project on time. They cheated me saying that building materials are of high quality. The sand used is filter sand, low grade bars and low quality woodwork. It is not worth to buy from him just for 100 or 200 less.

  • Re
      10th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Do not buy from them. Quality of construction is extremely poor. They dont even finish the flats. They dont respond to your emails. Very rude .

  • Ma
      4th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    anybody purchased in pavani pleasant near ITPL .what are the things i have to check if i am selecting this..or should not go for this

  • Sa
      12th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi, I saw Pavani's new apartment near whitefield ITPL...really a nice location, but heard lot of bad reviews in this forum..I'm bit suspicious about the sq.ft rate of this apartment as they are ready to reduce the rates even after completing almost 60% of the construction. Is it a good deal to do I need to keep away from this?

  • Sh
      6th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am planning to bug one Pavani's SRESHTA flat near Kundanhalli gate.Can some one advise me about this project?by looking at above reviews i am completely confused.

  • Am
      12th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Even i am thinking to buy the flat at pavani SRESHTA. I already took the property documents from builder and got it checked with lawyer. Lawyer given me green signal and he told 99% everything is fine in the documents... Looking at pavani groups old projects like pavani oakridge, pavani prime etc I felt it is worth to buy a flat in pavani SRESHTA. I am totaly confused to take a step forward now... is anybody else booked the flat in pavani SRESHTA? Please share your thoughts...

  • Ra
      17th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    i have already taken a flat in pavani sreshta and enquired about the builder in earlier projects which they completed at kundalahalli like pavani oakridge and paradise they says that it was delayed by 2 or 3months as per the schedule, i have enquired with 6 to 7 people in each apartment, i will agree that there will be some negative on the builder, since they are doing huge and more projects some people may disappointed, comparatively with the other builders 2 or 3 months delay is not a delay at all. Bcs one of my frnd has taken a flat in kundalahalli with some other builder already 12 months delayed still its not completed, so i verified with the people we can take a chance

  • Sa
      22nd of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Raj, can you please share the cost/sqft that you had taken in Shreshta ?

  • Am
      26th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Raj, Is builder agreed to provide occupancy certificate(OC)... Or at-least any provisions to owners so owners can later apply for OC once the building construction gets over...

  • Sh
      31st of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have also booked a flat in Pavani Sreshtha. Please, let me know shall we go there are many bad reviews for the Pavani Group.

  • Am
      8th of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I also booked a flat in Pavani sreshta, and gave the document to lawyer my lawyer is give green signal, some document is missing but not a big problem, i also inquired old projects got the feedback is good.

  • Am
      8th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Ameet, Raj, Shweta, can you send your mail ID so we can more talk about the Pavani sreshta

  • Ra
      8th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    please do not book thro pavani. they have not given proper car parking allotment in their parkwest apartment . they did not do the sewage treatment plant . now the apartment owners are building the STP by themselves after paying 20 lacs the construction quality was bad. go and ask anyone in parkwest. its a total mess . project took 5 years to complete.

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