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Tallahassee, Florida
United States
This company ripped me off by trying to overcharge my account with lines I never ordered! Stay away from this company...Google the the president of the company Victor D'Aurio. His track record of complaints gives a clear understanding of what PATLive succeeds at doing...ripping people off. Buyer Beware
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D  12th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've had nothing but posiive experiances with PATLive. I've beeen a customer since 2004. I've never been over charged and when I've had customer service issue I've simply called the 24/7 line and gotten a quick response. Sounds like the guy above couldnt pick up his phone and call a friendly PAT to get a resoultion.
A  12th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Being a business owner you would think I would get a resolution with an easy customer service fix. Picking up the phone wasn't an issue. I tried settling this by communicating with several representatives of PATLive only to be told that there was nothing to be done. The only option I had was to go to my bank and charge back for fraud, which rightfully so I won based on the investigation. So bud its not about picking up a phone...its about what the facts are and in my situation I had a terrible experience with a company that had the opportunity through my bank to resolve the matter and couldn't even accomplish that! I would have loved to work with a company like PATLive as my business thrives off of what they offer. But when a company overcharges an account and is unable to show proof to a banking institution, that is performing a 45 day investigation of what transpired...there is clearly a fraudulent charge on PATLive's end. This is not an argument between you and I. What has happened here on my account is fraudulent and has had several opportunities to be corrected. Being a business owner you understand the importance of a merchant account and if PATLive had any intention of showing that they performed a service based on what my account was charged they would of provided documentation and it would have been a closed case on their part. Again PATLive had the opportunity to resolve this matter and unfortunately chose to ignore the situation. So my friend, this matter doesn't concern you and if you respond, it is evident that you are an employee of PATLive attempting to be a customer who has had nothing but great experiences and continues to make ignorant comments of "this guy couldn't pick up his phone and call a friendly PAT to get a resolution." If you decide to continue to make make comments on this matter, I will continue to get my opinion out about PATLive via the internet by putting my programmers on this matter day and night. So I would advise you to end this as what I have just stated is not a threat, it is a FACT. Being the owner of an internet marketing business, I can keep you busy with responses to new reviews. So the choice is yours...
D  13th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thank you John for your kind words. We value your years loyalty and support.
N  13th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
It is not our practice to overcharge. We apologize if you feel you were billed in error. Please call us at 800-775-7790 to discuss your account. If we find an error, we will refund all overages you were charged.
A  13th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
PATLive has documented a written letter that shows false accusations against self and Wells Fargo with how the chargeback I issued based on fraudulent activity was investigated and performed(It should be noted that from the initial investigation the chargeback issued was concluded in my favor). PATLive has documented that they initially won the chargeback that was issued but because of my persistence, Wells Fargo and Visa reopened the claim that was already closed in favor of PATLive and decided to reissue the funds back into my account! This is FALSE information provided by PATLive. I urge any business owner reading this post who doenst already know how a chargeback works to call their bank to have this process explained to them in case this happens to you. Any banking institution will give a temporary credit to the individual requesting a chargeback. Next step is Visa or Mastercard will perform a 45-90 investigation by contacting in this case the merchant of PATLive. PATLive has 45 days to respond with recorded phone calls, or any material showing that they as a company did perform a service. With recorded phone calls and material that PATLive is falsely claiming they have documented, Visa concluded their was no evidence received that showed PATLive performed a service, concluding this matter with fraud on their end. The case is now closed! Once a decision has been made on a claim of this matter, Visa does not go back and fourth on exchanging funds from account to account. And once a final decision is made the case is closed and not reopened(Can be confirmed by your bank). So again what has been written here is fact not my opinion. PATLive has transferred my information illegally after having the opportunity to show proof of how legitimate they are to Visa, their merchant account and my bank, to a telemarketing boiler room of collection agents who are threatening me to pay a balance due! Again not only is this going to be corrected through my attorneys but please Google their collection agency they have contracted with and see how they pull up on Google with complaint after complaint: Google:Receivable Management Services Scam. The material provided for RMS when performing a Google search show RMS operates under deceptive business practices and are not following the Fair Act Debt Collection as noted. I will end this post with stating I am much larger than PATLive and will now pursue this matter legally as PATLive has already proven out to my bank that they are a fraudulent company. Once again I am keeping it very simple here and what has been stated is fact that can be backed up by contacting your bank and typing into Google the collection agency to show how PATLive has contracted with a scam collection agency...there is nothing PATLive or a scam collection agency can do except continue to try and threaten me with their scare tactics and misguided information of what occurred and make their situation worse with what I have documented. Again this matter will be pursued with my attorneys and backing of my bank and as I stated I am without a doubt much larger than PATLive and its unfortunate they are putting themselves in this position and refuse to resolve the matter professionally.

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