pass4sure / Pass4sure selling expired exams (Cisco 350-001)

1 pass4sure, United States
Contact information: is involved in fraudulent business practices selling invalid expired exams, giving the impressing that they are a valid product offering, the exam 350-001 had expired and I purchased it thinking that it was valid otherwise they would not be selling it, right? I found out the exam was invalid when I tried to schedule it and found that it was retired and replaced with Exam 400-101 (which they are also selling) I contacted them, requested a a refund and they refused to refund my money, their "no hassles" refund means that you will not be hassling them or get any refund, They may appear reputable, but are not, they are not interested in providing a service and just want your money

Here is their response...


Sorry after downloading and
activation we cannot change it with any other,
as a good will gesture I would like to offer
you 30% discount ***the 30% discount was offered to everyone at the time*** on your next
please let us know when you want to avail this discount

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