Panda Expresslinguistic discrimination

Date of the incident 11/25/2018
Time 6:20 pm
Store # 2370
I am a regular client of this store and today I went to buy a bowl of food and the person how attended me was very rude and when I spoke in Spanish she was speaking me bad saying like I am sorry, do you want the food or not, what do you want? and making sounds like a deep breath showing her bad mood and I told her that I want to talk with the manager she was laughing and when the manager came to the window she was laughing also and I told her that my English is not good and if the stuff should speak spanish too since the person who took my order was speaking Spanish, and the manager said yes but she does not have to speak Spanish if she does not wanted and both start to laughing and the manager said your want the food or not? I tried to get the number to put a complain to the store and the manager gave me just the the phone number and never gave the number of the store had to take it from the older receipt See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in El Paso, TX.
I am very disappointed with these persons because they ere racist, very rude and also all the time they were laughing at me and when I told her that I will take a video of the incident the manager said that she will call the police at me, so still they treated me very bad they wanted to call the police. I am not good speak English person and I do not think that is a reason to be treat like that. I did not buy the food and I do not think to come again to these stores they really made me feel so bad.

Panda Express
Panda Express

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