P C Richardempty promise of delivery

Ds Nov 27, 2018 Milford, CT

A man who claimed to be the manager of the milford, ct store (7537 aaron), offered to order a samsung tablet case for me when I was in the store. This was on a saturday, around noon; he seemed helpful and told me he would go and pick it up himself, and call me the following monday so that I could pick up the item in the afternoon.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Milford, CT
It was not available by tuesday, and I was told that it would arrive the next friday, and that I would get a call as soon as it was in.
This is very poor service, why couldn't I be told the truth last saturday? It would have been so much simpler and reliable. There were a lot of complaints about p c richard's, no wonder... They'll say anything for a sale, even mine at $29.99!!! Needless to say i'll never shop there again!!! As a matter of fact, i'll ask for a refund on that purchase!!!

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