Outdoors Online / order #55792 - never received full order

Schererville, IN, United States
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I placed an order on 11/7/2016. My order on my account reflects that is was charged and fulfilled, yet I only received 2 of the items in my order. I have called so many times, chatted online, sent emails, etc. and have yet to get the remainder of my order satisfied. The last time I called I was told it was the order would be completely replaced and sent that was over 3 weeks ago. I am beyond frustrated with the lack of responsiveness.

I would greatly appreciate my order being shipped since I have been charged 119.63 and have received 2 spill resistant lids for 2 cups not received and a 30 oz cup handle for again a cup that I don't have to put it on...I am still waiting on a orange 30 oz yeti, a new style 30 oz yeti handle, 2 20oz yeti handles and a lime green 30 oz yeti.

Jan 19, 2017

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