Ostling and Associates / poor service

1 Bloomington IL, United States

I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2011 with Ostling and Associates. With chapter 13, you pay so much a month to the bankruptcy court and then also a portion of your income tax refund. Back in November 2014, I was put on a medical leave of absence from my job. I had an appointment with Jeffrey Abbott from Ostling in November and gave him what paperwork I had. I dropped more paperwork off with him a few weeks later as requested by staff in Bloomington. Early January I have email other documents to them. I have been getting the run around as in no one returning calls. One phone call I was told that we should have this resolved before I was two months in arrears with the bankruptcy court. It is now 2 months and Ostling is still running me around in circles. I have not made a payment to the bankruptcy court in December or January. Now the Ostling staff wants me to drive to Bloomington next week to meet with one of their attorneys. Seriously???? Wouldn't it be easier for them to pick up the phone than for me to spend money on gas to drive from Decatur.

Ostling might be the largest bankruptcy firm but if you are doing any filing except for Chapter 7 I highly advise against using this firm. Previous complaints are right on the mark...they do NOT return calls. They receive a large portion of your money when you file Chapter 13 and pay your fee to the court every month...appears they just are in it for the money. Mr. Ostling, your staff does have all my paperwork and has had it for some time.

Jan 30, 2015

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