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Orangutan Home Service / unethical business practices poor service —

1 Tempe, AZ, United States Review updated:

May 27, 2015 1st. service call to/from Orangutan. I stated both to tech and service call gal--- My trane was making a grinding sound when it first started up. Service gal—stated it would be a $49. Service call.
Tech came and looked at the unit—said the sound was due to older age—and it warming up. But the condensers were running a little high, but with in range this could mean they were starting to go out. But due to the warranty--- if I wanted them replaced now it would cost--- Then told me the service call was $79. I told him the office said it would be $49. He said ok.
June 16— I received a call from my daughter at 10 PM stating the A/C was blowing hot air. (I was visiting my son in Louisiana.
June 17th I called Orangutan for a service call--- they would be out from 12 – 5.. didn’t show up until 5:30 ish--- tech said everything was normal to speck. Later around 9 pm I receive another call from daughter who said hot air coming out.
June. 18th Called again. Tech came around 1pm --- stated the condensers were out. My daughter heard him speaking to service department about the parts, and what was needed.
June 19th I called Orangutan office to see the update or status--- called several times.. long wait times, or I would get a call back never got call backs.. Parts dept. never called me back
Mon June 22—Still no word—left messages and calls all day I gave them my cell phone # and was told parts would give me a call. Boarding plane—I got a hold of a gal who stated it would take 5 to 10 days to get my part here. This was at 3:45 AZ time. I was unaware that the parts guy called earlier to let me know the part was ordered and it would be in with in 5 days. I still have the message on my answering machine. I didn’t get this message until I got home.
June 23—Started calling Trane and emailing asking why it takes so long for a part to be shipped/ I emailed or called every day to Trane. Because I was told it was Trane’s fault.
June 24 I was told about a portable unit—and they would give me a call--- no call back.
June 25th I called again and spoke to Tina and she had someone would bring it out after 5. Still no undate.
June 26th no call or update
June 29th I didn’t call but continued to email my daily complaint to Trane about their shipping.
June 30th Called about 9 for an update and was promised a return call--- called back around 2--- and was told about your parts guy quitting. While I was waiting I could hear someone say—Do you want me to hang up on her?
So after completing the call. I thought about it—and drove down for answers. When I arrived I spoke to Terry—the new parts guy and asked what was the status of my part. He could not tell me, and explained the events. But was going to do everything in his power to get the part.
Received a call after 4 from Terry’s son—stating they were working on it.
July 1 received a call from Tina—asking what time on Thursday was ok for my part to be installed. I said 8- 10 she said it would happen.. Then Terry got on the line and joked about a chocolate cake—so I did bring him some homemade jam that day.
July 2 Thursday morning I get a call from Tina—stating the appointment had to be changed—as the tech worked most of the night. So he would be there until 3-5 The tech showed up around 5:30 couldn’t put the parts in--- as one was wrong—and he found I needed a fan—(was this the grinding sound I reported in May?) but would be back in the morning. He was the same tech who came out on June 17th and said everything was in working order. I didn’t find this out until July 6,
July 3 Three guys showed up to install the parts. 2 ½ hours later, the tech stated—the fan motor is out—and they don’t have a Trane fan motor—so installed another one to get by with—but put in the fan and the two condensers. He said it should work.. At that point I gave back the portable.. Two hours later at 2 pm. the house was the same temp.. Called Tina and she sent the tech back. He stated the motor wasn’t strong enough to pull the intake air like the trane—so the condensers keep freezing up.. I was instructed to run the ac for 45 minutes and let it rest for 15 I did this until 9 pm..
Spoke to Tina around 4 pm to explain the problem she said she was working on Saturday and to call her if I didn’t her from her by 8..
July 4th I called and she told me--- I had a service call from 3- 5 on Monday to put in the fan motor. And I said why can’t I have 8-10 and she said this was the only time.
She did bring by another portable ac unit.
8:30 pm I shut down the ac on Friday but heard motor noise from my ac unit on Saturday. I went out and turned the breaker off at the breaker box. My neighbor helped me do this. As there shouldn’t have been a motor running unless something was over ridden by the tech on Friday.
July 6 about 9:30 I call to confirm the appointment—only to be told there was no appointment today. I asked to speak to Tina.. and she stated she never said I had an appoint on Monday. At that point I said Bull @#$$, you did too. I wrote it down . I also stated I am going to the different news station about this, calling Trane, and putting it on social media.. I am done with this unacceptable business practice. I hate listening to the false messages on the phone as I wait for someone to help me. This has been a nightmare. I bought my unit through American Home Service—which is now Orangutan. I bought the best and spent top dollar.
July 6 around 4:30 a tech came to finish the job. He was the best. What concerns me is the unethical practices of Orangutan Home Service. The lying and the events that took place between June 17th until July 6 th.

Jul 12, 2015
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  • Mi
      23rd of Dec, 2016
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    Totally agree, used them once and I had a terrible experience, I then switched over to and had great service.

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