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Isle of Man or Channel Islands [?], have had unregistered physical offices in Wall Street NY undisclosed, Isle of Man Review updated:

'OPTION24HOURS' are unequivocally & VERIFIABLY FRAUDULENT in their business practice and furthermore condone this criminal mindset in their employees. After posting a FRAUD ALERT warning, I was contacted by a gentleman who had experienced an almost identical scenario to mine with 'Options24Hours'. They have been reported to the FBI, but it appears that the FBI is snowed under with complaints. 1) ACCOUNTING FRAUD 3 winning trades [totaling $10, 750] were DELETED from their system. My account manager, John Brown [Chief Investment Manager], assured me that this was impossible. After providing hard-copy evidence, the 'missing' trades were eventually put back, however the missing funds were NEVER CREDITED to my account !!! 2) CHRIS ZOOMAIN [ their General Manager] would not take my calls nor would he respond in writing. In fact employees were not supposed to give out his name. None of the above and below FRAUDULENT SCAMMING could take place without his knowledge & consent. 3) UNAUTHORIZED USE & ABUSE OF CLIENTS FUNDS - FRAUDULENT CONDUCT An unauthorized company broker, Michael Clark [son of one of the big wigs], unbeknownst to me & WITHOUT MY CONSENT or knowledge and CONTRARY TO IT, ravaged my account over a 2-day period - loosing $60, 000. He went 'gang-busters' doing more trades in those 2 days than had been done by my SOLE AUTHORIZED broker in the ENTIRE PREVIOUS month !!! He had no permission to trade with my account. ONLY MY ESTABLISHED INVESTMENT BROKER [John Brown] had the right & authorization to do so - and HE WAS AWAY ON AN INITIAL 3-DAY VACATION !!! The confirmed & authorized strategy was a-slow-but-sure growth with ASSET PROTECTION being the key note - disregarded in it's entirety by this rogue unauthorized broker. 4) My written instructions to cease all trading & withdraw & return all remaining funds went unheeded - that's OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL !!! 5) I was assured that a full investigation would take place & I had nothing to worry about. 'Everything' would be sorted out, to my satisfaction. 2 weeks later a 3 line e-mail was forwarded to me by Customer Services, informing me that EVERYTHING WAS FINE - and that was the only written reply to their 'investigation' !!! 5) John Brown [my Chief Investment Manager] on returning from his vacation [extended by a week], traded my account WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, CONTRARY TO MY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS of "no trading allowed, withdrawal of the balance of my funds". He wiped out $20, 000 within days, before I frantically managed to get an approval from them for the withdrawal & return of the last remaining $5, 850 in my account. John Brown categorically assumed zero responsibility for any and all criminal occurrences within 'Options24Hours.' HE IS FULLY COMPLICIT WITH THE CRIMINAL & FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES RAMPANT IN THE BINARY BROKERAGE OF 'OPTIONS24HOURS'. I certify this is true

Dec 17, 2015
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