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One Stop Motors


Lies and cheating!

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 199 votes
87% 199
Contact information:
One Stop Motors
2950 South Rancho Suite 200
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Phone: 877-566-6686
When they say it is too good to be true, you should run the other way. I was so taken in by the promises and the charm of these people, we had listed our car at 13,000 and they said if we pay 500.00 they would be able to sell it for about 15,500. And then we were told different time frames, one month and even two weeks. I talked to customer service and they said, oh this car will sell quickly, low miles, good condition, it is rare for us to have a car longer than two months, cause it costs us money when they don't move.

It has been over four months, never a follow up call from them, when I called, they suggested that we lower the price, we did. They are sweet talkers and when they are trying to get your money, they will call and give you all this attention, once they have your 500.00, never a word from them again. Oh, I take that back, I called in frustration and that day I got a call asking about the car, it was some idiot from their company trying to get me to list my car with them.

I was a fool to not do a search on this company to start with, thankfully we are not desperate to sell our car, we will hold on to it and use it as a trade in, but these people are all talk and very deceptive, I just threw away 500.00, I did leave them a message that I will spend 500.00 worth of my time to do what I can to put the word out and to complain about them.

That gives me an idea, I will call every day and take up about 30 minutes each call in complaints and when I feel that they have paid out 500.00 in wages of wasted time on the phone with me, I will then double that. I have the right to complain to them and they will hear from me every day. Hope others will do the same, we may never get our money back, but we can drain the pocket of the owner by taking up his employees time!
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A  2nd of Jan, 2008 by    -1 Votes

I agree with you. I paid the 500 dollars, It had been 30 days since my ad was posted. so far I have not receive a single call from them. My problem is as follow I reduce the price of my car two times but any of the websites that they posted my ad has been updates since, my ad was created. I can't believe how disrepectfull this people are. They are breaking their contract.
N  8th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have a truck for sale on two different sites and they called me promising to get me 3500 above NADA or Kelly Blue Book price. As soon as I heard this I was skeptical. Glad to see I am not alone and they will not get any of my hard earned money. What I did find interesting is the price they were offering to sell my truck for was very similar to prices they were listing on their site. I have a feeling that if you called on one of those you would find that it just sold, i.e. they are all phony.

Has anyone reported these people to law enforcement for investigation?
A  19th of May, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I walked out of that place as soon as I figured what was going on. As a public service I have started a blog on these ### at http://onestopmotors.wordpress.com/.

Do feel free to check it out. I saw a bit going on and Ill be adding stuff almost daily about them. None of it is good. If you have already gave these creeps your tel. number, you might want to call your card compnay and dispute it.
A  3rd of Jun, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I totally agree with the above comments. This is a fraudulent organization. My car has been listed with One Stop Motors for two months now. The salesman who sold me the ad has left and in his place is a person who is unable, and unwilling, to help me.

I purchased an eBay addition to my online ad. One Stop Motors charged me twice for this service. They also made a huge mistake in how they described my vehicle, so it did not sell. I have left many messages with the Customer Service Department, to no avail. I even called the person who seems to be the president: Robert Wilder, 702-290-9239, but he did not return my call either.

I have submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have also called the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. They suggested to call the Attorney General: 702-486-3420 and the Bureau of Consumer Affairs: 702-486-7355.
A  11th of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
This blog saved me the aggravation and the $500 expense. I thank all of you, and those hosting this web site. I can attest to their being sweet talkers. They're really good at that and their salesman are persistent from over the telephone. Being taken is really maddening and nobody deserves that. Post these comments (from everyone above) as much as the Internet will accept!
A  11th of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
My husband and I just listed our mini-van on Autotrader.com, we figured we would sell locally for a fair price and use the money to purchase a more fuel efficient car.
One Stop Motors made several calls to my husband's cell phone number which was on the Autotrader.com ad. The sales rep's last name was Momon. (Sounds more like "mo money". The sales pitch is the same as others have mentioned. They can list your car on 20 different websites so you get more exposure, but they never mention any website names. They quote a price for your vehicle that is beyond Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds.com and in this kind of economy and gas prices why would people pay more?? They offer a warranty and financing that a private seller would not be able to offer. The cost of their service is $499! That is not $4.99 of course by $499.00!!! They solicit you and they get your money upfront! I was motioning for my husband to get off the phone, but he asked for their website and said he would think about it. The rep was planning to call him the next day, but my husband said I'll be busy so you could leave a message. I went to the website and there is no physical address for them only a toll-free number. Their website is all gloss and no substance. I've read all kinds of posts on other sites where consumers share the same story. One consumer mentioned 167 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau in Southern Nevada. Sell your car locally where you can handle the transaction and the person can test drive the car. Never give your credit card to anyone that solicits you, it always seems like the scams coming looking for people rather you coming across them on their own. Hope everyone passes this along, especially to forewarn any family and friends who list their own cars on-line because that is how they find you.
A  17th of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I completely agree with pretty much everyone here. One Stop Motors is nothing but a trash company. They originally called me in June 2008 when I posted my ad to sell my car on Autotrader.com and they made their pitch. Which I did not fall for thankfully. After the second phone call I asked them to remove my number from their list. Not two days later I received a third phone call. My number is on a National Do Not call list and this company is ignoring that federal law! So obviously this company does not care about the law and truthfully speaking I hope that everyone who is contacted by this company is smart enough to know a scam when they hear it. But for those that don't realize it, do research. Don't just jump into the deep end of the pool without a single swiming lesson!

Good luck to all in avoiding this scam.
A  28th of Aug, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I totally agree, too. I fell for all their promises last May. After 8 months of nothing from them, I sold my car to a local college student for MUCH less than what I'd hoped. I'd rather lose money to a nice kid than a car dealer or scam organization like One Stop. A couple weeks after I did sell it locally, One Stop called to tell me they had an offer for $6500... the starting price was $13500. I'd forgotten to tell them that it was sold... figured I'd never hear from them. I suspect they were offering to pay $6500 so that they could then sell it for $13, 500 for real this time. The only good thing about this experience is that I learned from it.
A  3rd of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
A lot of negative comments made me think about the BBB. So I checked out the las vegas bbb to find 170 official complaints filed against this company in the last couple years! That among other web sites making the same claims makes onestopmotors.com 100% shananagans! Good riddance!
A  10th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Me, too. I'm still fighting them, however. They solicited me, I cancelled within 72 hours (right of rescision in VA) in writing. I disputed the charge and we have been going back and forth. The card company just told me that they will take the loss and I truly appreciate that they did this. However, I am not going to sit by and let this happen to others.
I recommend that all of those who have been disatisfied with this company pursue the complaint through their state attorney general. If this office receives several complaints they will take action -- they may take action even if only one complaint. As far as suing them in your small claims court -- I know that most out of state companies have registered agents in each state. I searched under their Onestop name and couldn't find anything so next I'll search NV corporate info and see if they slither under another name. Also, look on line at federal consumer protection for they are closing state lines and using the phone for trade. The FTC will accept complaints of this sort, as well. COnsumer laws allow for the reimbursement of disputed money if found appropriate plus penalties. There are so many complaints about this company that I believe that everying uses the resources -- they will be heard.
A  15th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
THANK YOU ALL. You saved me the time and Money I think I'll do a little payback give them the runaround and watch them chase their tail for a while. Lets just say my new contact number will be the one stop motors owner's number lets see how long it takes them to figure that out.
A  18th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Im glad I found this website. As I was on the phone with this overly friendly lady from "One stop motors" hearing her lengthy spell, I simply googled them to see if indeed my instinct was right and they were scammers. Luckily, I found this website and interrupted her sales pitch mid sentence and told her that I guess google doesn't only help them supposedly sell their cars but it helps me find out they rip off people... Goodbye, click. Thanks guys, you effort to expose them is once more effective.
A  23rd of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Thank you. Thank you. I purchased from onestopmotors today. I found this site and checked my credit card and I hadn't called before I used it so they took the charge off and turned it over for fraud investigation. Indeed they are real charmers and sweet talkers. I fell hook line and sinker. I'll bend over and you can all kick my butt.
A  24th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
ive been getting calls from onestopmotors as soon as i posted my ad on autotrader. im pretty desperate to sell my vehicle so ive been giving them some serious thoughts. they sure know how to sweet talk. i did a google search and found this site. i guess i wont be selling my car thru these folks. i wonder how many cars theyve actually sold for people. is this company legit. everything everyone here says one stop motors is a scam.
D  28th of Sep, 2008 by    -2 Votes
I'm not sure how long ago most of you dealt with onestopmotors, but I have very recently did and my experience is nothing like what I have read from some other people on here. I did sell my car and it only took 2 weeks. I got much more than my money worth and was very happy with OSM advertising. Maybe some of you signed up for their service years ago and things are different now than they were then. I did do a thorough check on them before buying their service and found mostly positive things on the company. Also, the better business bureau told me that any of the issues in the past had been taken care of by OSM advertising to the customer's satisfaction. It's not that unusual to have a company the size of OSM to have a few complaints. I have no complaints with my very recent experience with OSM. They did everything I had expected and is a company I would definitely use again if I needed to sell a car.
A  1st of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
When I listed my car on autotrader I got the same calls from onestopmotors. I found out it was a scam and reported them on donotcall.gov when they called my cell phone which is listed on the do not call list. I hope they have been fined by the do not call list.
A  9th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Way to get this floated up to the first google page for "One Stop Motors"! That must really burn them since they've given so much effort to hide bad reviews. I, too,

To DavidSullivan's comment (above): Shame on you. The Better Business Bureau told you no such thing. One Stop Motors is not a member of the BBB, and they have an unsatisfactory record "due to a pattern of consumer complaints and failure to correct or eliminate the underlying cause(s) of consumer dissatisfaction." It was that way in April 2008, and it's still that way now (Oct 2008). I hope the check OSM gave you to write that drivel bounces.
D  9th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
By the OneStopMotors family

Recently with the widespread growth of unregulated blogging and bulletin boards online, we have discovered many false and unsubstantiated posts in regards to OneStopMotors.com. Unlike printed media (newspapers, magazines) One stop Motors or any other reputable company cannot accuse an online publication of false accusations and request a retraction of false claims with the threat of legal recourse. After discovering a large portion of complaints on blogs, forums and Rip Off Report, we urged them to investigate. Rip off Report did do an investigation and found that an overwhelming majority of all claims on their site were not even made by any past or current customers of OSM. Rip Off Report now gave us their stamp of approval as a reputable business. Furthermore when trying to track down names and vehicles of the online posts, very few matched our client database. We can only assume that these are being made by competitors or disgruntled employees. Please take into account that we have listed over 30, 000 vehicles in 6 years. Out of these 30, 000 there are a handful of complaints; a much less percentage than most retail stores who are selling pre packaged in the box products. Not products that are used with wear and tear and require multiple levels of service for a transaction to happen. If you truly are a customer of One Stop Motors, we invite you to contact our customer service team toll free at 877-566-6686 from 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday p.s.t.. Every effort will be made by our customer service team to answer any concern and reach an amicable resolution.

How One Stop motors works:

One Stop Motors is a full service advertising agency licensed with the City of Las Vegas. We work with those who wish to have the maximum exposure possible when selling their vehicles. When enlisting in our program, sellers receive not only custom marketing tools, but a full-time in-house customer service team that works directly with potential buyers on our clients behalf. OSM contracts with third party affiliates in order for us to offer added value services such as financing, shipping and extended warranties. Clients contract with OSM to advertise their vehicle and pay a one time fee to procure our service. In return OSM builds a personalized advertising package for our client’s vehicle with placement on over 20 highly trafficked independent websites and a national automotive magazine. OSM cannot guarantee that a vehicle will sell within a specific time frame or for a specific dollar amount. OSM does guarantee to advertise our client’s vehicles until sold. Clients of OSM can verify that we are keeping our commitment to advertise until sold by logging into their private OSM account area and independently review their full advertising package.
A  27th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Thanks for this site, guys. I actually found it while I had a One Stop Motors salesman named Alex on the phone. I was contacted through an autodialer and, being a private investigator, I am always curious about what kind of scam is going on these days, so I punched "zero". Alex talks 90 miles a minute. He asked me if I checked NADA on my vehicle before placing the ad. I told him 'No'. He immediately told me he could list my truck for well above what I was asking and they would make their money back through financing and shipping. I'm sitting there going, "Yeah, right". He also told me in the beginning they list it on about 20 websites and in "Deals on Wheels" and that, because they make their money on the back end there is no cost to me and the car runs until sold. Later, he subtly mentioned that, "Because we list it on all those sites and in the magazine, all you are required to do is pay a small advertising fee of $499". When I reminded him that, earlier, there was no cost to me, he said that they do all the work and I would get the $499 back when the vehicle sold. I asked him for his website and after he gave it to me I went directly to it. The entire time he was prompting me for the $499 and a credit card. When he told me the picture of the building I was looking at on the website was their actual offices and I could feel secure knowing they had a physical presence, I told him, "My 14 year old daughter could build a website with a picture of a building on it. In the middle of our conversation, I found this site but did not tell him. I just told him I wanted to due my due diligence before committing to the $499 and would get back with him. He insisted on a follow-up phone call and I decided to let him call me back. He's not going to like what I have to say. Oh yeah! He said I would be able to get a favorable response from my credit card company since they work with them all the time. (Big Balls). He also did his best to goad me into doing it today by making affordability an issue, hoping my ego would jump up and say, "I'll show him" and give him my credit card info. Has no law enforcement entity taken any action against this company by now? Tsk. Tsk. I truly appreciate each and every of you for you input.
N  27th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

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