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One Stop Motors / Scammed $500 from me

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I had my Harley on the web, One stop Motors called and said they could get top dollar, much more than what I had on the web. The sales man was smooth and said he was being taped so if there was anything he was saying that was not true it could be reviewed by his superiors. His boss or so called boss promised the world and said they sold many bikes just like mine for much more money. Kept calling and even said "as soon as your bike is listed, stay next to your phone to talk with our customer service reps to field all of the phone buyers" five months and lowered price down to where I was originally. Now even if I sell the bike, I am down $500 more. Customer service has been friendly and for the most part helpful, but they were not the ones that scammed my money.

The salesman also gave me his personal number and said to call if I have any questions, guess what, the number goes to voice mail, he will not call back and customer service will not transfer me.

If this was on the up and up, why would he not talk to me?

Yes I am bitter, nothing I can do but try to get the word out to others to be very careful.

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  • My
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    I am starting a Class Action against
    Please read my blog for more information.
    If you would like additional info; or to share your story, please contact me.

    Follow this link

  • Ma
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    the person whom posted this information is a former indep contractor of named David Steitz. This man was paid to do NOTHING except post negative complaints for 8 to 11 months (2008) / 6 to 8 hrs per day.
    SERIOUSLY, these companies that claim to offer similiar services as OSM are in fact the REAL phonies!

    OSM has NOTHING to hide and has proved to be one of the nations largest online vehicle for sale by owner web sites! they've been in biz for 7 yrs now! which is ALOT more than any of these supposed "competitors" can say.
    The TRUE Scam is ran by the following companies...

    in which most of these companies change their domain name(s) to something else after they've taken a few hundred customers every few months! Thats the REAL scam that consumers are yet to hear.

    from what i gather, OSM is suing a number of these companies for defamation of character / slander...
    not sure if anybody will read this, however if so... i recommend using osm as i'm excited to finally be working for a company that truly cares for what they do!
    thank you osm!

    Sean Doran
    las vegas nv 89103

  • Ro
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Geez, Vuke or Sean or One Stop Motors, you talk about companies changing their domain because of bad raps, what do you think One Stop Motors is trying to do???

  • Tg
      26th of May, 2009
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    One Stop Motors has been the victim of Internet slander. A number of negative posts have began appearing on the Internet dating back to 2007, coincidentally, the same year a disgruntled employee was let go from the company.

    According to One Stop Motors President, Rob Wilder, the company has researched the complaints, attempting to match the names posted on each listing with their database of clients. None of the names listed in the complaints board match their records of active or past clients.

    One Stop Motors believes most of the complaints are the result of a disgruntled employee that was let go from the company in 2007, as well as posts from local competition. “We have thoroughly researched each complaint that has been posted for two reasons. One, we want to see whether these are legitimate postings, and two, if they are, we want any customer, past or present, who is not satisfied with our services to contact us right away. We have always gone the extra mile to ensure the happiness of our clients, and we will always continue to do so, ” said Wilder.

    Third party consumer protection sites have also researched the negative complaints and have publicly denounced their validity, declaring, “One Stop Motors customers can feel safe confident and secure when doing business with the One Stop Motors program - Committed to total customer satisfaction.. One Stop Motors ensures that all customers get the highest level of service and support.”

  • Ko
      25th of May, 2010
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    Do not listen to anyone claiming onestopmotors is a reputable company. They are crooks. Email me personally, I will be glad to share my story.

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