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email offer "from" TGI Fridays - complete survey, get $25 gift card
turned into 50 pages (and more) of offers, I REFUSED ALL offers, answered "NO" every time, and finally got stuck on one page with about 10 companies listed which I answered "no" on every offer but would not go to next page. Huge labyrinth of garbage offers, and they got my birthdate (I lied!) and my cell phone - supposedly needed for Fedex to deliver the gift card. I gave them a wireless number but not a cell, because Fedex does NOT require CELL phone numbers to make a delivery, they just need a number.
Right away my inbox full of "thanks for subscribing" or "confirm your subscription" from J.C. Penny,, jambajuice, MasterCard Priceless, Inbox Dollars, arcamax publishing and too many more to mention. I told MicroSoft they were all SPAM. But considering I said NO to everything, they sure shared my email address with a lot of companies. Now I won't do business with any of those companies. I call TGI Fridays and they said they knew nothing about the promotion, that it had nothing to do with them. So somebody is lying, committing fraud. Either I will get a card in the mail for TGI Fridays that I can spend at their restaurant, or I will NEVER GET WHAT I WAS PROMISED. That is fraud, that is a CRIME.

I tried to find On Demand Research, listed as the company conducting the survey (nobody does their own market research, every company outsources.) It's list at 105 East 34th Street, #144, New York, New York, 10016 Good luck finding them, they are apparently vapor. Repeated searches found NO COMPANY at that address except all the listings of On Demand Research. No phone number. It was listed on Bloomberg/Newsweek and some other investment sites as a "company information" blurb, but Securities & Exchange Commission never heard of them.

If there someone receiving mail at that address, why are they not arrested for mail fraud, at the very least???

Aug 05, 2013
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  • Fe
      Aug 05, 2013

    2 hours later, and I have LOTS more information.
    Lookup of the domain ownership of (associated domain in lookup) sold by and lists falsified phone number,
    Zeta Interactive
    Sateesh Gummadi
    99 Park Ave 23rd Floor
    New York, NY 10016
    Phone: +1.[protected]
    Email: Email Masking [protected]
    Lookup of
    ODR DnsAdmin [protected]
    185 Madison Ave
    New York
    Phone: +1.[protected]
    This phone number is in Washington, DC, and belongs to Cavis Aquisition Corp
    On their board of directors is John Sculley, former CEO of Apple!
    no one answers any of those numbers, including the operator, whose voicemail is FULL
    so tried to phone Sculley Investments, that number is bad
    Then found Mr. Sculley also on board of XL Marketing, and called that number: [protected] <-----
    They actually admitted to having Spoke to someone there named Mr. Sungu
    He didn't seem particularly concerned about the methods used. I told him falsified information is prohibited on domain registrations, and that according to standard usage agreements, I could write a letter and get their website shut down at each of their 3 hosting companies.

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  • Sc
      Oct 08, 2013

    You didn't complete the process if you never got to a page that had a claim number and a claim form to print out. I got to that page and printed, filled it out and will be mailing tomorrow. I had to turn down A LOT of offers, but I did finally get to the end just to find out the gift card is for $25 to Dollar General, which they reserve the right to change the location. So hopefully soon enough I will receive a $25 gift card to somewhere. We'll see how that goes, but its worth mentioning, I completed the process about 30 minutes ago and have only gotten 3 emails in my SPAM folder, but none in my inbox. I don't expect this to be to big of a hassle for myself. Is it possible you clicked "submit" a few times instead of "skip"? Good luck with everything.

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  • Mo
      May 18, 2014

    Got confirmation #'s for BK & Applebees & sent them to said NY address about a week apart...THAT WAS FEB.2014!!! I've been sent nothing in return = scam. Live & learn!

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