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omega 2000 group / non conforming product - ripoff

1 Hemet, CA, United States Review updated:
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I am a builder in NH, that is currently looking for help in resolving an issue with a manufacturer / reseller in Hemet, CA. The manufacturer, Omega 2000 Group, appears to be nothing more than 1 person, George Sararu. He shipped me product that was not compliant to international or federal laws, and according to the federal code of regulations, by shipping me this product he is in violation of federal law. The products are 3 boilers manufactured in China that are only usable in Europe and not in the United States. He has refused to give me a refund, stating that is isn't illegal to sell anything in the US and I should know better. I have tried to resolve this issue with him, but he has elected to tell me where to go. We are not talking about a few hundred dollars here, he ripped me off for $5800.00 which just may make me bankrupt if I don't figure out a resolve. I have contacted the FTC and BBB, but I'm getting nowhere fast. I can't believe that someone with an "F" rating on the LosAngeles BBB with 28 complaints in the last year alone, and 6 reports on the internet fraud alert, would still be allowed to operate a business.

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  • Om
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    A couple of inconsistencies:
    You call yourself a builder but:

    Order the wrong gas and then order replacement burners. Unit once modified are illegal to ship over state lines because all the labels are now wrong. You got cut by the builder inspector and ask me for a new set of stickers. That illegal! Now you try everything under the sun to make it my fault and force me in to absorbing your total lack of knowledge.
    It took you since August to find out that they are not certified ?? You are telling me that you open the units, break the seals and then you see that they are "European standard" ?
    If you are the builder you claim you are, you never hear of "universal power supplies" Those units will work on any power system.
    In regard to return, units are worthless with wrong burner and only God knows what else you mess up.
    Considering that everything you thatched when array, it is no way i will accept those units for refund.

    George Sararu
    PS: A question for all the "Know all" out there: If they where illegal in USA, why nobody will do nothing about that?
    If they are "illegal" how come Department of Energy award the model the "Energy Star" ??, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6&award_category=ALL&award_year=ALL&category_id2=BOILER&resultsperpage=20¤t_sort_column=NAME¤t_sort_order=ASC&layout=default&letter=O
    Copy and paste to see for yourself.

  • Sa
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    George is a thief! Google this jerk. He is involved in several shady businesses. Google the address of his "corporate headquarters" becertain to look at the street view!
    Wow it is his mothers garage! You can also see the Georgie the romanian clown on scamming the public.
    Burn me once pal revenge is mine!!!

  • Sc
      29th of Dec, 2013
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    Sorry, George, but you're a flat out liar who thinks that if he screams loudly enough and insists something is true then it must be true. has none of your rebranded products listed. None.

  • Sc
      29th of Dec, 2013
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    Sargon, plenty of people have run legitimate businesses out of garages (Dell started in a garage and Gateway in a barn).

    The problem isn't where George decides to do business. It's HOW he does business. He's foul mouthed and insulting, not to mention a flat out liar when he boasts on Amazon about his American made products which aren't American at all.

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