Olive Gardenlunch 12-1-18

My husband, two boys, and myself went to eat lunch at Olive Garden in Montgomery, AL. There was not very many people there eating. We stood up front waiting for someone to help us for about 5 minutes. The guy took our name and amount of people and left. He came back about 8 minutes later to seat us (we were the only ones waiting with plenty of open tables). The lady took our drink and food order and returned with our drinks. We waited 20 minutes for salad and the salad was hot and the salad plates were also hot.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Montgomery, AL Our waitress had no cheese so she left to get the cheese and returned 5 minutes later. We then got breadsticks after being there for approximately 30 minutes. We ordered soup and salad and didn't receive our soup until we had been there an hour. The kids food came at that time also. We were not asked if we wanted refills until right before we were about to leave and had been empty for a while. I have always received good service at olive garden, but today I was very disappointed. I do not believe the service could have gotten any worse than it was.

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