Olive Garden in Warren, MIcall ahead service

Be Nov 28, 2018 Warren, MI

Good morning, my name is Betty M. Bryant and I have a complaint against the above mentioned Olive Garden. On this past Monday, we were there for my daughter's 33rd birthday celebration (her favorite restaurant in the whole wide world); my son-in-law made reservations ahead of time and gave a count of 15; but when everyone arrived it was over the 15; Instead of the manager and staff trying to accommodate us (because you were looking at almost $300 worth of food standing there); the manager tells us we all have to cram in the seating that was allotted for the 15 (which was too small) and if that didn't work, those that couldn't fit would have to go back up front and put their name on the list and be called when there were tables available...if not, we need to leave. Being a manager myself once upon a time, I would never have let that much money leave my establishment, but the fact that she/they did and were very rude to us because of the miscount, I feel this was very poor management and customer service. That particular restaurant is the one my daughter always go to when it is her and her friends, but will not be patronizing it any more.

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