OJ Commerce / Oj commerce refused to honor sale, cancelled order and lied to walmart about the circumstances.

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We had the same experience that Trina470, Bradley Smith, Eric and Ebony had with OJ Commerce on the Walmart website.

Just before leaving home to take advantage of a local retailer's (Best Buy) pricing on new televisions (we need 3), I decided to check Walmart's pricing when I found a great price on a similar set.

I ordered 2 and paid for them with a credit card. When I tried to order a 3rd, the order was cancelled due to "Out of Stock, This item no longer Available". Well I was disappointed, but, decided not to go to Best Buy since I already bought 2. I had to feed my child so I ended my online shopping at that time.

About an hour later, I again was online to find a 3rd TV to purchase when what should I find but the same TV on sale again!!! OMG I thought, it was not a typo, they are selling at this price so I ordered a 3rd and paid for it with a credit card again!!

To make a long story short, sometime overnight, I received multiple emails from OJ Commerce:
Dear __________,
OJ Commerce appreciates your business and realizes how disheartening it can be when something you want doesn't arrive in a timely fashion.
We regret to inform you that your order cannot be shipped. The item(s) listed below are now cancelled and we've processed a full refund.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Order # __________________
Item Cancelled: 1) - SAMTV UN75J6300AF - 75 In. 1080p LED Smart HDTV
Refund Amount: $________
Best Regards,
OJCommerce Loyalty Team

Really?? Best Regards from the "OJCommerce Loyalty Team"??

What compounded this issue and added fuel to the fire was that they then lied to Walmart by informing Walmart the order was cancelled due to: "CustomerChangedMind".

A series of emails received from Walmart indicate the TVs were shipped and then that the orders were cancelled due to "CustomerChangedMind". I am guessing that OJ Commerce lied to Walmart in order to circumvent Walmart's Code of Conduct with respect to sales through their website.

Walmart clearly states that sales cannot be cancelled once placed, and, if a customer wishes to do so they must return the item after receiving it.

I checked the status of the payments/credits to my credit card and note that the payment were sent to Walmart by the credit card company and no credits have been issued. In the emails received from Walmart, it states that up to TWO billing cycles may pass before the credit shows up??

So, who exactly is holding on this these funds that we are without???

We intend to follow up on this issue with Walmart Customer Service, the Better Business Bureau, FL & MN State Attorney General Office (Consumer Affairs & Fraud Division), Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission (internet use in fraud).

Dec 07, 2016

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